Truth behind the match-fixing & no-balls accusation & £150,000

Posted: August 29, 2010 in Match Fixing
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Lord’s, London – England: The news about the match fixing of the 4th test between Pakistan & England is still not confirmed & ‘News Of The World’ is the website who revealed this news.

The top class Pakistani Cricketers are attacked by the European media. Captain of Pakistan Cricket Team ‘Salman Butt’, fast bowlers ‘Mohammad Aamer’ & ‘Mohammad Asif’ & wicket keeper ‘Kamran Akmal’
Allegation made against these Stars ==>
The ‘News of the World’ claims it gave £150,000 to a middleman who promised to arrange for Pakistan to bowl three “no balls” during the match. The middleman is the suspect  ‘Majeed’ caught by Police.
The News of the World accused Pakistani players that they were secretly paid to deliberately bowl “no-balls” during the Test.
As Mohammad Aamer & Mohammad Asif bowled three no-balls in the test against England.
Why they didn’t went to Police on August 27, 2010?
Why Salman Butt ==>
After the comment of Salman Butt on coming Ashes Series, the coach of England Cricket Team warned the captain of Salman Butt by the source of media that this is not his business, he must keep himself away.
Why Mohammad Aamer & Mohammad Asif ==>
They named Pakistan young talented bowler ‘Mohammad Aamer’, whose performance is so good & every tv anchor/cricket fan loves to talk about him, who recently got 6 wickets on the 2nd day of Lord’s test.
Pakistan fast bowler Mohammad Asif also named in the list of this propagation because of his good performance against England, supporting Mohammad Aamer & as he is moving up in the ‘ICC Test ranking’.
Why Kamran Akmal ==>
The Wicket Keeper of Pakistan Cricket Team Kamran Akmal is also a part of this propagation because of his good come back & because of the latest news of Zulqarnain Haider; that he was quite fit & forced to travel back to Pakistan for Kamran Akmal. This news proved that he is the powerful person in Pakistan Cricket Team after Salman Butt.
Who is behind this==>
As the young team of the Pakistan surprised England in the 3rd test & won the match by 4 wickets. The captain & other players of Pakistan Cricket Team told the media that they will win the 4th test & will level the series.
This was the situation when ECB & the ‘News of the World‘ made a trap for Pakistan Cricket Team & after the poor performance of Pakistan on the 3rd day of Lord’s test, they broke the news & pushed big stars of Pakistan into the tragedy.

How strong is the allegation ==>
The ‘News Of The World’ team made a complete scene for trapping the Pakistan Cricket Team. The plan was made with so much constancy that they even have a picture of the captain of ‘Pakistan Cricket Team’ “Salman Butt’ with the 35 year old ‘Majeed’ (The suspect).
Reporter of ‘New of the World’
Note: Look at this phote clearly!! you can see how cleanly they cut and paste sulman butt picture… You can see his right & left hands…. Why Salman Butt is in front? Why the so called ‘fixer’ & so called ‘our man’ is not in front?
Video made by ‘News of the World’ ==>
In this video they are handling £150,000 to the suspect Majeed.
New Lead against ‘News of the World’ allegation==>
In this video the suspect {Majeed} is showing money to Wahab Riaz & Umar Amin
I’ve a couple of things to add, watch this carefully:
1. Mazhar’s T-Shirt! In the car he is wearing a blue one, but when he gives the jacket to Wahab he is wearing a black one! Climax in the story! And if he can change his T-Shirt in the meanwhile, then who says that the money can’t removed.
2. The camera angles! There are 3 different camera angles when Majeed {Suspect} is in the car – who is that possible if it was a hidden camera? Or did the use 3 cameras at different position to cover the scene & Majed {Suspect} didn’t even see on of them. [Important Lead by Abdul Rehman from Denmark]

According to the latest news Scotland Yard police arrested him & is investigating the whole situation.
PCB in London ==>
Pakistan’s manager said team members spoke to police at their hotel.
Earlier, Yawar Saeed told the Associated Press: “I can confirm that we are aware of the allegations and Scotland Yard police are with us now at the hotel and we are helping them with their enquiries.”
ECB ==>
A spokesman for both the England team and England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) said he had not heard from Scotland Yard and would not comment on the claims.
Reasons behind the allegation ==>
  • To destroy the career of professionals of Pakistan Cricket Team.
  • To ensure that there is no chance of playing cricket in Pakistan.
  • To remove the Pakistan Cricket Team from ICC test teams.
  • To demoralize Pakistan Cricket Team & Cricket.

Question ==>

Why they didn’t went to Police on August 27, 2010? Because the video was not prepared or the time was not good enough to leak the news. Because they were waiting for this poor performance from Pakistan & the big one is they were making video & after completing them, they went to Police on August 28, 2010.

This is enough to prove that the allegation is wrong.

What a nice way to demoralize Pakistan Cricket Team & Pakistan.

The Pakistani Stars are pushed in this situation because of their good performance & there is a probably chance that the party behind this scene also blackmailed the Pakistani players to show bad performance other wise the allegation will be imposed on them.

Effect ==>

This will fulfil all their tasks & this will put a big question mark in front of the Pakistan Cricket & its team. The Pakistan is suffering the worst disaster in its history & now this news will further hurt the nation.
Some people will satisfy & some will not, if you want to know what is true & what is wrong, don’t go on any report, even not at this one. Start research, the truth will come in front of you.
Note: I’m not representing anyone, this is just my view, anyone feel free to deny.
Next Report ==> ((NatWest T20 & ODI series & Dusty Atmosphere)) <== Next Report
  1. Twitter@meZQureshi says:

    Pathetic & Complete Non Sense !!!
    Dont Give your Ideas n theories……Mazhar was approaching pakistani players even before da 1st test match n Salman Butt gave Statment After 3rd Test match !!!
    u r an idiot….nothing m0re than dat !!!
    Dont deny da photos n Facts !!

    • Well, I know that Majeed is very close to Pakistani players because of Ejaz Butt & Salman Butt. But you are fool because you’ve trust on these ridiculous news then on your country. Shame on you. The pictures can be edited.

    • Atif Malik says:

      To be clear: They are yet to be proved gulity! However, it does look like they are! To the fans in their armchairs watching the telly, grow up!! This isn’t about Muslims from Pakistan against the rest of the world, this is about greed!!!!
      I have paid alot of money to go see this team in ’99 World Cup here in England, ’03 World Cup in SA and ’07 World Cup in WI. As well as numerous other matches, would I have wasted my money in going if I was aware that the results were pre arranged, NO!”
      Don’t be naive to think this is the rest of the world against muslims, I’m a proud Muslim but can see right from wrong!
      A country where no one wants to go to play cricket due to security and terrorism fears (and rightly so after what happened to the Sri Lankan team last year) a country in the midst of its worst natural disaster and in this holy month, those ‘players’ should be ashamed. Ban them for life, not two years and then they come back after two months, FOR LIFE! Then remove Pakistan Cricket Team from World Cricket for 5 years! They should learn a valuable lesson from that. Pakistani fans need to grow up, when you hear of any match fixing, ball tampering or indiscipline the first team evryone thinks of is Pakistan. There is a problem within the culture and reading some of the comments on here justifies my opinion.

      • Moiz says:

        I Think U Should Be Ashamed of Talking things Like that Against ur Country….!!!
        Lanat hai Esi kaum pai..!!

      • Shaukat Rasool says:

        what kind of proud person you are , you are blaming your country for the ongoing circamstances, I must tell you your identity is for this country , you should proud of what you have, as for players are concern , I dont know why the people like you supporting and trying to defame Pakistan cricket and players , Sir the guy who have made this story is a person of fanticies , I only ask one question , todays a fool person will accepet cash like Pound sterling 150,000, where you can transfer ana mount by clicking your account , If he was a big booky then he must know that the currency that they are providing to him can be caught by , the notes can be hinted , its just foolish to belive on such bullshit story

    • zah says:


      F**K U A*SH*LE….haramiii gaddar kahi k….apni country k abt aisa bolte hai….a*sh*le.

    • Hamayun says:

      @Z Qureshi…Who the hell r u to accept these…his ideas and theories are correct…we will support our team…

    • kamran says:

      is se achi photo editing main bhi kr skta hn.
      these are not facts.

    • NZ2 says:

      I actually agree that the photo of three man is a total fake, I can’t say that the allegation aren’t true or not, cos I don’t know much about the case, but this phone isn’t real, Butt been pasted in the photo, the light on his jacket doesn’t much with others and it looks like the light on has jacket is coming from his right side (if you done photography you would know exactly what I’m talking about).

      Another thing to note is that Butt’s jacket seems quite shinny and the camera seems to have a flash on it, why do I say that? look behind “the fixer” head , there is shadow and even behind Butts head there is one too, but why is that on butt jacket there isn’t much more light then shown? and there should be the same amount of light on the has left hand side because camera flash is pointing straight at the men. A camera flash on this kind of jacket would reflect a LOT of more then shown.

      There is no shadow of butt on either “Our Man” or “the fixer”? If you agree with my last comments about the camera flash, then you would expect to see Butts shadow on “Or Man” to match the same angle of the shadow behind Butts and “the fixer’ head, he is standing in front of the both and there should be a shadow, even a little one, OMG, someone has done a shit job of the fake photo, even I would have done a much better job of it.

      I’m an expert in photoshop and I’ve done a LOT of different things on this image prove to myself that photo is a fake, I could list them all but most of you wouldn’t understand it, they wouldn’t mean much to you unless you are a photographer or a photoshop expert, the contrast on butts photo is different to the other two, that was the thing I picked up straight away and that why I’ve spend the last 4 hours very busy day playing with the photo, lol, but loved though…

      I have no interest in proving anyone wrong or right, but I can say for sure that this photo is a 100% fate and I’m sure Scotland Yard police expert would pick these up very quickly.

      Scotland Yard police should maybe hair me the help them out.

      I have no comments on any other prove provided here, I could be that these guys did fix the game and it’s all true, but News of the Would didn’t have enough physical evidence to take there case to the scottland yard so they made some up, but this fake photo could destroy their whole case.

    • Ali Mehdi says:

      well sir actually u r the one who is idiot…the man up there gave u the proves n facts…wht do u have to defend urself?? or mayb u r one of those ppl whose agenda is..’if u cant defend ur country men…go against them’..ppl like u r disgrace to the country…his theories n ideas r correct…u r just another person who is an idiot following wht u watch on ur television…

  2. syed zahid abbas naqvi says:

    this is rediculous as we know that the non-muslims trying to destroy pakistan from every where and didnot gave any chance to disgrace of pakistan inalmost every matter…….

    • ali asmar says:

      i m wid u

    • Farhan says:

      absolutely agreed…how can one possibly so dumb not to think of it…cant people see what has happened in last 3 years. Everytime something happens it pops up like a bubble and the nation runs towards it.
      Some1 somewhere is keeping an eye on pakis…it has been studied very well…then one by one each department is bugged with traps. No doubt it’s easy to hire local people to ignite the plan and show the rest of the world that the nation is self destructive. Anybody would willingly pick a contract for a heavy offer of money. Of course it’s a poor country. Important thing is to detect out the hand behind all this.

      When a nation is destroyed, it gives birth to intellectuals. Hopefully someone will take the responsibility to drive the betterment soon. Hopefully people wont be dumb enough to watch themselves being sunk.

      • Virky says:

        Very good assessment of the incidents happening accompanying Pakistani cricket team and Pakistan in particular. Couldn’t second you in any view Farhan. These incidents show that how orgnize and ruthless these anti Pakistan forces are, they are trying their best on their part to diminish Pakistan. May Allah give us strength and wisdom to face all these forces with iron hands to silent them once for all. Pakistan Zindabad!!!!

    • bilal says:

      yes this is right that these countries donot leave chance to destroy pakistan image but they have done wrong also. every news are not fake. if pakistani team is so good then why the whole team doesnot score just 100 runs

  3. Moiz says:

    WEll Done Guy.. i love u.. u have told da truth in easy words..!!

  4. Doubtfull says:

    The pic is fake in my eyes, see here and decide,

    • alesh says:

      jst using ur brains before figure it out .. they british media n indians r trying to destroyed our circketers career n PAKISTANI circket . but be a muslim n be a pakistani we r nevey let dem down n keep on denny that these pictures and vedios are fake..

      • Bala says:

        where do indians come in the picture???? People like you will never let happen peace between the two countries. People like you should be hanged!! What do you get by all this??? Just waiting for a chance to create a rift between the countries you bas**rd!!!!

  5. Mudassir Thanvi says:


  6. Fazal says:

    This all is propaganda against new Pakistani young team…They have fear of Muhammad Amir and Asif…This all done to disheart the Pakistani team…
    Use your mind, In above video Pakistani team just fixed 2 balls (noball) its v funny…
    This all is nthng then BULL SHIT…I love Pakistani team…

  7. Shahan says:

    yeh sirf o sirf Pakistan ko badnaam karne ke liye aik khas lobby ki sazish hei.

  8. muhammad qasim says:

    it is away to get charity for people who effected wiht flood

  9. Raja Sultan says:

    this is jst a propganda agnst asif & amir az past whnevr Pakistan Cricket team is on a tour of England or Australia all such things comes over there…before it was ball temprinig with the previous captian Inzi whn ICC apalogize after reconcilng the alegation & now when they found amir & asif thy r doing the same but the formula is changed can i ask why always you english players and media had a problm with asians specially with India Sri lanka & Pakistan. some times you will come for Murli then you will come for Bhaji & nw you come 2 amir & asif…………..
    do you think there is some for to justify this…………………………

  10. Imran says:

    every body keep calm its not proof yet its look like propaganda against our youngster’s Perfect team….

  11. shahzad says:

    fake photos of match fixing against pakistan

  12. Xenon says:

    its all fake every one can see SALMAN butts pic nd a man who have common sense can understand what is going on

  13. umair says:

    mujay tou pehlay he pta tha k ye sub jhoot hai.M.aamir,asif akmal n salman butt.kya ye log fixing kr sktay hain.? ar ye iqbal khan kon hai? subha headlines mai dekha k wo keh ra hai k in players k againsta sakht action lena chahye.dil tou krta hai k us bc ko goli se ura dn..
    All i can say that our players are innocent n they didnt do any shit lyk that..We still support our team

  14. Muhammad Rizwan says:

    I still believe that there will be a big conspiricy behind this.

  15. Sohaib Irfan says:

    All i can say .. A well written story … this video could have been made after the overs …. Secondly imp thing is shame on PAkistani Media … Who is claiming to pakistani … They should be banned atleast in Pak … Come on Support your guys and team …They need u badly ….Even if something is there .. it has to be a proven fact … And see the video seems like some one plotted the cash just to shoot the video …. Come on Grow up and See the truth .. Well Done Guys !!

    • Tariq Nadeem says:

      Salute !!

    • faheem says:

      Yes, wat the hell is our media doing . They(england) just said that pakistanis are suspected and the rest was done by our media. Every channel in Pakistan is trying to confirm the alligation on our players, really a shame. This is not the first time that british have attacked on Imran khan Waseem Wqar and inzemam and his team were also tested by these types of alligation. Please suppourt ur heros dont help englishman to succeed in there task

  16. You're Deluded says:

    Get your head out the sand, Pakistan’s Government is corrupt, Pakistan’s Society is corrupt, Pakistan’s Cricket is corrupt. It’s not Zionists, its not Indians, its CORRUPT PAKISTANI’S who have done all this.

    • Paracha says:

      You are the one who is corrupted….corrupted by these thoughts….yes our country and our nation has problems….but u shud just try to be a helping hand to solve these problems…who do u think u r to throw all this shit on the whole nation n whole country on the internet where every1 can see this….do u have any proof if this …that these guys are culprits or they have actually done that…no….no one has yet proved these allegations….investigations are still going on…..but people like u… u just believe that if any1 says that a Pakistani has done something wrong he is right…

      if we have a bad habit or have some problems in our home or our family….the best thing is to solve our problem among us….why do u start abusing ur country and nation in front of whole world……who has given u right to throw all this on whole nation…..if u can understand this its better…if not try to keep these bullshits to urself……

  17. Ammar says:

    Please You People Grow Up and Get A Life
    Think Mature
    Pakistanio ko Addat per gye ha her baat me conspiracy theory daalne ki , apni galti hum loog kabhi mante he nahi hain

    Or jitni Poor Performence Team ki ha us se saaf pata lag raha ha k ksi ko Conspiracy ki zarorat ni, hum wase he almost haar chukey hain game

    Ye wohi Players haina jinho ne HALAF leya tha match haar ker Yonis Khan ko baher kerne k leye ? AUSTRALIA TOUR pe
    unka PAST he kharab ha … jab ye PAST me aisa ker chukay hain to ab kun ni ker skte

    • so true
      if our management was fair
      these ppl would have been dealt with at the time they conspired against the captain
      but what was the result of PCB inquiry
      these players remained in the team and Younis and Yousaf
      the last and current captain were thrown out of the team
      I am really hoping that PCB is unable to save these CHEATS from ICC n Brit Police 😛

  18. safder001 says:

    This picture is really a fake one, see the shadow of Majeed on the wall behind him, and then look at shadow of Salman butt. You will be able to see the difference and then you can judge it either it is fake or not.

  19. saqlain says:

    Meray Bhaiyo Asif ka Upar Pakistan main case tha fraud ka so i can believe him he can do this but i have doubt about Amir he is too young and Salman Butt. If these people are doing these things i really don’t understand how much money they need to live. In Pakistan so many people are dying and other nation want Pakistan to be vanished from this earth and we are proving them they are right and we are cheater’s. we need to be One Nation and to be good and trust worthy people. If they did then Gov. of Pakistan Should Teach them a lesson so next time nobody can think about these kind of Crime even. Be a Best Nation

    Long Live Pakistan

  20. Obinga says:

    What about the video brothers and dearest sister? is that fake? What about Boom Boom eating that ball? Boom Boom walking on the pitch incidence? pehle se hi hum badnam he cricket me … kuch nahi hone wala peso k agay in palyers ka

  21. Faisal Mushtaq says:

    Any one who denies that ‘the pictures are not real’ is living in the dark ages.

    • NCer says:

      Can u please explain why there is no shadow of Salman butt and other 2 have? if this picture is fake then one can possibly think that THE REPORTER have allegedly forged these evidences.

      you better read the article and reply to the questions raised by the writer.

  22. Ahsan Kamran says:

    Dear Sir, you did a great job and i personally appreciate your thought and wishing for PAKISTAN.. yes we are in great disaster and this news hurting us badly. But truth can not be hide and inshALLAH i do believe that this truth made European Media silent and a biggest slap on their faces.

    thank you so much for your kind efforts you have just made.

  23. Farheen says:

    Buzz DeM :@ laNAT hai iN PE :@

  24. Trevolta says:

    this incident waz simply a poor effort by the british media!

  25. Yaser says:

    Apart from all the things mentioned in the article, i would only comment on one thing.
    Being a designer myself i can clearly see that the picture seems tempered in photoshop and your claim about the photo makes sense to me.

  26. Sohaib says:

    i don’t think tht Salman or either of the players will be careless of committing a big mistake like this

    Salman is the newly elected skipper. It would be a foolish mistake when you are elected as a new captain and commit such an act.
    Asif had is fresh off the ban from cricket on use of drugs so why will he do sth serious again?
    Aamir is emerging as one of the best players of his age and he will be a fool to do tht
    Kamran is going in and out for his fielding and can’t make a move like this if he wishes to retain his position in the team

    Freaking jealous English men will do anything to de-fame asian nations in every aspect….wht a bunch of dumb sh**s!!

  27. Uzair says:

    this all is a set up to trap the young emerging Pakistani team. a low effort to demoralize the the spirited team. English media has hit so low all because they know that this Pakistani team is going to defeat t20 champions that too in there home ground. those who doubt it i ask them why are the Pakistani cricket team been investigated in the middle of the match when clear evidence was there against Herschelle Gibbs when SA toured India….n yet the investigation started a year latter !!!!!

  28. mjaan says:

    i want who makes the scandals and NAMEd on Pakistan players should b fu***d by the PCB and ICC, and should gave them great penalty

  29. saqlain says:

    Asif was arrest in Dubai Airport with Drugs and this guy is ban for life in UAE. He is Black Sheep. He should be Life Ban and must be punished in Pakistan not any other country should Touch our People in their Countries. Rest we will see how this Whole Drama Goes I’m wishing our player shouldn’t part of this.

  30. hamza says:

    Its not proved yet. So, don’t accuse them.

  31. AHMEDTOOR says:

    yr ye baat sahi hai k PAKISTAN hi kia puri duniya k cricktors match fixing krty hain……….
    laikin barhaal ye picture fake hai or edit ki hue hai……..
    or video mai bookmaker k sath koi englishman hai salman butt nai kiun k ye awaz salman butt ki nai hai
    agr match fix bi tha to srf saza salman butt or kamran akmal ko milni chahye kiun k inn ki waja se youngester kharab hue…… aamir, ajmal, omer akmal

  32. Babar says:

    sharam to aa ni re ho ge inko apne mulk k sath gaddari karty waqt.

  33. sheraz sadiq says:

    Dear Sir, you did a great job and i personally appreciate your thought and wishing for PAKISTAN.. yes we are in great disaster and this news hurting us badly. But truth can not be hide and inshALLAH i do believe that this truth made European Media silent and a biggest slap on their faces.

    thank you so much for your kind efforts you have just made.

  34. Babar says:


  35. adeel says:

    one more plot to demoralize Pakistan & now the victim is Pakistani Cricket Team! suppose they had bribed so are only Pakistani’s are avaible to be bribed or there are other teams also? answer no just Pakistan in all sense they want to potray us as a Briber, Terrorist, Racist & all so on………..!

  36. Kamran Elahi says:

    Let me investigae further and I will revert back soon. However after reviewing this article, I think it is nothing more than a propaganda against Pakistani team.

  37. RK Ali says:

    Gud job…Pakistan Zinadabad….

  38. Usman Gujjar says:

    “ye hein hi hunnu “.. there is a lot of fluctuation in the game level of Pakistani team , making things doubtful , but there is a big possibility of drama creation by ACB,ECB and ICB , some big entities of cricket .

  39. Ali Khan says:

    It is not some thing new for Pakistan. when ever our bowlers do well against England they come up with these allegations. I remember when these English use to say to Pakistan that reverse swing is bowl tempering..what happen when they learn to do reverse swing and win the Ashes in 2005.
    Its all spam I don’t believe it

  40. ijaz says:

    z ECB is habitual and they always trying to destroy Pakistan cricket and big names of Pakistan cricket as they do with legend Waqar Younis , King of reverse swing blamed him ball tempering because they have no answer of him Magical Reverse Swing…..
    but now when Andrew Flintoff do the same trick he also temper the ball with his nail they say it is an Art to temper the ball is an Art which they named Reverse Swing because of their own player ( Andrew Flintoff ) involvement…..

    Pakistan cricket have two big names M.Asif & M.Amir they magical arms natural talent which is pain full for ECB so they target them and trying to make fool cricket lovers…

    they played a stupid Drama the videos and photos given by them are all fake this is not the way to book or fix the match …. bookie and match fixer never offers in that way the bookie offering in the video this is not a mode of payment at this level they made a story like a movie even in movies they also don’t do these stupid senses full of table with currency notes . this all the drama made by ECB or may be BCCI ….

  41. Raza Younas says:

    What is accountability of this video and the picture. There is no proof that this video is shooted before the start of the match.

    We cant blame Pakistani players until the completion of investigation. It seems a planned propaganda against Pakistan Cricket which is already going through its dark ages.

    Lets pray for the best

  42. yehcheezzz says:

    They always come up with something like this always there is always a controversy between them in 2006 they accused Pakistan of ball tempering why always they pick Pakistan… I know Pakistan performance is not good but they will get better as time moves on… may be if they use Batting as a match fixing i would have think because there is a problem with Pakistani team in Batting… rather what they did they try to attack on their strength BOWLING to disturb the team…

  43. Kamran says:

    thats total rubbish..dnt defand the culprits the Pakistani team needs to be made an example of..the entire problem with our country is tht every one knws tht no matter what wrong they do ..they will get away with it thts why they do it so blatantlly…i say make an example of this than again.. why shld be the Pakistan cricket Team be any diffrent than what every body else is doing in this country??…. Tranishing the countries name nd making bucks for themselves….

  44. kanwal says:
    Mazher Mahmood is their own reporter………………..!!

    it izz jst an old fction for ill8r8 ppl………….
    Paki ppl rly shuld wake up now frm awlll ths nonsense……
    3 matches u r down to earth happy the forth one n every1 never even thought once b4 accusing them n makin there tongues flthy about them…………..!!!

  45. kanwal says:

    nd yeah u did a rly g8 job……..

  46. fahad anwer says:

    this is all the drama created by england so that pak can’t go any further if i will be there i knocked up the head of mzher and then ask him to say the truth in this holymonth of ramzan no one can do this type of thing and amir is the best and i love him the most and no one can blame him

  47. fahad says:

    its alll game being played against pakistan as Amir is the shinning star of pakistan…and what if they made this video after the match n there they saying no balls at this over or this over….they are defaming pakistan nohting else…no one can do this n its a test match not a world cup final that they are fixing it n just no balls…i cant believe it n why dont they show their guy image then…its alll pre but after planned…after the match

  48. jake says:

    this is strange looking at the replies. Has the media in your country affected your brains so much that you think everything is a conspiracy theory? and you praise pakistan? for what exactly? a country incapable of corruption. its time to wake up, and stop blaming everything on others. this smells of communist brainwashing or is it religious brainwashing here. you wont accept the truth even if it slapped you on the face.

    • so true jake
      we dont admit our shortcomings and think that rest of the world is Conspiring against the Nation of the Pure

    • Noor says:

      agreed that our nation has gone down to the gutters, with corruption everywhere..but as pakistanis how are you helping this out?condeming is one thing but your actions to also improve counts..u can sit back and say so many negative things about ur country but what do u actually do to improve it?if u cannot do anything atleast say something positive to raise morales….people like you help in worsening the situation and morales of the youth of pakistan..typical pakistani attitude i say!no offence to you

  49. Imran says:

    Use your common sense, theis is not match fixing its spot fixing and very common in every sport. It very easy to do and to make money – it does not mean they were trying to throw away the match.

  50. atif says:

    shame on pakistani media……….they think of themselves as undespencible……..shame on geo tv…..a channel which causes 80% of the panic in any situation…….

  51. atfi riaz raja says:

    any one make video ani time who knw when some bdy make this video….

  52. TheMarvellousguy says:

    u should find the real pic of Salman butt from where his pic has been taken and edited with the suspect

  53. Harris says:

    Great Work Boy! seems logical, i was thinking the same thing that the video was made after the game, and that is the reason the camera is so perfectly placed, already hiding the face of the ‘OUR MAN’ and Majeed is directly in the centre! he’s a fu**in’ good actor btw! the way he places money on table is like Bollywood!

  54. Dr Tabinda Qazi says:

    well i would say Pakistani team include all the young boyz,who are less experienced & they have been traped in such gambling!! Y aren’t the real match fixrez being caught including Hanse cronia,shane wane …n blah blah else! y is Pakistani team iz blamed for thiz? itz a total propaganda against Pakistani team and hence Pakistan!! And we cant tolerate this!Not any a Pakistani Nation!
    We r with our team & we believe that it is a fake makeup story against our team!!
    Our team løose or our team Win any match..we are with our team!!N wantz our team not to loose hope in such circumstances when they are being portrait as match fixerz!! Good time will come soon…N the story makerz have 2 pay for it!!

  55. sadia says:

    Well im nt gettin it, its just a conspiracy agianst our team?? is tht ur tryin to say?? plz teme plz,,

  56. Faisal Hafeez says:

    I truly believe this is british propaganda. They cant see pakistani fast bowlers succeed. Every time we do well, there is a controversy.
    Pics are clearly can be observed as fake one

  57. faizan says:


  58. Ammar says:

    We Pakistanis are living in a fool paradise
    Nothing Else
    This all is true …
    Ye pehlay bi match fix kerte aye they or ab bi wohi keya ha

    ICC ne abi kuch months pehlay PCB ko Warn keya tha k unke 2 Players Match Fixing ker rahe hain or PCB k Ijaz Butt ne khud Press conference me kaha tha or bad me mker gaya k wo 10 saal puraney ksi match ki baat ha

    or Kuch dino pehlay bi Australia se Test k doraan Ammir ka ek Pavilion me se Camera ne shot lya tha jisme wo cell phone pe baat ker raha tha jabke Cell phone allowed nahi hote , ye news mene khud GEO pe dekhi thi

    Fizool me defend krne ki zarorat ni ha apne mulk ko

    • AHMEDTOOR says:

      AMMAR BHAI mujy zra aik baat btao?????????? jb english bowler ball tempering krty hain ya INDIAN player or dusaary countries k player IPL mai match fixing krty hain to un ka media un ki galat harkat ko kiun chupa leta hai………
      aur un ka hi media hamary players pr ilzam dalty hain to hum kiun nai apney mulk ko defend nai krty apny players ko defend nai krty kiun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      jb k un ka media apny players ki galalat harkat ko chupaty hain……… hum kiun nai krty…….
      hamein bus aik dusary pr thokana ata hai……….
      aur match fixing new baat nai hai ye phechaly 20 saal se ho rahi hai……
      iss mai srf PAKISTAN k players hi nai tamam countries k players shamil hain……
      aur bohat se matchies fix hoty hain…………
      iss bury kaam ki new jar IPL or ICL hain……….
      jin ki waja se ye kaam big level pr hona start ho geya hai……..

  59. shahnawaz khan says:

    i agree wid u bro…

  60. Ammar says:

    Or ye picture me jo Yellow Line ha , muje to aisi koi Yellow Line nazer nahi aye Official Picture me jo Britain News Paper ki Website pe ha

  61. sadia says:

    this is all bullshit, our team can nva do such a thing, ECB & the engilsh media is habitual of making these shitty scandals with our team, whenever our team goes to england they make a new scandal, earlier it was that ball tempering scandal & now this, that scandal was not proved & this also will be proved wrong in shaa allah!

  62. waseem afzal says:

    yup definitely ECB is afraid ov performance of muhammad aamer and asif..they couldn’t digest the defeat of third test match,,it iz just a scandle to demoralize pakistani players

  63. Irfan Rizvi says:

    I don’t buy your story
    “The Wicket Keeper of Pakistan Cricket Team Kamran Akmal is also a part of this propagation because of his good come back & because of the latest news of Zulqarnain Haider; that he was quite fit & forced to travel back to Pakistan for Kamran Akmal. This news proved that he is the powerful person in Pakistan Cricket Team after Salman Butt.”

    Now how lame can you be,

    Asif continuous disciplinary issues, it will be no surprise if he is found guilty. Aamer you proved Wasim is your Idol, you learned match fixing as well as bowling from him. and dont even get me started on Kamran Akmal, This piece of trash should no where near the team but still the keeper and the vice captain, now how baffling is that.

  64. afridi says:

    in saro ko phanse day do …

  65. ali says:

    aur mazhar majeed pagal hai jo khud ko arrest karwa k possible jail term karwae ga. ye mat kehna mazhar ne bhi paise khae hain. please….

  66. Rizwan says:

    This all is propaganda against new Pakistani young team.

  67. Zeeshan says:

    @Ammar: O .. there is no yellow line in actual, author wanted to be more investigative and drew a line to show that arm cannot be that straight. Lame!

  68. Owais says:

    do watch it

  69. Bahram says:

    Iam a professional Graphics designer , and i just have to say , BAD PHOTOSHOP WORK !

    • M IMRAN ALI says:

      Dear this Video you have created I like this and i Agree with u these all peoples are blind. You think right. And I didn’t believe that our Team will doing this. These all are Fake images and fake clips.

      • M IMRAN ALI says:

        Main ake cheez aur kehna chaon ga inn clips main jitni bhi baat hooi bowlers ky baary main hooi. Batting ki tuu koi baat hee nahi hai iss main

  70. sms says:

    we hope that this is true :

  71. Dee III says:

    this is what we called being in ‘denial’

  72. mohsin says:

    well .. fake image … it is clear … fu** off england news ppl…

  73. I don’t want to believe the whole story of English media 😦
    When I first saw that picture (Salman, Mazhar & Reporter), I just said: bilkul fake hai yaaar :@

  74. Salman says:

    * No-Balls Cannot Deside a test match

    * These pics (even if real) dont proove any thing

    * There were 4 ducks (zeros) in English innings but still No Accusations On English Men

    Atleast three in Pakisran team (Salman, Amir and Asif) were playing to win

  75. Hassam says:

    India is also behind all this…they have teamed up with ICC to finish cricket from Pakistan…how is that possible that every series Pakistan team has new problems…when we were champions of T20 there was no team of Pakistan in Champions leauge…how could there be champions leauge when champions were sitting home…plz ppl dnt support IPL or CL20

  76. Truth Speaker says:

    The no-balls were arranged to be bowled by the bowlers to show that they were doing wht Majeed asked them to do.

    It was a like a proof sort of thing, like when some one is kidnapped, the relatives talk to him to make sure that he’s alive and actually being kidnapped.

    So if the bowlers had bowled the no-balls at the exact occasion as predicted by Majeed, so it meant that they would have done everything else wht Majeed had asked them to.

    This isn’t something new, Wasim Akram’s brother (a renowned bookie) earned 20 million Rs in 1999 Worldcup final b/w Pak and Aus, just by telling people that the first ball of Pakistan’ s innings would be a wide-ball and guess what, it was bowled by Wasim Akram.

  77. Bilal M. Wirk says:

    This link says it all. It was reported by Jang on 27th july about these meetings of Pakistani cricketers with Mazhar Majeed. So this is no spoof, its all true

  78. rehan says:

    Why is the guy putting the money in front on the table as if he is posing for a photograph? The pic of salman butt is sooooo fake…. !

  79. asad says:

    fake or not fake. what i beleive is salman butt is the of of the main culprit of all the issues facing pakistan cricket team. Lets say even if this 4 th match was not fixed. what u guys think abot the sydney test and other test inings in this series in which pakistan scored exreemly low. I think there is some thing going on.

  80. asad says:

    what u say about asif involved in drugs. be realistic.

  81. gozilla says:

    If our players shit on ground, we would take it as diamond. No wonder why as a nation we have failed.

    Stop this non-sense. There is a limit of self-denial. Shame on you, your fuc***g team who betrayed the nation in Holy Month of Ramadan. Go and watch the video of this guy with Umar Amin and Wahab Riaz. Go and see forums how old this guy has affiliations with Pakistan team.

  82. Hamid Waseem Sheikh says:

    IF green shirts proven guilty than take stern action against those players according to the ICC code of conduct.

  83. Nomaan Asim says:

    Pakistan rocks! and all dirty people are fear ov that!
    Amir n asif Rocks!

  84. zeeshi says:

    we r with u gyz… we have faith on u… these all just r fake material…… they r just try to demoralize pakistan’s cricket …….

  85. zeeshi says:

    sai kaha ahmed bhai……. yehi wqt hai jb apne mulk ko bdnami se bchao or apne players ka sath dooooooo……..plzzzz be with themm…….

  86. junaid says:

    y will ECB ,BCCI ,or NOTW get involved in this , huhh , get a life and dont give illogical facts magar , on 2nd thoughts , agar , amir , akmal , aur salman real muslims hai , to yeh sab kabhi nahi kiya hoga , agar woh sahi hai , to ALLAH will help them , agar nahi , to , they ll be caught , i m an INDIAN , btw .

  87. Yasir mujtaba says:

    his all is propaganda against new Pakistani young team…They have fear of Muhammad Amir and Asif…This all done to disheart the Pakistani team…
    Use your mind, In above video Pakistani team just fixed 2 balls (noball) its v funny…
    This all is nthng then BULL SHIT…I love Pakistani team… because england made a good scene to destroy the cricket in pakistan

  88. Husnain Ahmed says:

    ye sb fake h.
    Jald he such sb k samne a jae ga

  89. immy786 says:

    This article is so pathetic and shows what sad world we Pakistanis live in. Pakistan was “Land of Pure” but it is now “Corrupt-istan” from Zarda** down to everyone else.

  90. Brashna Kasi says:

    English media did all this coz they want publicity!……..C now every1 knws bout “News Of The World”………huh!……They R best in making fake videoz!..But V PakiS R spprting our plyrS n wud not let dese bullshits 2 destroy our crckt!……..No1 think that hw much money did they got after publishing this fake news!…….???
    All what i can say is PAKISTAN ZINDABAD!!

  91. Fahad says:

    Utterly rubbish reasoning from you your points don’t make sense
    Although it’s strong evidence against Pakistani team but it’s still to be proven true.
    If I m right Danish kaneria was also questioned by Scotland yard for match fixing before Pakistan tour that hints there is this disease of math fixing in Pakistani players.

    • If these are strong evidence. I would say that you are thinking like a fool. How can you prove them strong evidence??

    • omer says:

      @ fahad dont shout just after listening the news.this ia a pre planned act.picture is fake watch it closely.stop shitting around without confirming anything.people like you are even more shamful for pakistan.

  92. che3ny says:

    Excellent plot for a bollywood movie!!! Are you some sort of conspiracy theorist? Do you even remember what happened in the oval test during 2006? The entire match was called off, just because it ball tampering!
    Do you know actually realize the degree of allegations? Its no joke, its not about accusing some 11 men, its about entire nation! It is sorrow to read such a pathetic article that will only make us look like clowns then improve our image!

  93. Brashna Kasi says:

    C V R 1 nation n thz is tym our plyrs need us!………Do spprt them!
    They R innocent!…..They R nt tht much smart as English media IS!…they took da advantage of this N now the wanna dstroy our crckt!

  94. alam says:

    lmao so fake

  95. George says:

    let me guess.. you are a big fan of zaid hamid also right??

  96. harry says:

    man pakistan the best, when it comes to match fixing we got style, truth is im pakistani and i tell u straight, we r all corrupt lol man we dont even spare ramadanl. Allah maaf kerain and the funniest thing is i c patriots trying 2 justify this act!!!!!!! edited photos and what not but the truth is no 1 can predict the balls bieng wide on 3 specific ocassions lol, only Allah knows that so yeah we r corrupt admit is and the truth is lets throw shoes at these guys, and pick people on merit not cast and connections, but this year has 2 b worst for pk in all events floods the 2 brothers list goes on Allah help us please

  97. unaiz says:

    great work brother…please circulate this mail as much as u can…Our media just want a breaking new ..they r the true culprits in demoralizing country’s image…what the hell…i hate our media which is needy of scandals…they r taking revenge of 2005 test match …every time Pakistan play test with england ..they put allegations against us …please guys don’t let ur self believe this crap scandal on our team…

  98. Zain says:

    bullshit british media@

  99. Sohail says:

    Noob BRITISH Media,
    THEY Are really afraid of Asif and Aamir, and InshALLAH Same Pakistani Team (Asif, Amir, etc) will beat them in T20 2-0 and ODIs 5-0,


  100. Salman says:

    This fake picture is a proof that its all a set up!

  101. mushtaq says:

    well done buddy.its all plan against pak players.we love cricket and we have faith in players.they cant do this.this is all bull shit of england media…..

  102. sharjeel says:

    yar it looks like controversy, can you named any pakistan tour to england without any issue – none , check the history when Pakistan tour to england…these alligation can be imposed after second match , if pakistan have won the two ealier …one.

    now look at the other side of it, all 4 of these people are better performer in one day and T20 cricket ( as pre records) , now i order to make this series clean sweap they have created this story.

    i bet they wont be able to prove any thing about it , and they prolong this whole isssue , and at the end they will create a report at the end of the tour with nothing conceret. and Pakistan management will banned few under performed players.

    this is the same story line which had been repeated in the past and same will happend again. match fixing donot happend after the match, payment cannot be provided during the tour like this way. bookies are very well managed and professional like mafia, they are not that dumb.

    English media and authorties always do these kind of cheap things , they have dont it in past whenever Pakistan have visited the england. but they never prove anything…..just one request…keep supporting your people and your team…..

  103. alianwaar says:

    they are just jealous from us……………………they cant beat us straightly so they use the other way…………… the question is…….. Why should a match fixer is inviting a news reporter for such footage?
    its all a very big BLONDER Nobody is going to believe on it………….. I hope so

  104. JDee says:

    Shameful, really shameful! We support cheats and then complain about cheats ruling us?

    They cheated and they deserve to be punished. Read a script of Butt’s after match conference and you’ll sense how he is dodging questions about this and the Sydney test. They are definitely involved.

    The world is not out there get us. Get out of this bubble. It’s our actions like these that have landed us in shit that we currently are in.

    • Awais Ajmal says:

      he ws not dodging the questions..wat i think he ws actually askd not to speak much bcoz media only knows how to defame someone .he wasn’t speaking bcoz the accusation ws so serious that if proved will result in end of his cricket carrier.

      plz don’t accuse anyone u don’t know the truth …wat if u r wrong and all this is actually a scheme???….u’ll b punished for that on the day of judgement … don’t accuse anyone unless and until proved

      just a lil thing i want to say to u brother if u think world is not out there to get us ……u r hell wrong!!!

      • JDee says:

        “he wasn’t speaking bcoz the accusation ws so serious that if proved will result in end of his cricket carrier.” If anything, he made himself look even more dubious. He didn’t even deny the allegations (let alone vehemently).

        “just a lil thing i want to say to u brother if u think world is not out there to get us ……u r hell wrong!!!” Yes, continue living in a shell. Do not try to improve. Never try to look for faults within. Always blame others for what you are in. Great.

  105. abdul ahad says:

    I think asif is a black sheep he is spoiling ptherz….he shud b thrown away..

  106. Malik Jilani says:

    this is totally a propaganda against our whole nation
    the bloody english want to prove that pakistanis are dishonest

  107. ad says:

    fake fake fake fake fake

  108. Dcbaloch says:

    Sham upon them…

  109. habeeb says:

    I was not even surprised that these allegations have come to surface.To me Pakistan Cricket has been involved in match fixing for almost 18 years.Could I ask all of above patriotic Pakistani’s only few questions
    1 Why on earth Waseem Akram did not play in famous 1995 World CupQuater final and declaring himself unfit on very morning?
    2 Why after sydney test Yousuf said that there is a traitor in the team and will give the name to PCB after reaching Pakistan.
    3 Why on earth Rashid Latif was ousted from team after helping them win the final one day against England in around 1996.

    Having said all these I was sad to hear that even such a young team can be involved.It seems that even selection of team and captain has been in hands of Mafia in Pakistan.Why Zulqurnian was sent home is a complete joke as he mentioned on his face book profile before his debut that his finger is fractured.It was only when he performed well he was forced to make way for Kamran Akmal as Kamran’s place was at stake.

  110. Dear Idiots says:

    This would have been a conspiracy IF pakistan was winning !!! You guys are in denial that thieves exist in other institutions of our country, including sport. I say this is GREAT for us. Time these greedy who are destroying the sport be given the worst punishment to set an example!

  111. pAK!! says:

    awWW blesS!!

  112. Qaasu says:

    The picture seemed to a photoshopped to me..

  113. Hasnain Ali says:

    it shows the so called true face of ECb & other idiots “THE BAND OF DUFFERS” sitting at the top & in media & just fooling the whole nation & insulting us & our heroes…
    Shame on the whole media & the individuals who r on the back of this…INSHA ALLAh we’ll rock the world one day…do what ever u want to do.

  114. M. Khurram says:

    Review the video in which some one is collecting the money in the car, put it in his jacket and then that particular jacket was given to wahab riaz. In this video the person who is collecting the amount and the person who is giving jacket to Pakistani player are not same, please see the colors of their shirts. The person who was in the car wear sky blue t-shirt. And the person who gave jacket wear any dark color shirt. As we can clearly see the light color of wahad riaz and Red color t-shirt of other player then we should we the sky blue color of that particular person, but it wasn’t. there must be some controversy within this video

  115. fahad says:

    as we can see Suleman Butt is not a tall man but the Mazhar Majeed has a good hieght
    and in the photo they are in standing position, and butt’s hieght is more than majeed or equal. in real it should be the less than majeed..

    this is a drama sa usual English press and media always try to degrade Pakistan team..!

  116. Bilal Tahir says:

    I just love ur post. I m a huge fan of Pakistan cricket and i also think this is just a scandal. These things also came in my mind. and i agree with u in everything u have said.
    When ever Pakistan went to England there has been a scandal.
    IN 1987: When Imran Khan’s 11 was going to win the series against England they alleged Pakistan’s team manager of sexually harassing the maid of the hotel the team was staying in.

    In 2006: Every one knows that Inzamam-ul-haq forfeited the match cause of allegations of Ball tempering.

    In 2010(today): Spot fixing and alleged by british media.Bullshit

    I pray to Allah that our players are proven innocent and their media gets a shutup call.

  117. Bilal Tahir says:

    And i more thing
    All the newspaper except News of the world has published
    “Man Held in London for Suspected Conspiracy to Defraud Cricket Bookmakers”
    where did Pakistan come in between.

  118. Abdul Rahman says:

    OKay I have a couple of things to add, watch this video carefully:

    1- Mazhar’s t-shirt! In the car he’s wearing a blue one, but when he gives the jacket to Wahab he’s wearing a black one! So it didn’t happen in the sequence as they’ve come up with in the story… And if he can change his t-shirt in the meanwhile, then who says the money can’t me removed!

    2- The camera angles! There are 3 different camera angles when he’s in the car – how is that possible if it was a hidden camera?? Or did they apply 3 cameras at different positions, and he didn’t see one of them??

    And actually I posted this comment on world of news’ website, but they didn’t put it up… But if u write shame pakistan or something like that, then they’ll put it up… so I guess I’m touching some valid points here…

    But about the guys if they are 100% innocent or guilty, I really don’t know… It’s not like I have full faith in them and their characters… something is fishy for sure!

    • We are adding this with your name! Thank You for sharing the information.

    • Tariq says:

      The Video is OK. The confusion is because of the light inside the car right up Mazhar’s head. If you see in the second angel of the video (0:45), the T-shirt looks exactly the same while Mazhar was handling the jacket to Wahab. It is the close camera and light that made the T-shirt look different.

      • shabby says:

        in the second angle u cant even see his shirt completely so how can u say that his shirth colour changed b/c of light in the first angle


      • KK says:

        Well just to highlight to the people who have never used photoshop.
        If you look at the picture of salman butt and other two guys. Notice how to source of the light seems to be coming from the left side, Which you can tell looking at this jacket left side which is brighter. Now look the the shadows behind their heads are also on the left side of their heads, If the light source was actually on the left side which his jacket shows their shadows would fall on the right side of their heads and not on the left side.

        Also If you do your research on “news of the world” in UK its considered a joke because of its outrages news on aliens and alien in the world. Not very credible.

        Although Im not saying our team players are OR are not guilty of all this. I just think the news agency did a half a*s job when it came to collecting proper credible evidence.

      • Adeel says:

        inside the car tats light blue and out side its dark or u can say navy blue .

      • Ana says:

        v ShUD StaNd BehInD Dem.coX itX a coNtroveRxY aBt oUr GuD PlaYerX..>!!!

        Dey jUX tryIn to LEttiN DoWn our teaM……!! JErkX.!! PakiXTani tEam Rock..

        ALLAH bLExXX Dem AwL……..!!! jUx give a DaMn oN EuRopEoN mEdIa ..!!

        n PAKISYANI MEDIa XhUD PlaY a +ive RoLE In diX SceNariO…!!! FanKX to WhoM

        WhO XhaRed It Wid uxXXX..!!! g8r jOb..!!

      • zain ali says:

        ya we should stand with our team but first we should know the reality just check it out the statement of shahid afridi before 27 july and read the news paper “jang” of the same date the same news was also published by our journalist and decide who is right or wrong? its a fact that our players are involved in match fixing its hurt me a lot but its reality and we have to live with

      • I read the the report but there is no point of ‘spot or match fixing’, the article by Mr. Bhatti is talking about the ‘Suspicious men keep visiting Pakistani players room’, that doesn’t make any sense. I’m clearing another point that they (Azhar Majeed & Mazhar Majeed) are agents of some Pakistani players).

      • Ashhar says:

        No bro , reality is something else , If they captured them in video . Then why they didn’t go to police ????????
        Answer :
        Because they made this video after the match. 😡

        And see this picture , What a bad editing of Photo… Even I can edit pictures better than this.. huh..

    • osama awan says:

      exactlyy…i tried ti put it oo….bt it was not there….

    • Baber Sheikh says:


      There’s one Point which i want to make clear from you guys !

      —> In the Video Bookie was saying that Amir will ball 3rd Ball a No ball of his third Over “Tomorrow” and Asif will ball a No ball in his 10th Over’s 6th Ball “Tomorrow”…

      I wrote Tomorrow in Inverted Commas (Tomorrow), If the video was made before the commencement of the match, HOW DID HE KNOW THAT PAKISTAN WILL WIN THE TOSS AND WILL BALL FIRST, it could have been opposite, If England would have won the Toss that day and elected to BALL first, then how Pakistani ballers were able to ball a No ball at that day…??

      his “Tomorrow” Indicates that the video was made after these No balls were delivered and thus its proved the propaganda is FAKE….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      There are hell of other things which my brothers mentioned above as well……

      So just THINK !!!!!!!

  119. Ibrar Chaudhry says:

    Last thing we wanted was another Pakistan Cricket team scandol… What a disgrace our cricketers conduct has brought to the entire Nation…

    Sad really…

  120. Dana says:

    i want to add one thing more, majeed is a booky who can count or take more than 100,000 Pounds without showing any emotions on his face which means he is Professional and the best in his field then why the fu*k he took photographs with Salman Butt ? n Salman Butt also enjoyed posing for a photograph with a bookie ?
    lols the reporter n bookie pretended to be a Fan of him (butt) n asked him to take foto with them .. n thats normal , this happens with all famous ppl.
    3rd point the Reporter and the newspaper didnt mentioned that there was another person
    means who took the photograph then ?

  121. […] team. So, what went wrong here?
    I posted my side of the story here and then was fortunate enough to read this blog. It filled me with hope and raised my morale, which was at an all time low. Floods, killing […]

  122. hunterz says:

    its a simple conpiracy against our finest attack , they knew the pakianZ have given birth to next sultans of spin (MuhammaD Amir) how can they bear that and about no balls … just two no balls in the whole innings. . . . huh ! ! !

  123. nadia says:

    hmm guys serious i cant beleive on all this rubish main tu yeh kahoo ge pakistan ko badnam akay pakistan sai cricket khatum karnay ki khosih ke ja rahe hain takay pakistan sai cricket khatam ho jaye

  124. Aamir says:

    Well, Pakistan is full of talented of ciricket players. We must give chance to the youngsters. If we lose them, still we can have the players like Aamir, Asif or Akmal. PCB must suppose life-time ban on all the seven players involved in the spot-fixing, to create an example for upcoming talent. These players are caught red-handed and the Soctland Yard never take action until they have got the strong evidences.

  125. WoW
    once again the world has cospired against us The nation of the PURE
    come on all you guys
    stop protecting the CHEATS
    all of us knew that they cheat
    there were numerous allegations and subsequent penalties
    but all of this is our own coming
    our nation is such in which bigger cheats protect smaller cheats
    but finally truth has been un earthed
    this tabloid did not cover the story on 27 because they had money to make
    they obviously did it for money
    but at the same time exposed our mighty heros
    and now if we come up with all the conspiracy theories in the world then we will be only proving one thing

  126. Salwa Zafar says:

    I totally agree wid da guy who made dis link….I completely trust my pakistani team..dis iz a definate propaganda done by english media …fu*kerz…they r always after pakistan to disgrace us….Pakistan Zindabad…definately supportin ma pakistani team…luv em!!!

    • Asif Hussain says:

      this is totally a propaganda against our whole nation
      the bloody english want to prove that pakistanis are dis honest.
      Aamir bright to pakistan name and english not like this.Amir is Second Wasemm Akram

  127. Komal says:

    only few ppl educated and open minded ppl are going to believe it. Other pakistaniz (i incl. my parents) who watch private pakistani news channels are bound to accept their BIASED news. ECB and all those behind it must know that Pakistani ppl are always ready pounce over who ever they find. whatever well i support them what so ever. thanks for the link. Thanks for putting it into straight SIMPLER words to get into dumbheads.

  128. Pakistan Zindabad says:

    Your line of reasoning is simply silly. Whenever anyone is accused in Pakistan and video/photo evidence is presented, the accuser declares it as fake. However, I do not know the entire facts, and would love to hear Pakistani side.

    I have idolized Pakistan Cricket throughout my life!!! If this stuff comes true it will simply reflect the CORRUPT and FU**ED up nature of our country is. I am even ashamed to call myself a Pakistani. F**K!!

    • According to your silly points, Mr. If you are a star, then every one will like to have a pic. with you. You are saying that these all are Real, for 1 sec. lets take them as real. How will you prove it? The image of Salman Butt with the so called fixer & the NOTW member, it may be real because it may took in the party/function & don’t forget that the so called fixer ‘Majeed’ is the agent of some players. So, is this proves that they are doing this? No.

      About Videos:

      1st question, no dates are mentioned, it may be prepared after the over or day.
      2nd question, why they didn’t went to Police on August 27, 2010?
      3rd question, why the so called ‘fixture’ is looking into camera & talking.
      4th question, when ever any kind of bookie takes money, he never count it & the cash is always given to the bookie in the form of briefcase.
      5th question, in the video of so called ‘fixer’ giving the jacket to Wahab Riaz, we are not seeing any cash + the shirt of so called fixer in the car is different then at the time of handling jacket.

      There are many more, Scotland Yard is not fool to prove all this + British police on Sunday bailed without charge a man arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud bookmakers in their probe into an alleged betting scam surrounding the Pakistan cricket team.

      So, who is silly?

  129. Rafeh says:

    he is telling the truth!!!!!!!!

  130. kashif says:

    who has that much time to bet on the every ball of the test match. there are 450 balls in test match how many of them are called noball.
    definitely i will not bet on noball. is there any one who will bet on test match noball

  131. supplier says:

    Man you are just as ignorant as the PCB officials are, you came up with a stupid conspiracy theory to support your ridiculous claims and made a page out of it. I`ll tell you something:

    1) Why would the news of the World would go to the police, if they had forged the story.
    2) The video evidence of majeed giving his coat full of cash to Wahab and umer Amin is
    quite compelling and only a stupid like you could see right through it.
    3) These players were meeting with majeed, which is a well known bookie/ fixer. So having social contacts with such a man would be suspicious enough let alone having dinner with him in front of a third party.
    4) How could you even justify someone bowling No-balls at the prescribed time of someone else??

    I am sure when the Scotland yard investigation will be over we none of your theories would be able to hold ground.

    • Answer of the no.1 ) ‘News of the World’ team went to the Police with fake evidences just to gain world wide popularity & to prove Pakistani Cricketers are involved.
      Answer of the no.2 ) ‘What is the evidence that Majeed is giving his coat full of cash to Wahab? Were you there at the spot? You saw the cash in the pocket? Look at the colour of the shirt of Majeed in the car & then after giving the coat to Wahab Riaz.
      Answer of the no.3 ) If Majeed is a well know bookie/fixer, then why the England police & Scotland Yard were quite? Why they didn’t arrest him? He was the agent of the players of Pakistan Cricket Team, news & reports are on the record.
      Answer of the no. 4 ) How you are saying that the videos were recorded before the over or before the day?

      & last but not least ‘British police on Sunday (August 29, 2010) bailed without charge a man arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud bookmakers in their probe into an alleged betting scam surrounding the Pakistan cricket team.’

      • supplier says:

        Sorry for a late reply.

        Here are the problems with your answers:

        1) Do you know the punishment for providing fake evidence and disgracing others in UK. You can be sued for millions of dollars in the court. The same thing happened in the tour of 92, when Miandad and company sued the paper. I do not think that News of the world would be that stupid.

        2) What I saw and everyone else too was majeed giving a coat to Wahab and Umer and that was for sure. now why were they accepting a coat from a complete stranger? Were they feeling cold?

        3) I think you should gets your facts right. Betting is not illegal in the UK, so police cannot arrest bookies. Its when the bookies defraud others by fixing the outcome of a particular event in advance by the help of players involved that can be punished by law. And for that reason they arrested Majeed. Are pakistani players so cute that they kept a bookie as an agent? Werent they told about him?

        4) I am not sure and nobody can, since the tapes are not time stamped. That is the only reason why they arent being charged by the British Police.

        The police in britain unlike ours does not charge anyone until they build up a strong case against them. Since majeed is a very well-off and organized bookie and must have had good lawyers so they are moving carefully.

      • 1) Famous footballers Wayne Roneey, Beckham & Cole are British & they won the cases against NOTW. Now the famous stars of Hollywood Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie are near to win the case against NOTW. You are still trusting them. Unbelievable.

        2) I told you earlier that Majeed is an agent of many Pakistani players, so every player of Pakistan Cricket team almost know him.

        3) I know that betting is legal in UK. I think you don’t know that Majeed was arrested in defraud bookies. what you want to say!!!

        4) Anyway! With these poor evidences, they are going to prove big allegations on Pakistan Team. The Scotland Yard must take some strong action against the NOTW.

  132. humaid says:

    pakistan is a stupid team every 1 knows but the pakistanis want 2 hide it so they all r saying it is fake and about the cricketers they all r mad on money they have surely done it

  133. Muhammad Iftikhar Khan says:

    Hi My Paki Friends:-
    Just don’t believe in these English Media this is all Fake. Videos and pics can be EDITED even i can do that.They DIDN’T SHOW ANYTHING CLEARLY THAT ANY OF PAKISTANI PLAYER IS INVOLVE IN THAT SCANDAL “my only question to those fucking English Media is that Why they didn’t went to Police on August 27, 2010? Because the video was not prepared or the time was not good enough to leak the news. Because they were waiting for this poor performance from Pakistan & the big one is they were making video & after completing them, they went to Police on August 28, 2010.

  134. amer says:

    abhi kuch kaha nai ja sakta ho sakta hain salman butt or akmal.asif ho saktay hain fixing mein pr amir nai ho sakta kukay wo to naya hain or wo dosra wasim akram ha pakistan ka

  135. Muhammad Iftikhar Khan says:

    Hi my Paki Friend:-
    Just dont believe in that fucking English Media’s Fake Story The wanted to demoralize OUR Team and cricket that’s why they did create all this DRAMA. If they were True then Why they didn’t went to Police on August 27, 2010? The Only reason is this that Material was not prepared Yet and they prepared it after the Day’s Play and and to make them pressurize they leaked that NEWS AND VIDEOS but don’t forget that PHOTOS and VIDEOS can be EDIT.This is just a propaganda against Pakistani Team and Cricket.SHAME ON U ENGLISH MEDIA AND FU***ng LAIRS. .

  136. pakistanii says:

    Salaam people, just wanted to tell you IJAZ BUTT is the main match fixer. hes been caught fixing matches and hes paid fines too. he sits in karachi and fixes matches. almost everyone over there knows him. this is a fact.
    However, i do hope that the investigation rules in favour of the pakistani team, inshAllah

  137. sohail says:

    i did’t get hiden cam se clip bnane ka maqsad yhi tha jo media ab dikha rha hea to kya media ko sab pata tha wts tht?

  138. ehtasham says:

    pics seemed fake to me…. i think its just a propoganda against pakistani team

  139. ajmal says:

    its all bullshit!!!






  140. Talha says:

    Let the results come, picture may be fake or might be genuine anyone can take picture with them I have pictures with Waseem Akram but he dont know me…… that doesnt show that they got contacts…. Lets hope that invastigation come in the favor of Pakistan…. We love Pakistan but if it is true they deserve more than to be banned…. Hange them being traitor to the country………

  141. anonymous says:

    I just can’t understand , why we don’t accept the reality? Instead of kick them we start protecting them. WHY ? who believe this is not real and Pakistani payers are innocent 😀 U need to get life.

  142. AleE says:

    Bull shit … they think they can fool us with this … i can make a picture like this in 5 min … wat a crap …. !!

  143. CJ Harris says:

    I just want to say that PAK team is the best of all.
    If they had really fixed the matches, then ENG team must get worried that PAK has lost because the match was already fixed…
    Imagine what would have happened, if PAK team played with their real spirit to win !
    No Doubts, there is no better team than PAK team… But, if PAK team is really involved in this shameful act, then SHAME on them…!!!

  144. hasu says:

    To My Freinds Writing Against National Cricket Team.
    Nothing has been proved yet, i believe we have loose dignity up to this extent, that we cannot even take a stance against UK media. Instead of us suing UK media of harassment and demoralizing team during an ongoing series just to make sure …that these young players like Amir and Akmal don’t exhibit in One day,
    We didn’t take a second to trust all the allegations, and history of these allegations actually starts from Imran Khan to, 2Ws, to every young and emerging player.
    Now when ICC is about to select young emerging player Amir, this conspiracy has to appear.
    Don’t forget British’s are just Blo…Y Shopkeepers, (so they have the same mentality) it was long claimed by Nepolian not me.
    This is the media and nation who got killed Diana. Don’t underestimate their media power. And raise your dignity as a nation take a stance for your own kids at least don’t become a party to Shopkeepers.
    With this you and GEO channel is same, working on anti Pakistan agenda

    • pakistani says:

      one thing is for sure mazher is nt a good acter…. lol.. in the 1st video it is clear that he is trying to act which he is nt capable offfffff….

  145. Khan says:

    Yeah, how Pakistani players can be so stupid? if they accept money from this guy, why they would snap pictures with him and hang around with him in a car when all can be done easliy over the phone? this is all fabricated. Paki players better concentrate on T20s and ODIs, try to give English team a huge defeat. Good Luck Pakistan, Salman Aamir and Asif!!

  146. usama king says:

    pakistanis are not match fixers.

  147. Fawad says:

    amir app ko asa nahi samajte tha..

  148. Pakistani Putter says:

    everyone knows english media (special NOTW expert in blackmailing) what they do they always target our team some time in the shame of ball tempering or some time any other bullshit we should not believe them untill police declare them guilty if they(police) have ALL these videos and audio why they r not arresting the players or taking any further action if these r the prove wht they waiting for?………………………………indian could b involved u cant right off this piont how they r ruining our cricket we all fully aware that how indian investor r into in briton its fully preplaned……….why they approach and invest into big money? the person should b allgd guilty to make them to do so………..peacccccccccccccccccccccce

  149. Waqas says:

    Shut up your mouth .Pakistani players are cheap and hungry for money .Why do they need to get in touch with such a pathetic British Born Confused Desi who’s whole family is cheater since they settled in UK. Our players are too small and character less they can sell any thing for money .I have witnessed M. ASIF drinking Vodka with such pathetic guys in EAST LONDON TAYYAB HOTEL. They have sold our nation’s pride .Let them come back and we will stone them . Let me also tell you Pakistani Government some time involved in fixing (1999 World Cup PAK VS BAN). Even Bob Woolmer admitted in an interview after losing a champion’s Trophy match that “On a phone call from some higher authorities we changed our plan to bowl first after wining the toss in overcast conditions”

  150. Waqas ul Haq says:

    We must support our players in either ways. Whatever the truth is.. But I know our players are world class players. It seems that they trapped badly. But Captain should come forward and answer the allegation raised.

  151. Sufian says:

    @tariq, its not just light that makes the difference. This actually seems to be really fake scandal made by british media to demoralize pakistani cricketers. We should not make any decisions before something get proved. Why they did’nt present all this stuff before the balls being bowled. And according to them they’ve got proves of telephonic contacts of Amir and the spy. Why don’t they bring it up to the media (if they really have such conversation).

    Even if we believe on the scandal in which amir and asif are involved, why both the bowlers bowled exceptionally well taking six wickets in an inning with excellent figures. It was our batting which made us loss all the matches.

    We should wait for the investigations and if anyone of them proved to be involved in such a crime, they should be banned from cricket alongwith some sort of punishment like put them behind bars for one year. And also they should be fined.

    That will only set an example for the others. But again that is only in case it really proved without any kind of doubt. May Allah show us the right path.

  152. Raja Tahir Bashir says:

    Its all bullshit ……. any one can stand out and point figure on any body. Things are un-proven and just allegations, let’s wait and get things clear by Scotland Yard. I think PCB should take it to Court and file defamation against News of the World.

  153. Alweena Anjum says:

    This is a complete game plan and players are being trapped.

  154. imran says:

    i d’ont beleive on english media it is just a story we can make these kinds of pictures easily with in five minutes shame on pakistan media

  155. Akhtar Malik says:

    There is a weight in your argument. The possibility of a conspiracy against Pakistan national cricket team can not be ruled out. The question arises:

    Why such conspiracies are not hatched against the teams of other prominent countries like Australia, South Africa etc?

    If the allegations so leveled are proved to be false after the inquiry then it will not be misplaced to say that Pakistani nation as a whole is subject to victimization at all levels. The remedy would thus be to build up your own character, get rid of all the corrupt practices and make a name of your country in the comity of other nations.

    • shabby says:

      the problem is that we people are not united and we tnd to fight for even the smallest possible thing. we are not standing up against these things.

  156. ali says:

    its a planing game against pakistan team
    we should encouage our national team

  157. Aman says:


  158. wasi says:

    YE sab bakwas hai ese he pakistan ko badnam kiya ja raha hai …..

  159. saltyuzi says:

    i knew we as a nation our emotional so i wrote this article to vent out my frustration

  160. yousafzai says:

    i think these things exist in other teams also but when it comes to PAKISTAN it just blow because currently nation is under heavy fire from all aspects of life by world generally and europe esspecially. But this is the time that we as a nation should hold our nerves and should effectively cater the propagandas impossing by these elements on our nation. As for as allegations are concern it can be true or false GOD knows but we should calm down and watch the situation carefully.

  161. AHMEDTOOR says:

    aisa duniya mai koi booki nai hai jo paiso ko breefcase mai lay kr chalta ho or inn joway k paiso ka lain dain breefcase k zarye krta ho bookies apny paisy bank accounts ki madad se transfer krty hain………

  162. gozilla says:

    The picture was intentionally copied pasted as a part of INFOGRAPHICS. Read the whole article and you will know that they haven’t claimed that as an evidence.

  163. sidelong says:

    totally fakee

  164. Rashid A says:

    Well i partially agree with your opinion…I really don`t think that the players are completely innocent…but the have been trapped into this mess because of them being greedy for money….they would have thought that they are not fixing a match…just a few no-balls could do no harm to the game …and for that they were being offered thousands of pounds…BUT…what they didn`t knew was the fact that “News of the World” had a plan and i felt ‘Mazhar’ was the ace…i really think mazhar was a part of them…cause in those video its hard to believe that majeed didn`t knew for a sec that a camera is following him…i mean not even a clue…and that video in which he`s taking money from that so called ‘Our Man’ the camera seemed to be infront of him…and he has not even a clue…its really impossible..

    So in brief its a scam created to boost the sales of the magazine as their is tough competition amongst different magazines in UK…so in order to survive they masterminded this whole story and they knew that the pakistani players can be easily trapped !! which eventually happened !!!

  165. wajeeh says:

    all things r fake…..

  166. empty00 says:

    this trap is created by indian bast**ds. the match fixers say: in match fixing we do not bet on no-balls. and the hotel in which that agent was counting the money was Indian hotel.

  167. Great Job… history of NOTW is full of false theories against popular peoples like footballers and Hollywood actors. And now, they are trying to punch Pakistan’s cricket team just for the sake of cheap popularity.

  168. waqas says:

    the pic of salman but with fixer is fake download it and zoom it you will clearly see that salman but’s whole view is pasted you can check it from the boundaries of salman’s pic

  169. Abdul Rahman says:

    A couple of interesting points more to be noticed:

    Have a look at the pictures in this article from NOTW’s website:

    1- Look at the last picture in the article and compare Butt’s height to Mazhar’s (Butt’s not that tall)… And Butt is standing in front of him, somewhat the same distance as in the other picture, which we claim to be photoshopped… But on the photoshopped picture they have the same height… How’s that possible???

    2- Look at the 2nd picture in the article (the one with Mazhar sitting in the car wearing black/brownish t-shirt)… Have a look at the rear window! It’s raining!!! Compare that to the 3rd picture and the video (it’s damn clear in the video), no raindrops on the rear window!

    Now that clearly shows that the video in the car and the ‘jacket-giving’ to Wahab were done at 2 different days and hence the 2 different colours of the t-shirt too… It all makes sense, we just have to open our eyes!!

  170. ezabel says:

    wowwwww what a brilliant work but you man. you have exposed this news paper. its not for the first time for mazhar majeed he has done this several times. he is an agent of this news paper. this news paper has used this man many times. they give him money for these type of fake videos. and there are many allegations on different persons by this newspaper that are proved wrong. i think this news paper should be banned. and i strongly agree with you that they want to destroy the future of cricket in Pakistan.

  171. Pakistan'rules'in'bowling says:

    Well well well, one thing for sure is tested and proven more than once! “In cricketing world, there is not match to Pakistani Bowlers”. HISTORY >> 2 Ws >> ball tempering allegations when these brits and aussi couldn’t face reverse swing. David Shepherd >> being racist against the lagends when it was proven that Inzi and Yousuf are far better match winning players than any Aussi, Brit & Indian. Shoiab Akhtar >> initial allegations on bowling action when they realised he is the fastest in the world. PRESENT >> Asif & Amer >> Asif, even though I agree he shouldn’t have been Charsi but when they saw he is as good as before even without drugs & Amer >> a bowler comparable to Wasim, they are threatened again !!! Lords Cricket Ground >>> Pakistani team has had bad history !!! “News of the World” !! out of the entire world it had to be the most rubbish newspaper group, whose aim is to target masses for brain washing. FUTURE >> whenever Pakistanis will start to play good or show performance in one or two matches against Aussi or Brits there will be scandals unless there are protests on the street with slogans “that these two nations are cow**ds in the cricket grounds”. PAKISTANIS >>> to be honest we are at the point where one could easily state that we are the most stupid nation in the world by believing such controversies !!!!

  172. gr8 work man 🙂 keep it up


  174. Asad Niazi says:

    hey.last day i was angry with my cricket i think they just played with our cricket team.they do not have any exact evidance to prove them wrong.look at picture up look likes photoshop edited image.because i am image editor i know the tricks.and after looking at this image it is really fake.i can prove it.

  175. ANum Shah says:

    its a conspiracy they dnt want pak to play well they r jealous of our performance …. we should suport them instead of criticisng them

  176. harry says:

    mate im loving this, i love my pakistani ppl who help support cheaters lol, its like watching pakistani news, same ppl who support zardari lol nawaz sharrif lol altaf hussain lol………… man i love pakistan but im not blind to the truth lol, ive read so many comments and it reflects same stats as our nation, 20% good 80% stupid, ones who believe that is propaganda r the same ppl who support or cheating leaders and help destroy our beautiful country. but i love these patriotic blind followers they will believe anything as long as its pakistani its got 2 b good lol………………….. salam

  177. undisclosed says:

    I love how this is admittedly not proven either way, but some people at home sitting on their computers feel like they have the technical and investigative expertise to uncover an international investigation. Leave it to the police and the media, no one is out to gut to get you

    Some of the posts on here are shameful, you guys are delusional, have been for the greater part of 60 years and as a result the country is in the dumps and god forbid someone should even think twice to take an ounce of responsibility.

  178. Saad says:

    This article is sheer non-sense. If it is so untrue, why is Pakistani team not denying it?

  179. cooljani420 says:

    gys >>> those who are against pakistan go to hell thay dnt know that ye kis sy panga ly rahy hn hm muslim hi thy jinho ny europe py gvornament ki thi 800 saal beta ab time aa gya hy tm bhago gy or hm tmhary peechy hn gy or thmhain chuppny ki jaga b nai mill saky gi ye allah ka wada hy is waqat muslim thory beemar hn jis din beemari khatm hoi tb daikhna agar koi is ko english main translate kr dy to english bhai b parh len gy thanks. umer

  180. Saman says:

    What rubbish!!!

    1. Majeed had links with Pakistani cricketers long before this incident. Our team management n former players have confirmed it.

    2. The stupid notion that video was made after that days play is RIDICULOUS.
    SKY news reports that scotland yard had suspicions n was updated about the video the day BEFORE it all happened.
    Now, do u really think that someone “planning” something of this magnitude n scale would have over looked such a simple matter? This is really crazy, man.

    3. Please watch where Amir’s foot lands on both occasions (how delibrate does it look now). Seems like he didnt want to risk anything. Oh, i forgot, poor guy is inexperienced. Asif did much better, dont you agree? Finally we know that experience counts, eh?

    4. Tariq is right. Its the same Tee shirt. its just the light thats playing with ur imagination

    Its just a very feeble attempt to hide the facts. We r trying too hard to believe that our stars were framed, trying to assure ourselves that our once Awesome n beloved cricketers are still honest n that we still have some respect left.

    It happened. On tape. Face it.

  181. Faraz Muneer says:

    i don’t want to believe on this story of English media, its a blame to our Pakistani cricket team or our players, have u remember that on last tour they do same thing means they blame on us in the shape of “Ball Tampering”… 😦

  182. usman says:

    ecb sucks they blo*dy bas**rd always want to demoralize pakistanis………………..they are seeing that pkistani team is becoming trouble for them

  183. musadiq wani says:

    hey guys wait n watch …we have faith on pak cricket team…it is all planned to stop aamir n asif ,,,,,, i pray all this get olryt very soon

  184. bilal says:

    koi bhe khud sa cheesen nahe banata hamaray cricketers ke bhe ghalte hai unhun na ghlat kam kar ke moka dia. aur ye salman butt nd shoaib malik to sazashae toloy hain unhun na younis khan ko hatwaya ab afridi ko hatwanay ke tyare the in ke.

  185. tehniat says:

    yes we should trust our players

  186. RK Ali says:

    all the fans who are still disappointed…plz have a look…you ll feel much better…especially the guys who have written this report…

  187. ali says:

    ager ya bat sach hia to mara khil mian in sab ko jan sa mar dana chahia khas ker asif or amir ko

  188. Nouman says:

    hey guys…. here i go …. can any one from the whole world get me any rate for a no ball from any bookie???? any part of the world????

    get me the rate and will give you 50%

    now kindly read interviews of the biggest bookies of cricket.

    and do you guys think that these deals are being made on cash??? lolzzzzzzzzz this is shit these white damnit ppl cannot face asif and amir… they are not able to understand their bowling…. indian lobby is involved as well…

    but the sad thing is that our board is damn weak they are unable to talk…

  189. RK Ali says:

    plz have a look…it will help a lot…especially those fans who are still confused…

  190. Uneeb says:

    they r jus demoraloze tha Pakistani team bcz they r kw its paek thats y they make a propogenda to distrb paksi players as wekk our nation jus bcz of our gr8 performnce in al mode of cricket n tha main paln of thsi is 2 destroye pakistan new team b4 tha WC…

  191. Shoaib says:

    For patriots,

    let suppose all the alligation made by the media is false then kindly answear the following questions,

    1- A no-ball of almost a meter after the line.
    2- drop catches of Kamran Akmal.
    3- sending zullqarnain without good enogh reason.
    4- what shoaib malik is doing their without playing and out off form.
    5- why salman butt is a captin who usually perform in 1 inning out of 10 innings
    6- why akmal brothers are still in team, when one is drop because of poor performance then other say i will not play, is he playing for a country or …..:@?
    7- why currupt officials are with pakistani team.

    basic problem is our team and PCB is not compitant enugh to tacle these kind of situations, and this all because we step a side merit and do unjustice.

    Always remember: “people do there plannings but what ever they plan it will be ruined because indeed allah is the bigest planner”

    just think it fits for all situations!

  192. rana mudassar says:

    wase to mje bi salman butt ki pics fake lag rhe hain .Lakin phr bi kuch na kush garbar to zror ha 87 pe 7 out kr ke un se broad out nhi ho rha tha .Kbhi kse aur team pr to fixing ke alligation nai lge.Ye sub kuch Australia ke tour se start hua ha aur in my view Kamran Akmal hi sab se bra fixer ha jis ne dosron ko ais kam pe lga dia ha

  193. zahid says:

    I have one question. How they knew that pakistan will win the toss and will bowl tomorrow? And if you look that video in car as soon as video start he is looking at camera like he is waiting for camera to on and than he speaks

  194. Uneeb says:

    Simply dats al fake……

  195. CricketLover says:

    who the F*** is news of the world to send an undercover agent and try and tempt young cricketers at the first place. Bala! dont be so ignorant you Jack A**, India or indians can never stand independence of Pakistan, and the low minded people will do everything people to sabatoge the image of Pakistan in the world.

  196. salman says:

    i wud like to add one more thing over here. In the video when the reporter hands over the money to mazhar majeed ,he puts the money in his right pocket. Later we see in a picture in which news of the world claims that mazhar majeed was showing the money in the jacket. Although we see in the picture, that mazhar is showing the left side of his jacket to umar and wahab..what i wud lyk to comment is that there is no doubt that pakistani players are involved in match fixing but news of the world has tried to create more evidences than they actually had..cuz when the forensic reports cum it wud be clear at which date were these videos released and the case wud b solved

  197. shakeel says:


  198. AsimHussain says:

    One thing I want to add more…. Just look in the second video…… At 0:20 seconds Mazhar Majeed notices the camera and repeats his words…… That is so clear….

  199. Tahir says:

    comon guys look at the first camera it is ryt on top of the dash board i am sure he wasnt blind to not to see that camera there.?
    you can see the stearing as well as they are sitting at the back seat.
    Thank god at least there are some people who belive its all fake

  200. Shahid says:

    You do realize that the top-most image is not supposed to be a picture but an illustration showing the three big wigs involved? It’s a multi-layer photoshop like all illustrations.

  201. naved says:

    why are mazhar see a camera more often because he know where is camera a just look at start of video look that they start talking camera is start on exactly the same time i am 100% sure that is pre planned recording if you people dont belive then watch again the video in the car

  202. MAK says:

    Remember, Pakistan has most dangerous bowling attack …. and as per experts Amir is a real threat for future batsmen …. so this is all bull shit … they want to win T20 Which they can’t … because they now ke ye Pakistan ka game hai …. and also they are not capable of winning ODI’S, because Pakistan has exposed england batting and which is nothing …. australia is also now more than sure that they will win the ashes …… so this is fake and inshAllah no one can finished the careers of our cricket nor they can finish cricket in Pakistan …..

  203. yooo says:

    our media is fuc**ig dash !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they need just a video and this n that they dont use there brains wat they are doing !!! our media is huh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! f**k them all!!!

  204. muneeb says:

    this article is shit………….yeh banda apni taraf sai scotland yard ka muqabla kerna charaha hai!!!admit it we are the guilty party. and for ur information veena malik nai sara pandora box khol diya hai….ab yeh na kehna veena ios also british…asif went to bangkok to meet some bookies to fix matches……secondly jang main abdul majid bhatti nai report likhi thi during australia pakistan series iin uk..where he talked abt this mazher guy being outside the dressing room and afridi told waqar younis to keep players away frm him……and last point is use ur common sense it is uk not pakistan jahan awein fir kat laitay hain……scotland yard is a renowned name …..aur hotel room search kernay kai liyay search warrants chahiye hotay hain jo magistrate issue kerta hai ab tum kaho gai kai magistrate bhi jhoota hai!!!!get a life dude!!!

    • Check the latest article. Why the so called fixer is released on bail without charge? The Scotland Yard only inspect 4 rooms.

      If the Scotland Yard would have strong evidences, they wouldn’t release him on bail without any charge.

      The July 27, 2010 Jang news just said about the doubtful activities of the players with the doubtful people include Azhar & Mazhar. No fixing report.

  205. osama awan says:

    heyy,,,,look at the video in the car,,,the coat Majeed so calld bokkie iz wearing in da car, iz havin 3 buttons on sleeves. bottom of cuffs……bt the coat xchanged is havijn no buttons…….
    if it was the same coat….. in car , he iz wearin a blue shirt….hw come he changes his SHIRT frm blue to black in da mean time…………cant money b removed frm da coat

  206. Navd says:

    the only thing worried me is , fixing is in all kind of sports and spe. in Asia for cricket, but why only Pakistani are bring into disrepute ?? . IPL was the big station this year and Mumbay was the main hub

  207. kashif says:

    Being a Pakistani we should be ashamed of what these guys did and instead you coming up with crap .

    We got to look at our faults and stop blaming others. This is one problem that has been going on from a long time and we have always swept it under the carpet. Now is the time to clean up the mess for good and start fresh.

    There is a lot of talent in the country, we will find better players than these cheats soon.

  208. adi hassan says:

    haaaaah…. im speechless…. its really shamefull.. this is cleraly a trap too insult young nd emerging team PAKISTAN.. nd before saying anithing too others,, first we shuld look at ourselves.. the moment these videos nd pics occurred on scene every1 start passing there verdict on players do this to them nd do that to them etc…we are forgetting very old saying” EVERYONE IS INNOCENT UNTIL HE’S PROVED GUILTY” stand by our team they need us at this crucial momment…

  209. Salman says:

    Man you are in the STATE OF SELF DENIAL.
    come out of it quick.
    & dont think this statement is coming from someone else. I am ur Pakistani brother.

    • What ever you think, Its your right. But let me clear, the accusations are not proved yet, so why you are criticising? If the accusations will proved, then I’ll support ‘strong action’ against them.

  210. ali says:

    dont worry, we are a resurgent nation and will bounce back 🙂

  211. khawaja zubair says:

    Inshallah agar in logon ne koi jurm nahi kya tu english media tu kya world ki koi power bhi in ko guilty nahi kar sakti bcoz aik true muslim k sath sab log hi nahi bulke Allah bhi sath hota hay.

  212. Nadeem says:

    Not trying to defend anyone. I only feel sorry for Aamir. Wont care about what happens to the rest of players if found guilty. When i first saw that picture I had the same feeling that something is absolutely wrong with the picture (the one with Salman Butt standing in the middle). Seems so made up and planted. Which makes me think if the whole thing is made up as well. The credibility of NOTW is not very good either.

  213. Video is true , But we suppose is wrong then something is true in story.

  214. Videos and story is true , Just suppose its wrong something in this story is true.Against Player.Hannged out these Player.”GADAR”

  215. mast says:

    this is just fake and controversy case to spoil cricket in pakistan these type of videos are bullshit and people plz regret this type of video and msgs

  216. aemaz says:

    i am sure they r innocent so we shd support our team .all these reasons r justified

  217. Sheikh Kamran says:


  218. hotouch says:

    @AsimHussain is right.. Majeed is noticing camera

  219. fari says:

    yeah we trust our players

  220. Zuhair Anwar says:

    What do you think of these Pakistani Cricketers? Are they superheroes that the wholw world is after them? I mean what is so special about this bunch of losers that every country in the world wants to get rid of them? Wake up. I have watched all these matches. With my own eyes I have seen matches being lost from a position of extreme strength.
    In New Zealand Vettori scores centuries after Pakistan are close to victory. In Sydney Pakistan hand the match to Australia after gaining a 206 runs advantage. Pakistan lose to Sri Lanka and India in Asia cup again from a great winning position.
    How many series have Pakistan team won??? What is their performance rating? open your eyes. There is no conspiracy theory. This time these fixers won’t get away.

  221. Hasan says:

    its just a fake controversy created by bristish and indian bas**rds

  222. Asif Zeb says:

    Muhammad Amir and Muhammad Asif are the only 2 bowlers in top 10 test ranking and have shown improvement in thier bowling and are threat to england in odi and t20 and also expectations are really high from them in upcoming world cup as they have performed so well and are in very good form
    As far as Salman Butt is concer…ned Pak team won against australia after 15 years on australian land and also from england in the start of his captaincy career which means he has potential to make Pakistan Champion so english cricket board media and according to Express( are some connections from India also so it is an underplot against Pakistan and Pakistan cricket team like of firing on Srilankan team due to that incident Pakistani land was like playing in hell so devoided Pakistani Land to host any international event and this is a new plan to completely Ban Pakistan from international cricket we as a nation has to stand behind our players but unfortunately we are also playing in the hands of antiPakistan media

  223. Ahsan says:

    U have no idea what Ur talking about!
    I love Pakistan cricket
    But even a 2 yr old child can see the evidence, if these guys r so honest then why are they hiding from everyone did u see their faces?
    The evidence is too obvious!
    I live in London, and all Ur theories abt why it was revealed on Sunday etc are crap, as clearly u don’t live in England? The News of the world only publishes once weekly my friend….on a Sunday!!
    We should all be ashamed our players have humiliated us all over the world…and not for the first time!!!!
    We should all be ashamed, once again our countries name has been insulted all over the world!
    Let’s not defend them they should all

    • I know NOTW is a weekly magazine. I’m strange that you are living there but don’t know that there are several cases against NOTW in the court. Also Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie won the cases against NOTW. This is a magazine which is just dreaming of reaching the sky, but these fake evidences can’t proved. Yes, I agree with you a 2 year old child can see the evidences but the child can’t estimate the strength of the evidence. I’m feeling sorry for you that you are taking this so seriously.

      If today a man comes into your house with DNA report & say I’m your father, then what will you do? Your observations are saying that you will accept him.

      Unbelievable. In the 21st century there are still some people who don’t want to investigate, they just want to impose what is true in their believes

  224. wajahat says:

    they scared from our emerging stars.India iz invovled behind awl thz it is there old propaganda to ruin Pakistan at any cost nd there biggest partner in Pakistan is GEO TV.GEO
    TV alwayz shows the wrong Image of Pakistan infront of the World they always point the negative thiings in Pakistan.

  225. Saad says:

    What abt the vidz in which that mazhar is showing the jacket full of money to Umer Amin and Wahab Riaz !!!!! And then hands it over to Wahab, who very excitedly takes it and puts in on !!!!!!!!

  226. ameer hamza says:

    guyz the videos nd fotos r fake absolutely fke
    i agree wid ana dat its all a attempt to destroy our pakistani team who were just rockin the world
    nd for GOD sake its not proved yet dat the players r real culprits so plz at dis tym instead ov going against dem we must stand wid our team nd investigate the truth . taht is wat going to prevent all of us 4rm doing hypocracy with ourselves we cant leave our team like dis in the centre of the way.
    AFTERALL its our team

  227. ali says:

    awesome awesome awesome larkeyyyyy..phor dala saley in sab ko..theyre mud slingers and fake propaganda creators.. this articles is awesome..lets spam news of the world yaar..lets see how they can handle so many comments..theyve tried to bring down our integrity..lets bring the site down..petition against them..they have a history of fraudulant news anyways..criminals saley kuttey

  228. Yasir Bin Riaz says:

    I would really like to point out something really important here.

    One of your paragraphs read:

    ” Mazhar’s T-Shirt! In the car he is wearing a blue one, but when he gives the jacket to Wahab he is wearing a black one! Climax in the story! And if he can change his T-Shirt in the meanwhile, then who says that the money can’t removed. ”

    Well I think you should watch this video again. Anyone who has used a movie camera knows that on the ‘night shot’ mode, black becomes white. Hence the blueish/whitish shirt you see. The reporter would’ve been a fool to plant cameras without night vision quality. But he wasn’t a fool!

    And coming to the ‘edited picture’. You should really go back to the original picture. His right arm is NOT straight. In your cropped picture, its hard to differentiate between Salman Butt’s right arm and the reporter’s coat.

  229. Naeem says:

    It has been attempted to defame Pakistan but INSHAALLHA the wicked will never succeed..
    Pakistan Zindabad

  230. shabaz says:

    yar kia ho ga pakistanio nay jab ye dikha rahay hain to jhut thori ho sakta hai.

  231. waqaace says:

    my question is during the video, where is the third no ball mentioned ??…………
    a big question mark for me. if its an incomplete video then plz post it

  232. TALAL NASEER says:

    WE R WITH U!

  233. Marium says:

    yes u r rite, this is all propaganda against our players… i dnt believe Amir can do this, he plays with so much passion and he is doing so well Masha Allah… they want to ruin his career, they dont want to see any Pakistani players in world raking…


    Pakistan Zindabad…

  234. mani says:

    salam 2 all……myself mani tariq….im 4rom pakistan…..our mistake iz dat we are pakistanis….if u r pakistani whole world will fu*k u…coz we r pakizzz…..from staring till now whole fu*king world blame pakistan..n whatever belongs to pakistan……dey cannot see us happly succeding in life..coz dey give us a title terrirots….so what ever we will do dey all will call us terrirots…

  235. faisal says:

    i agree with this article it is all

  236. Ajnabi says:

    ECB is afraid of pakistan in T20 & ODI’s thats why they created all this to demoralise pakistan team and put ban on some of the key players like “Aamir & Asif”.
    World cup is coming they are afraid of pakistan. England is lucky that they don’t have to play finnal with pakistan in T20 world cup else they will not be the champs.

  237. InsaafPasand says:

    theres a famous saying “dont shoot the messenger”. instead of attacking ECB or NOTW, we should be focusing on the outcome of the investigation. if indeed it is proved that wrong doing has happened then these players deserve the strictest punishment.

    However if its proved to be false then NOTW must be sued for damages and made an example of.

    In either case the important thing is justice should be done.

  238. A disheartened Cricket fan! says:

    Somebody tell me..what was veena malik saying? That too is fake? And why are all there people against pakistan? And do you dare to think england is not sure to win the t20 and odis…and started a conspiracy to save a series? You must be kidding?:-D

    • OMG. I think you are a big fan of Veena Malik, you’ve trust on Veena but not on Pakistani players. She is against Pakistan. Well, yes it is difficult for England to win against Pakistan..

  239. SmartFairy says:

    ( i know im lacking behind but ..) Who is MAJEED? Any background on him?
    And I saw the 2nd vdo when he is getting the money.. I mean WHY would you on earth place it all out on the table! It appears (to me) as if he KNEW about the camera, so he intentionally placed them out for world to see!

    And also talking about teh no-balls. he is so definite! He isnt even saying..2 ok lets do this or that. or perhaps this way”.. no he say ” 3rd over 3rd ball.. ” Again, could it be possible” that the vdo was made AFTER the match?

  240. AhmeDjaNi says:

    I think u guyz hve done job well….i think its no need to describe the point of view more……I ll just say that the writer had given enough proof that a Sensible man ll clearly get it…..As far as our team is concern…..i ll say that u gUYz should count on them……SalaM!!!

  241. Ikram Asghar says:

    I am sure you are right. Why you don’t send your this research to Scotland Yard, I think it will certainly help them. I pray to ALLAH that the truth will reveal very soon.

  242. boom says:

    even if they are innocent, ban kamran akmal and asif from cricket for life. Impose a 2 year cricket ban on pakistan. everyone will fall into line

  243. Osama Chohan says:

    english media is a big a*s h*le……!They scared of pakistan bowling atack…..!

  244. Shan says:

    Nice Work Don
    Such a shame for ECB and Current Indian ICC pplz.What is the credibility of current icc president mr.pawar and lali moodi and haroon logard.S.pawar is the master of scam and a big corrupt,uneducated indian he is behind all this conspiracy

  245. ANB says:

    Guyz, everyone knows we’re poor, n poverty has many effects on its people….
    like greed…
    So they traped our key players by offering good money for a no-ball which almost every baller bowls… love for money is a dangerous addiction once ur in it, its almost impossible to end it, infact it’ll end u!
    Bring ur love towards Allah n His messengers n not da money which will end ur life unsatisfied.
    I dont know wat really happened, but there r many corrupt ppl in our nation n they’ll do anything for tiny sum of money. But wat i need from my pak cricket team is to forget da past n work ur way up to the ultimate world cup champions…..iam pretty sure ur people will forget ur past mistakes….
    For now Pak team needs our support more then ever, so here it is …

    Do watch this video:

  246. Jamal says:

    This is all fake …. India did this

  247. Raza says:

    Pakistan team is much better in shorter versions of the game .So English Media came up with this Shit to Demoralise the players. Sadly our whole nation (including Morons like Ramiz Raja and Pakistani PM) Jumps on the Band wagon and start blaming their own players. Another reason that England palying his 1st T-20 after winning world cup and in recent Pak beat Australia in England and they saw a huge crowed support for Pak team in those matches so they have the fear that Pakistan will beat England thats why they made this controversy with top class Pakisan players.

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