Kiwis beat Pakistan by one run after a Thrilling and a Sensational match

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Barbados: New Zealand succeeded in beating last T20 Champion Pakistan by a single run after a sensational, thrilling and excited match.


Pakistani Captain won the toss and elected to field.

New Zealand Innings:

Brendon McCullum and Jesse Ryder were the openers from the side of New Zealand, where as Amir; a young talented bowler who got 5 wickets of Australia in a maiden over, was to bowl first over of the match.

Both batsman succeeded in giving a good start to the New Zealand, Pakistani Bowler Muhammad Sami bowled very expensive over, but at the score of 34, Muhammad Sami succeeded in making the way of Jesse Ryder towards the pavilion; Jesse got out at the ball of Muhammad Sami while the catch was caught by the spinner Abdul Rehman. Jesse scored just 7 runs of 8 balls {1 ‘Four’}.

After just 7 runs, Martin Guptill got out at the beautiful ball of Abdul Rehman, the beautiful effort of Abdul Rehman comes to end, in a result of a superb catch by Umer Akmal at the mid-on. The second wicket was blow down at the score of 41. Guptill scored 2 runs of 10 balls.

Brendon McCullum was performing his job, mean while the New Zealand received another shock, when the McCullum was caught by Muhammad Sami at another beautiful ball by Abdul Rehman. The score was just 55. He scored 33 runs on 29 balls {5 ‘Fours’}

At 58, Ross Taylor also leaved the ground after scoring 3 runs of 7 balls at the ball of Muhammad Sami, which was clearly caught by Kamran Akmal.

The captain of New Zealand started a beautiful struggle with his partner Scott Styris. Styris was performing, mean while he got bold at the beautiful ball of Shahid Afridi {Captain of Pakistani Team}. Scott scored 21 on 17 balls {1 ‘Four & 1 ‘Six’}. This partnership moved the score from 58 to 98.

After just six runs, when the scoreboard reached to 104, the New Zealand received another shock because Gareth Hopkins got out at the beautiful ball of Shahid Afridi, where as the catch was caught by Abdul Rehman. Hopkins scored just 2 runs of 7 balls.

Vettori and Nathan just wanted to score above 140, they tried their best, after scoring 127, Vettori said ‘Good Bye’ to Nathan and leaved him alone at the pitch, because he got ‘run out’ because of greediness. Vettori scored 38 impressive runs from 34 balls {1 ‘Four’ & 2 ‘Six}.

At the last ball of the innings, Nathan McCullum beautifully stroked a six at the ball of Saeed Ajmal. Nathan scored 12 runs of 9 balls {1 ‘Six’}, where as Ian Butler scored nil and appeared as ‘not out’.

The New Zealand succeeded in scoring 133/7 runs from 20 overs.

Extras: (b 0, lb 2, w 12, nb 1)

Pakistan Innings:

Kamran Akmal and Salman Butt were appeared to open the Pakistani Innings, while Shane Bond appeared to defend the New Zealand total.

At the score of 15, Kamran Akmal got bold after the inside edge from the bat at the ball of Kyle Mills. This was the expensive over by Mills, but at the last ball, he got the wicket of an important man and feel relaxed. Kamran scored 5 runs of 8 balls.

Muhammad Hafeez was the new batsman. After adding 9 runs in the scorecard of Pakistan, Muhammad Hafeez caught catch out by the keeper at the ball of Bond. Hafeez just scored 8 runs of 4 balls {2 ‘Fours’}.

Umer Akmal entered into the ground for playing a match-winning innings, but at his first ball, he confused in playing a shot and got sharp edged from the bat, which results in a clear catch by the keeper at the ball of Mills. He was gone for a duck on 1 ball. The score was 25 at the moment.

Misbah-ul-Haq entered, and start making a partnership with Butt, who was still on the crease, at the score of 43, Misbah was given lbw out at the ball of Ian Butler; which was not-out, but the umpire made his decision and given him out. He scored 3 runs of 13 balls.

Captain of Pakistan; Shahid Afridi was the next man in. Both Afridi and Salman Butt were playing terrific but suddenly a bad shot was played by Afridi, which result in the end of the innings of Afridi. Afridi scored11 runs of 9 balls {1 ‘Four’}. The score of Pakistan was 58 at the moment.

All the fans felt disappointed as the catch which was caught by Nathan McCullum according to umpire, was not the catch. The slow-motion video clearly showed that the ball took a bounce near his finger on the ground and then he caught the ball, he just showed that he caught the ball and umpire clearly said, its out!!!.

Abdul Razzaq took guard when the situation was very trembling, 5 of Pakistani batsman were gone at the score of 58. Abdul Razzaq knew his responsibility and started batting carefully. Both Salman Butt and Abdul Razzaq built a solid partnership of more than 50 scores, this partnership was very poisonous for New Zealand.

The score of Pakistan crossed 100. Abdul Razzaq scored two sixes and a four in an over. The match was coming in the hand of Pakistan as two solid partnership was been developed between Pakistani batsmen. Salman Butt was also ticking the score board with his impressive cover drives and several shots.

When the score reached at 111, Pakistan received a big shock, Abdul Razzaq was got out at the ball of Nathan, where as the catch was caught by the Roos Taylor. Abdul Razzaq played a beautiful innings and score 29 runs from 29 balls {1 ‘Four’ and 3 ‘Sixes’}. Pakistan score was 111/6.

When Abdul Razzaq departed, Pakistan still needed 23 runs of 13 balls. Salman Butt got to his half-century in 45 balls and Pakistan’s hopes rested on him to take the team enough. A six and 5 singles from the 19th over meant that Pakistan needed 11 runs in the last over.

Butler, the best bowler for the Kiwis on the day was given the job of restricting Butt and co. A dot ball was bowled by Butler, which added a lot of thrill in the game, at the next ball Butt scored four. Then this exact sequence repeated itself and the target was down to 3 of 2 balls. The non-striker Abdul Rehman decided to take a bye when butt missed a yorker and just managed to get home in time. The Kiwi wicket keeper appealed for a run-out, but the 3rd umpire cleared Abdul Rehman and gave him ‘Not-Out’. With 2 runs needed for a victory and 1 for a tie off the final ball,Butler aimed it at Rehman’s pad who made a good connection but unfortunately for him and Pakistan, it went straight down Martin Guptill’s throat at deep square leg, who accepted the catch gleefully to virtually knock Pakistan out of the tournament.

Salman Butt played a sensational and a marvelous innings but all in vain, he scored 67 runs from 54 ball {8 ‘Fours’ & 1 ‘Six’} and remained ‘Not-Out’, where as Abdul Rehman scored 2 runs from 3 balls.

Extras: (b1, lb1, w4, nb1)

Man Of The Match:

Ian Butler was awarded the man-of-the-match for his efforts.

Mini Scorecard:

New Zealand 133/7 (20 overs, 6.65 rpo.)

D. Vettori 38 (34)                A. Rehaman 2-19

B. McCullum 33 (29)          M. Sami 2-25

Pakistan 132/7 (20 overs, 6.6 rpo.)

S. Butt 67*(54)          I Butler 3-19

A. Razzaq 29 (29)     K Mills 2-33

Chances of Pakistan for reaching in Semi-Final:

Pakistan have a slim chance of still making it to semi-final and they will have to pray for England win against New Zealand also Pakistan have to win its last match in Super Eight Round against South Africa. As England beat South Africa by 39 runs. Best of Luck for Pakistan.

Following are the demands which are necessary to be completed for reaching Pakistan into Semi-Final:

>England have to beat SA by 37+ runs or completes the target in between 17.5 overs. [Task completed by England]
>England have also to beat the Kiwis by more than 13 runs or completes the target in less than 18.4 overs. England will go to the Semi-Final if it’ll beat.

& now the crucial one,
>Pakistan have to beat the South Africa by a little more than 30 runs or completes the target in 18.3 overs then Pakistan will be in Semi-Final.


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