Hidden facts behind fake evidences of ‘News Of The World’!

Posted: August 30, 2010 in Match Fixing
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Lords, London – England: British police on Sunday bailed without charge a man arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud bookmakers.

Several people are saying that these allegations are quite right & the players must be punished. The simple answer is these are accusations because they are not proved yet & will not because of the weak strength of the evidences.

Hidden facts behind these fake evidences (People saying these are real, here is the answer that these are fake):

1) Picture of Salman Butt with so called ‘fixer’ Majeed & so called ‘reporter’ of ‘News of the World’ :

Take a close look of this picture ==>

  • Salman Butt is in front, he should be stand in between of them.
  • You can see how much is the difference between the quality of Salman Butt pic, the so called ‘fixer’ pic & the reporter pic.
  • The width of the shadow of Salman’s neck is too big then it comes in real.
  • Have a look at the right side bottom of the picture, bottom of the so called ‘fixer’ Majeed, there is some thing with white border & with black inner surface, what is it, may be a chair or table or some thing. One thing proves here that the photographer is not professional. Then how he gets high quality picture of Salman Butt.
  • The left arm of the jacket/coat which Salman Butt is wearing is so straight, in real its not look like this. Check the yellow line on the left arm of the Salman Butt.

  • If you are still not believing, let’s believe it is true for a while, this picture can be take on some kind of party, the press ‘reporter’ is there, the so called ‘fixer’ is the agent of several ‘Pakistani players’. Still it is not proving that any kind of fixing here.

2) 1st Video in which the so called ‘Reporter’ is giving money to so called ‘Fixer’:

Watch the video carefully:

  • No time is mentioned, it might be recorded after the overs or after the day.
  • When ever any kind of bookie takes such a big amount, he never counts it & he always receive cash in the form of briefcase.
  • What kind of hidden camera is this, which is just fixed in front of the so called ‘fixer’ & table? A CCTV, no because such a hidden camera can’t provide high quality result (colour view) with high quality voice.

3) 2nd Video in which the so called ‘Reporter’ is giving cash to the so called ‘Fixer’ in the car & after this ‘Fixer’ is giving his jacket to Wahab Riaz:

Watch this video carefully:

  • Again no date & time is mentioned.
  • So called ‘Fixer’ is seeing in the camera & talking.
  • Amazingly, so called ‘Reporter’ is giving cash to the so called ‘Fixer’ in the car where there is light & people are walking on the road near the car.
  • 3 cameras are in the car according to the video & so called ‘Fixer’ even can’t point out a single camera & he is looking into it.
  • In the car the so called ‘Fixer’ is wearing ‘Light Blue’ shirt & when he is giving his jacket to Wahab Riaz, he is wearing ‘Black’ shirt.
  • Showing or Giving jacket is not proving anything, because the weather in England is cold & may be Wahab Riaz is feeling cold so Wahab just borrowed the jacket from him.

4) Why the ‘News of the World’ team didn’t went to Police on August 27, 2010:

  • Because the evidence were not ready.
  • Because they were waiting for some kind of poor performance so they can provide more strength to there fake evidences.
  • Some people are saying that because of their weekly edition they leaked the videos on August 28, 2010, well this is not the reason because if they would’ve visited the Scotland Yard on August 27, 2010 with their evidences then there was a chance that Scotland Yard would’ve kept the videos secret until August 28, 2010.

5) So Called ‘Fixer’ Mazhar Majeed released on bail:

Scotland Yard on Sunday bailed without charge a man arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud bookmakers.

“A 35 year-old man has been bailed until a date in the future”, a Scotland Yard spokesman said.

6) Salman Butt refuses to resign after false allegations:

The captain of Pakistan Test Cricket Team insisted he would not be resigning after being implicated in an alleged betting scam.

The matter is almost over, the criticisers must now stop criticising. The English media completely failed in their ridiculous mission.

7) Pakistani players can leave England:

The Pakistani players at the center of the scandal are free to leave the country, London’s Metropolitan Police said Monday.

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    • Abdul Samad says:

      Yeah i agree wid this. Just to create a hype british media has made this propaganda and they might be frightened about the ODIS and T20 Matches. and what i think it is to demoralize Pakistani team and lower the zest and energy of the players. Since all this is preplanned

      • stillwithPAK says:

        TOTALLY AGREE AT UR VIDEO…. This all done is just to hurt the nation, and finish Pakistani Cricket… Still supporting our team!

      • junaid says:

        Abdul you are funny
        Do you think Britain is against you ??
        If you think than please do your homework before you say anything else

      • Asad says:

        dear brother,
        This wasn’t just an attempt to demoralize the Pakistani cricket team, this was an attempt to force bans on our players by the likes of BCCI and Haroon Lorgat , in order to significantly weaken Pakistan’s chances in the upcoming world cup.This isn’t the first time the BCCI tried to destroy Pakistan cricket. They have already succeeded once by staging the attack on the Sri lankan cricket team in Lahore as evidence clearly reveals. The motive then was to prevent pakistan from being co-hosts of the world cup.this time they want to take away our pride.

      • Fahim says:

        I agree with Adbul Samad, but I will add a lill more, this was not just an attempt of English it was from Indian D*GS as well, whose aim is to ban Paki team as whole not just few players. And look who they targeted, Asif(NO 2 in the world), Amer ( no 7) who have played only 14 matches and holds the world record. Inshallah Almight Allah will unveil this conspiracy.

      • Fahim says:

        Mr Junaid, Kindly keep ur love with urself, and do not tell us the country u r living in is with us. Pls do not mind and read history, e.g, read when Imran Khan was winning series against ur beloved country what conspiracy they made to demoralise Pakis. Once again, kinldy do not tell us ur idiotic ideas.

      • Meeroo says:

        You’re absolutely right brother… And as far as the junaid’s view is concerned, he is just an infant, so don’t take it seriously. Pakistan Zindabad!!! 🙂

      • sagittarian says:

        well to be honest i have been unwantingly having an impression that the scam may be true but the observations that you have given about the video sound logical….although it is possible that he didnt go straight to the players after getting the down payment so one can believe that he changed his shirt before meeting them. but if you watch closely in one glimpse the color of his trouses as well is lighter in shade and once he takes off his jacket, he is wearing a darker trouser……. God knows whats the truth

      • Abdul Samad says:

        @ Junaid. well I must say that its not a time criticize each other and pretend to be over smart. accept and respect the views of others if they are right. and repeat your views if you are right. but i think you are on wrong side. so you better accept the right views and opinions………………… rather than repeating your fake philosophy…………………

      • mike says:

        Abdul you are deluded – and whoever has gone to the trouble of making ridiculous comments about the ‘fake’ evidence is devoid of any intelligence and imartiality. News of the World is renowned for receiving accolades from the Police and the media for their scoops.

        These are accusations and in the UK people are presumed innocent until it is proven in Court to the contrary – not like in Pakistan where a mob murdered two innocent young boys going out to play cricket on the premises that they were crooks.

        People who live in glasshouses should not throw stones. These cricketers may be innocent or they maybe guilty but don’t prove they are innocent just by having a clouded outlook just because they are Pakistanis.

        With the attempted killing of the Sri Lankans you are luck to have countries allowing the Pakistani Team to play them – I don’t believe any country is ‘scared’ of Pakistan and wish to demoralise them in this way.

        But always remember the old saying which applies to your comments very accurately: Attack is the best form of defence – so carry on with your deluded messages and your narrow-minded opinions whey the English want to put Pakistani Teams down because it couldn’t be further from the Truth.

      • Abdul Samad says:

        @ Mike. well you might be right. what i said was just an opinion and that was what i thought. I am in no position to deny or affirm their alleged corruption because I am not an official at Scotland Yard conducting the investigation. Neither are you. So let’s not become the judge and insult the heroes who have displayed outstanding cricketing skills and given us many hours of ODIs, T20’s and Test cricket delight. Let’s try and contain our anger and frustration till the investigation concludes!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

    • shame on PAKISTANI MEDIA. y they blame their cricketer?……. as we know the report is not shown……. and Mohammad amir should save from these type of activities……… he is great living legend………….. I love him alotxxxx

    • Sameer Mit says:

      I have read the comments and they do not satisfy me. The person is trying to defend the team with some lame excuses. Considering the facts provided on the webpage are nothing but a way of confusing the people of Pakistan and a try to defend the culprits. The points mentioned against the pictures and video have no weight and cannot be considered as propaganda by English media.

      We should try to face the facts that these players are shame for our country and should be treated accordingly, instead of defending them.

      • How you can prove that the evidences provided by the NOTW are authentic?

      • abdullah says:

        if it is true then it is just the no ball no more match fixing and this is not the new thing and not the first time. try to kill the route cause by killing one branch and other u cant remove it …. jar ko ukhar phanko burai khudi hi end ho jaey gi and this is not relating to this match only this is for current Pakistan situation also

      • Ali Kh says:

        Come on get lost ! you cannot give you judgment in absence of any revelation from the authorities or inspector !

        If you claim the person who gave the above points is baseless then even you are shooting in the air ! you dont have any confirmation if that really happened !

      • Kashif says:

        @ Samir. Get a life man. The guy is not confusing anybody rather he has really cracked open the allegations. Moreover, you could make a video after any match and it will all look fixed because till then you knew the facts.

    • rida khalid says:

      i totally agree with the ur points…and yes when i saw it for first tym…i felt its smethng rong wth the pic…and u pointed out quite rightly…

    • Rashid ul islam says:

      It seems that u r defending ur players…who even didnt care for their own nation for their supporters……there is something wrong…something has happend there might be low or high but something has occured……. smoke arise only when there is fire…………………………………..these are bastard playeres..they should be hanged to death………i was a very great supporter of this team..but now i dislike these players…………………………

      • Smoke can be cause of (Agar Batti) {اگر بتی} which provides fragrance.

      • Fahim says:

        To Rashid ul Islam
        First of all do not put on ideotic notions,Fire n smoke, rediculuos, how can u compare fire n smoke stuff with humans. Second how can u call someone bastard. How mean u r! For a moment if I say u r bastard bcos u r saying things without any proff, how will u feel?

    • Fareed Ahmed says:

      asif n amir are gud bowlers, but why there have not been conspiracy against any other team in the world, why is pakistani players around such things, why brian lara, westindian fast bowlers, muralitharan, indian players, mcgrath, brad lee hav never faced any such remarks!!!

    • wiseadvizer says:

      Thinking stuff…..
      Dear I am against the match fixing and culprits must be kicked off for ever but……
      see the other side too….
      I think apart from some Pakistan players greedy track record, It was the newspaper which committed a CRIME of plotting a conspiracy to defame a team. It is not the duty of a newspaper to make a trap but to reveal a plot. They use the money to promote a “FIX” and the greedy players fell. The newspaper should be trialled for bribing and testing the young and inexperience player to commit a crime. The newspaper in this case is a real PROMOTER of a Crime if it is a crime to bowl a No ball. which law permits individuals to make a false trap to convict a person?

    • wiseadvizer says:

      See also the caption on Salman But Photo. The right and left captions has an up word arrow to the right and far left and it should be in the centre to make it professional presentation. But it is just been placed to left..WHY?…just to hide that back ground that might be seen and expose something, like….that it was pasted here!!!

    • Leanardo Dicaprio says:

      First of all I am not Leanardodicaprio. Secondly, you proved nothing. You keep ignoring these things and cricket is gonna disappear from this part of the world forever. So it is better to take some serious action against them.

    • Thanks so much  World of cricket.

    • Kash says:

      This is absurd. let me disect the most damning piece of evidence, which is the 150K pounds exchange for giving out the information. I will take this website claims 1 by 1 and tear them apart:

      Claim: The biggest argument that everyone has is no date and time on the video.

      Guess who sets the date and time on the camera? Its not like the video camera uses 3G (or 4G) mobile access to sync up for date and time to an atomic stratum-1 clock. Guess if the video did had date and time everyone would say, “hey big deal, you can set date and time to ANYTHING you want. Just a mere date/time does not prove it was taken at the same time as shown”

      The lack of user defined time stamp gives rise to suspicion that video was made after the fact.
      Does no one has a basic understanding of the English language? Let me dissect some key sentences from the video that the fixer says. His exact words in are in quotes:

      – “These three are definitely happening “. He did not say these three happened. Need I explain the difference?
      – “ Asif and Amir are going to be bowling “ as oppsed to Asif and Amir bowled.
      – “Amir is going to bowl the first over” . do I really need to explain “going to bow” vs “bowled”
      – “No signal. It will just happen” referring to the first ball of the third over that turned out to be a no-ball.
      – “Asif will be bowling it” – Referring to the 10th over

      Now if this video was shot after the match, is’nt it strange as to why they were constantly talking as if the events “will happen in the future?”

      I know the answer. It’s a damn conspiracy.

      Oh yes the conspiracy… . Its like everyone-everywhere-all-the-time is somehow conspiring against Pakistan. Now lets for a minute assume that the whole world is out there to get us and this IS a conspiracy. What will it take to create this “conspiracy video”?

      It will take the journalist and a fake actor to sit infront of the camera AFTER the fact and talk as if the event WILL happen sometimes in the future.. Right?

      Now this “actor” who posed as the “fixer” is not a total unknown stranger off the street. This is a guy who has established ties with members of the team. Someone who is seen with them regularly and is seen in a video to go and hang out with Wahab Riaz and Umar Amin. (Never mind the 10K pounds in the jacket allegation). Why would someone with close ties to the team agree on “Staging” such an elaborate video. Especially when that means he pretty much ruins his career as the “agent” of the players. Had it been a total stranger, the whole staging argument would’ve made some sense. BTW there are a couple more pictures of the “Actor” with the team sent by a friend. Allegedly this is in Australia, but I am not vouching for the authenticity of these two pics.

      Another bogus argument – He did not count the money.
      Except that he did. Pardon the pun, but he “spot-checked” one wad of bills and the reason for arranging them out on the table is to count by (# of wads of cash) x (Money in each wad) which gives a very accurate approximation of how much the total money is.

      Last argument is the video clarity for a spy cam.
      Ok raise your hands if you bought into this argument? There is state of art equipment available for every purpose. Here is a nanny cam video from an average joe’s nanny cam (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBNtC9Z8boI) The colors are there and video quality is also very good on this nanny cam.

      The subdued color and quality on the Majeed video does look like a hidden cam, not a flip video on a tripod in front of the person.

      Enuf said?

      • Good…….Very Good,,,,,,,,I’ve not much time to answer all your responses but some how I’ll say something.

        Regarding to the English Grammatical response: Any fool knows that first actor read & remember his acting words & then he act. So, nothing is wrong there.

        & Counting the cash!!!!!!! He didn’t count the cash in the car of just 10,000 Pound. Now with the 150,000 Pound cash, he is calculating a single wad & you can see he didn’t even calculate the complete single wad. !!!

    • chatha says:

      very true , british media along with indian involvement made all this rubbish scandal, they are just afraid of another wasim akram in making ie M Amir

    • hassan yasir says:

      fire Pakistani teem they are not able to play a cricket still they didn’t play for their country :they are fixer to get money and nothing else ::basters

  2. usama says:

    totally agree with this ,,,these allegations dont have have any link to reality,,,,just they want to denigrate PAKISTAN….in their dreamz

  3. braishan durrani says:

    noticed one more thing…..why that “fixer is wearing that same jacket in the photo above”?…

    • Great point…We will add this into the article after further research. Thank You for sharing.

      • Mubeen says:

        why the hell salman butt will let any one take a snap shots with any book maker .. no 1 is so stupid … pic is fake i think … get real guyz dont rely on news they just want to earn for thier institution thats it ….

  4. Mashal chaudhry says:

    im with pakistani cricketers….i know it very well its propagenda of england or australia , its fake news

  5. Ihtesham khalid says:


    i go through ur vedio and finally came to agree u at some pionts..i also though have some logical pionts..my piont is that who the hell will allow a reporter to make a vedio of him wen he is fixing and betting on a match…and one thing about the car vedio the man who wants to ake money from the driver…wen the camera starts recording from the behind he then sits comfortabally and looks behinds…

    as far as the piont i agree is that y did he say that the last ball of tenth over and the first or watever ball of the second or first over….if he was completely sure than it means that our players were involved in this…?????.

    • Zubair says:

      No bro- Video was released after two days of no ball event occur which any one can say its true. This blo*dy british media is against pakistan since the Imran Khan’s time. Let’s unite and show we are one nation

      • Muhammad Waqar Khalique says:

        the crickters must sue the world news to the court. And stop every type of contact with england, not just cricketers but Pakistan

      • Fahim says:

        I totally agree with u. Pls if u can upload the report of that Imran Khan series, when Pak was winning. U know they were not having any thing so wat did they say, u wont believe, they blamed the Paki manager, saying he was misbehaving with the hotel girl, can u beleive this. World knows they British can never be trusted, they have cheated almost all the nations of the world.

    • Sumaiya says:

      The video doesnt show any time or date hence we cant be sure whether it has been taken before or after the match. If the video has been taken after the match so it is very well easy for anyone to frame our players. n dats exactly what the british media did. Cummon ! the newspaper who accused our players for match fixing got fined 5 times for publishing false news !!

  6. Humaa says:

    yeah u r ryt…

  7. muhammad says:

    great work.. you have really showed an eye opener.

  8. shahsaan says:

    fu*k the people pakistan didn do anyfin

  9. criclover says:

    I suppose someone should address these ‘facts’

    1. The video. You suggest that it was produced after the event. If so, bizarre for Majeed to appear in it, considering he is an agent for several of the players. And if so, the NOTW is very lucky indeed that two of the biggest no-balls in history were bowled just the day before! Your whole argument rests on this single point, but videos have datestamps and the police wouldn’t take this seriously if they weren’t convinced the video pre-dates the event. Not to mention that the reports state that Majeed spoke on the phone to both Amir and Butt whilst being filmed, their phone records should nicely match

    2. The money. Yes, bookies never count money they have received, they just leave it in the briefcase and assume its there! Think you’ve watched too many movies!

    3. The camera. Again, you must watch too many movies. You think hidden camera’s must be rubbish? think again.

    4. The jacket colour – just a result of the different lighting, long range camera shots after dark

    5. Majeed no charged yet – just standard practice. Evidence gathered, then charges made. Scotland Yard follows correct procedures.

    6. The photo of Butt with Majeed – can’t see the problem. If you’re resorting to statements like ‘the sleeve jacket looks strangely straight, then you’ve lost the argument already. Regardless, this photo is irrelevant to the story.

    7. The motive. Why would NOTW concoct a story like this? All British media is full of sympathy for Pakistan at the moment because of the floods. Cricket ain’t that big a deal in the UK, only time its been on the front page of a tabloid before is when England won the ashes in 2005.

    8. Why didn’t NOTW go to the police until the 28th? Simple. Because they wanted to sell papers on the 29th

    9. Butt doesn’t resign? Because he’s hoping to get away with it.

    A final note – the Police wouldn’t take this seriously if there wasn’t good evidence. and frankly, its the best evidence you’ll ever see of something like this.

    If you love Pakistan and Pakistan cricket you should hope that all the perpetrators are caught and banned, and the rest of the world will then have far more respect for a once-proud cricketing country thats become a laughing stock over the last year

    • Just a loads of word. You are trying to say that these evidences are of great strength. The ‘News of the World’ is popular in England but not in World like ‘New York Times’. If you’ll go further deep, there are thousands of fact.

      • Fahim says:

        To DonOfTheWorld,
        Let me correct u, they are not famous infact notorious. They have a history of making such sotries.

    • Nabeel says:

      in the car the bookie is wearing the shirt with collar

      and outside, in the hotel he is wearing a t-shirt without any collar

      (the color is diff too, but even if you don’t agree on this one, the shirt is diff)

    • baloch says:


      You rilly love to answer a few questions. Are you Indian? Because an Indian will love to have no Pakistani or weak Pakistani team in Coming World Cup. Anyways, you didn’t answer why Majeed is looking into a so called “hidden camer”

      About Motives, its simple, to sell the biggest news.

      About video, it is not yet proven. These are still allegations. You are assuming that video was made before and that the date is stamped. Your response is also based on assumption.

      Jacket Color?? It was the shirt color we pointed out. How can a very light blue shirt turn dark blue or black. And if the light shades are the reason why the shirts of cricketers still white and red etc.

      On your Final Note: Scotland Yard wouldn’t do this and that … again assumption.

      • shahab says:

        about the motives… its not just to sell the biggeest news… its too demoralise the strongest balling attack in the world!

    • Khurram Javed says:

      in the car the bookie is wearing the shirt with collar

      and outside, in the hotel he is wearing a t-shirt without any collar

      (the color is diff too, but even if you don’t agree on this one, the shirt is diff)

    • Very well said!!! I cant believe all the coments i have read here about conspiracy theories. Why would any cricketing country want to ruin our sport by making up lies, what benifit is there to Australia, England or New Zealand to do this?? None at all, this kind of thing hurts every country.

      And what a joke to say that England is trying to weakon the Pakistan team by getting rid of the good players, have you noticed how many runs Butt has scored this series? and he is definately not one of the best captains around.

      • How many runs Mr. Cook scored? Why 7 English batsmen went back to pavilion on just 102? No answer!!!

        If you move back into the history of England vs Pakistan series, you will see the truth.


        Every one is innocent until proven guilty.

      • Fahim says:

        But has been ragged in this whole situration just to strengthen there woords. Trust me England cant face Amer and Asif. Thats the moral of the story.

    • Fahim says:

      I will say one thing to u. Whatever u have written here is absolutely rubbish. For ppl like u, kindly read the history of Pak cricket in England. Right from Imran khan times British never digested Pak win. Pls go through and try to digest, and yea, pls do not come up with such stupid note again.

  10. Asim says:

    if tht being tru why thy dnt deny it
    why r thy being quiet
    tht jus raises more suspicious than anything and make it worse for thm

  11. Waqas Babar says:

    Yes bro i totally agree with u even b4 ur this nice effort i did not believe that this was real this is totally a fake story and we all should stand besides our team..nice work bro

  12. soid ahmad says:

    well done for lifting the veil of the british media……

  13. Yaad says:

    yeah …u r 100% right….

  14. Adnan Shah says:

    Shame on Pakistani media to balme such talented cricketers.

  15. usman says:

    i hope how u show all the facts are true and the same comes from the report of scotland yard team………

  16. @writer..

    loved ur comments…may allah help pakistan…!

  17. Hassan Tariq says:

    This can’t be true.My favorite team has not fixed this match……………………………….

  18. Bilal says:

    Its very disappointing this is what i can only say i hv no more words to express my feelings

  19. Ayesha Saghir says:

    w0t i thInk is datt da wh0le matter is still a an allegati0n scheme..n0thng has yet been pr0ved 0fficially…:(
    s0ww h0pee da rnt inv0lvedd in dixx scandlee..:(

  20. adeel bilal says:

    i stand wth pakistan team

  21. Saqib says:

    This is again the English propaganda… To dismentle the Pakistani Talent and Pakistani people… Pakistani cricket is already facing difficulties and when Zimbabwe and Newzealand are coming to Pakistan they want them to set aside… We are with our team…. we are united and who are they to investigate us.. U have proof bring proofs to our court… It is clearly evident from these fake proofs that this is a false propaganda

    • Daubic says:

      Every body in the world knows your credibility and you sense of determination. You will ban today somebody for life and today afternoon you will revoke the ban without any shame. If you guys continue to say that It is a conspiracy against the great team in world by western cricket powers, then be prepared to hear these facts after every match. Because the players would continue to do their acts as they have idiotic fans like you supporting them even when they were provided with proofs.
      OK Believe me, even when the spot fixing charges are proved, this is what you people are going to do. Your PCB and governing council will create a ‘Inquiry Committee’ and place a life ban on them.

      After a few weeks the ban would be revoked and they would continue their dirty tricks again. This is the international standards you have been maintaining for years in the international arena.

      • Fahim says:

        Will u dare to reveil ur standards as well? The one and only nation in the world who has cheated almost all the nations of the world. U looted India( Before division) and now telling us what are the standards of worl to live with! The enire world knows U want Asif and Amer to not play against ur half birtish half expat team! Why u always plot such things, why not u simply say we can not play against them so pls remove them coming to England. Pls play in the gorund not out side.

  22. safee says:

    Gr8 jOb ………i salute ur gr8 effort………bt the prblem is dat the Government & public of Pakistan hv agree these fake evidences blindly……..

  23. Asad says:

    great heads offfffff

  24. rasul says:

    Before hanging these young and naive Pakistani players, British media and authorities should look at deep rooted problem of sports betting in UK. Imagine the temptation for a 18 years from Gujar Khan Pakistan who sees a pile of pounds on the table. Even if they are guilty, they deserve a second chance after a fine and short suspension. Be fair!

    Leaders in Pakistan should not start jumping on them. Only, totally innocent of any similar wrong doing should throw stones at them. What is bad for goose is bad for gander.
    Pervez Rasul

  25. Imran says:

    we r shocked bt dis report give us much relaxation…..


  26. Ahsan says:

    Thank you so much, I know that this can’t be true, I think pakistan should sue this media channel, they know that pakistan have best bowlers i.e Amir, Asif. They want get them banned! I really appreciate your efforts. Thank you so much.

  27. ABC says:

    You are a fool for not believing, what kind of crooks we have in Pak cricket team

  28. Sal says:

    i wish all this is true…but i still think that its somewhat true…

  29. mehak says:

    good work this should be shown to paki ppl,icc n scotland yard an d i think the ppl behind this controversy should be punished

  30. haris says:

    Lets hail our men of honor who just had their biggest defeat ever in thier test history.
    Y would someone plot against a defeating team. All defeats with such shameful margins i must say.
    Points that i think need answers leaving out this episode
    1)kamran is not named as fixer for the first time.
    2)y was zulqarnain sent home after rhe alleged injury while he continued playing after he conntracted the injury in the same test.
    3)there is pattern of low scoring defeats of pakistani team for last couple of years now including the sydney test where hussey who eventually won the match(apparently) for australia was dropped no less than 4 times that is kamran akmal.
    4) why has kamran been inevitable to pak team despite a continuous poor run of form for last year n so.
    5)why did afridi leave the team in an unprecedented manner in the middle of the tour.
    6)what performances have salman, kamran,shoaib,umar akaml and imran farhat have put in at test level in past year to be the part of the team let alone be named as captain of the team in case of salman.

    Well even if there is a conspiracy i just wonder y against pak who r currently ranked 7 in icc ranking above only to west indies , bangladesh …
    And losing not winning comfortably…

    The lleged bookie is confirmed agent for the boys and y ll he conspire against the boys he is supposd to promote n has been doing for last few years.
    The man is seen with the team on various occasions n was arrested from pak team hotel in green track suit. y was the need to fabricate a pic showing the bookie n salman together while there must be many other pics.

    Many things to say but i cant support the team of losers.even on performance they ought not to be in team.
    Let alone the betting scandal and the conspiracy theory.

  31. Muhammad Abdul Basit says:

    Yes of course this is not the original Picture. Photo of salman butt has been pasted in between. The shine on his coat is very different from all the things appearing in the picture.

  32. danish says:

    i actually agree wid da facts u presented..

    i gt sm more
    da jacket majeeds wearing in da pic with dear salman butt is da same hes wearing in da car…so wats da point in gvng cash to wahab riaz and umer amin wen he had alrdy met the captian…dis is due to an abrupt plot to demoralise da team pakistan….plus no dates no tym and a blurred reprter….liars hide dr faces…..

  33. Baloch says:

    Brits are #1 racist bas***ds. They were afraid of our bowlers after what they saw happened in Australia. Pak team’s future was looking very bright so they had to do this. We need to support our boys and not get in the pressure of these aholes. THEY ARE INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. DON’T TRUST BRITS! DON’T FORGET EAST INDIA COMPANY. They are the same.

  34. wajid ali says:

    This what people should know

  35. arij rehman says:

    awesome dude jst plain awesome i knew it dude i knew…!!!

  36. ASAD says:

    Why english players are not ever indicated in any corruption cases why always mostly Pakistan and India . Let me say that there is a huge race divide and such people should be badily punished who are behind this crime

  37. salman khan says:

    they r currupt, because muhammad aamir till didnt done any no ball, thn look it that no ball how much he far from creas.. pakistani awam ko chahiye k in sub ko guli mar kr shoooot kiya jaye..

  38. jehanzeb butt says:

    Well im preety sure that there is something wrong going on. whenever pakistan team visits england thay have a plan ready for Us. I just do not know why his no ball statements were accurate? ummm I guess the video which was leaked was made on the evening after the game stopped.. we have to stop ourself to make any more statements.

  39. HNS says:

    The match was fixed thats for sure… as far as cameras are concerned… there are cameras with lens as small as one cm which can produce good quality videos… and btw the video was not that good…. it was average…

    The deal was taking place inside bookies house, so he was feeling comfortable and may be thats why he count it.

    How come the Scotland Yard found 150,000 Pounds in the players hotel room… 150,000 pounds is a huge sum of money… HUGE…

    Scotland Yard does not raid any place until they are 100% sure of something… they have to take magisterial approvals… and for something which can take attention of media they would never risk it… do not confuse it with punjab police…

    If you go through 27th july Jang News… you will find out a report in which the reporter tells about the fixing… but it did not catch a lot of attention

    The team was told to keep distance from these 2 bookies when the team arrived in england…

    The body language of players when they were leaving the hotel on the last day was proving that they are ashamed… specially asif….

    this fixing could be one of the reason salman butt did not want M. Yousaf to come back in the team…

    • faraz says:

      man screw you.you must be indian who think like this our hero’s are innocent we love you all salamn 11 infact 16

    • 1) OK. If you are not satisfied with camera theory, leave it.
      2) The deal was not taking place inside bookie house, it was in the hotel of ‘News of the World’. The lines below are the same as ‘News of the World’ allegation:

      “Majeed sat in our west London hotel room at the Copthorne Tara on Wednesday night and eagerly counted out the £140,000 balance in bundles of crisp £50 notes”

      3) Scotland Yard not mentioned any kind of £150,000 cash that they found in the players room.

      4) If the Scotland Yard would have strong evidences, they wouldn’t release him on bail without any charge.

      5) The July 27, 2010 Jang news just said about the doubtful activities of the players with the doubtful people include Azhar & Mazhar. No fixing report.

      6) The team was told to keep their agents away from them & Mazhar Majeed is an agent of several Pakistani players.

      7) How the body language of the players (when they were leaving hotel) proved that they are ashamed?

      8 ) If Salman Butt planned this for Mohammad Yousuf, then why there is no allegation on Mohammad Yousuf?

      I hope you’ll now come to know that the big mafia is behind it & they want to destroy the cricket in Pakistan.

    • f says:

      maybe the money found was given by News of the the World to the so called fixer to frame the pakistan team does tht not come to any1s mind???? n secondly tht picture is soooo photoshopped for sure!!!!! n another thing mr. asif is never ashamed of anything so i doubt thr was any such expression on his face!!!!!!

    • proud pakistani says:

      dude u need some corrections:
      1. the small cameras that are available in the market which are most probably the same used by the reported in the car DONOT have high quality recording tech as yet.. and the videos ur calling average.. dude these videos are wayyyyy above average than hidden camera can record!!
      2. bookies of SUCH level as reported would never deal in somebody elses car unless and until he has been dealing for many times with that person.. bookies dont trust people on very first shot!! so he wud have asked for a deal in his own car rather than a first timer’s!
      3. the dealing room was not bookies home it was hotel room and 150000 pounds were not found from any players room they were found from bookies room!!..
      4. where did this jang news poped up from?? dude the newspaper has claimed that they kept this all HIGHLY secret which means they didnt even bother to tell it to scotland yard then y wud they leak it to jang?
      5. when u r attacked by such a huge fake media propaganda u shake for few days.. but i salute salman butt who has in his press conference said to not loose that easily!!..
      6. salman butt never said he didnt want yousaf bak in team!! inface he played one of the major roles in bringing him bak despite repulsions from the board!!..

      have knowledge and pure mind to think..then talk..

      • Shahzaib says:

        Proud Pakistani@
        Bro all the points you have made are true except for the one regarding the article in Jung Newspaper. NOTW broke the news of match fixing on August 28th, 2010, whereas, the article was published in Jung on July 27th, 2010 (a full month back).

    • javed says:

      their you go when the players were told take a distance from this agents then the real mission started he tried to take a revenge from the team because he saw that the chicken in not going to lay a golden eggs for him any more so he tried to cut the chicken once and for all,because the reports send to PCB by the captains that they are suspecting mazhar majeed as a bookie and PCB advised players to stay away from him,
      and if u see the matches this agent didn’t attend the match when PCB officials attended the match,
      and according to the hidden reports this agent was completely baned from the hotel rooms or lobbies thats is the reason the players started meeting him outside so that these poor stars can get some financial support by getting a contract for so clubs in order to maintain their income and get some experience while PCB has doped them from the team because of it f*** moods swings

  40. abuzar says:

    this news is fake and they are just trying to insult our cricketers!!!!!
    they all are idiots..
    we should not have any doubt on our heros..
    be with them….

  41. Salman says:

    GREAT JOB GUYS! we should spread the whole thingy..what a lame act by the NEWS of the WORLD! SHAME ON U GUYS..Inshallah u guys will be thrown behind the bars very soon INSHALLAH! we have the world best talent in the world..and I believe nothing is going to effect our team with this shity scandals..LOOSERS!

  42. ali abbas says:

    english media shpuld be brought to the court

  43. ali malik says:

    o boy what a creative man whoever creates this site and what a God gifted mind….bro you have just changed my perception, i was also blaming salman butt but after visiting your site things are now clear to me that it was a plot………………….i would like to request all to please share this link everywhere as you can………..its our job on facebook, all news channels, icc…………..etc

  44. Salman Hussain says:

    actually… if someone ever played any kind of cricket…… he would never belive in this fixing shit…. bowlers in full flow can even bowl even bigger no balls… so that was a crap…. 2ndly…. Muhammad Aamir, Muhammad Asif na 2 more cricketers.. were contacted by England county Lanchashair, HAmpshair and Glosctershair for the upcoming season…… also.. names for worldcup squad is to be finalized in end of this year… so whole scenario created just to scatter this worldcup squad.. and for the upcoming cricket in England… as these teams carrying overseas players from Australia, South Africa and India…. and these players are not performing enough at all…. inspite of it… teams carrying Abdur Razak and team with Yasir Arafat.. just faced in Final…also.. Rana Naveed was the player of the tournament… soo it was just a try to demoralize Pakistani talent 🙂

  45. imran says:


  46. Aarish Riaz says:

    check the video where the “fixer” is inside the car. At 40 sec mark fixer is wearing a light color shirt and a few seconds later when he turns around he is wearing almost a black shirt!

  47. MaDy Kaxmi says:

    woow really appreciate ur effort
    i do agree wid u on 1st step…pic ov salman butt wid dat fuc**ng reportr!!!

    there are too many mistakes in editing =D*
    as em also a designer 🙂
    really its sad that pakistani team lost their last match with 1 inng n abv 150 score but english media played v well wid paki team as well 😐
    i must say this is a game and em sure indian media n english media invled in dis mattr 😐

  48. AK says:

    Just like the writer of this article, i want to believe that my loving Pakistan’s heroes are not crooks but unfortunately there is overwhelming evidence pointing to the contrary and we must not be denial. These pious and patriotic men have fooled us and i will not watch another cricket game if i see Salman Butt leading the team, Mohammad Asif opening a bowling spell, or Kamran Akmal keeping the wicket for my Pakistan. They are who they are because they represent Pakistan, other than that they have no value, no respect, no representative status. They must be ripped of their status to represent Pakistan in any form whatsoever. They shouldn’t even be allowed next to cricket stadium for all i care.

    All you cricket fans, watch this video closely. watch Salman Butt very carefully. At exactly 2:11 “the Pakistan captain walks up to Mohammad Amir and utters something”
    Then watch 2:45 of this clip. See for yourself that Salman butt is looking at Mohammad Amir and his crease while Mohammad Amir bowls the no-ball. Salman Butt was anticipating the no-ball for god sakes. When a bowler is bowling, has anyone ever seen a fielder staring at the bowler or are you supposed to be looking at the batsmen and his bat in anticipation of a catch. If by chance Trott had hit towards Butt, Butt would have been got it in his face. Watch this and stop denying that these thieves have robbed us.

    • I think when a bowler bowls a ball, the fielder always stare the bowler but when the ball is delivered to the batsman their sight automatically moves from bowler to batsman.

      • AK says:

        Hello Mr “donoftheworld”! I know how you feel, you want these allegations on your heroes to not be true. Unfortunately they are. And in response to your claim:

        “I think when a bowler bowls a ball, the fielders always stare the bowler but when the ball is delivered to the batsman their sight automatically moves from bowler to batsman.”

        watch this video of a typical no-ball (0:12) and watch the fielder concentrating on the batsmen and not the bowler or his crease, unlike our honest and honorable captain Mr Butt who was anticipating the no-ball, hence he was more worried about Amir executing the plan correctly instead of preparing for a possible catch.
        NZ vs BD (0:12)

      • Nice. But Salman Butt is a captain, where is Vittori here? & still it is not proving anything.

      • Umar says:

        yeah dude you are spot on — it naturally happens

      • Kazza says:

        closing fielders always look at the bowler.that’s automatic.the reason is they don’t want to miss the view of the bowl.moving forward and looking at the bowler is part of fielding.i have seen Ponting,Gibbs,Michael Clarke doing this.

    • uzair khan says:

      1st of all salman but wz nt staring at the crease!!!!!!! and maybe salman told him before this delivery to ball a short ball because mikal holding says that he was expecting 1!

    • Sumaiya says:

      Dont you know ? dat a bowler can bowl a no ball by his own wish even ! its just a part of making the batsman confuse with the next ball ! I believe Salman Butt for sure must’ve talk to Amir abt confusing the batsman or somethin like it !

      for once show trust in ur players.

    • usama says:

      for u r information salman butt is not looking at the crease ,he is looking at amir and the chat is just a captain bowler talk and is most probably telling him to ball a short ball.nothing is curious by this video

  49. this is a shame on English Press as they always try to sabotage the Green Team (Pakistan) if they are likely to be defeated by the green team. This is just to demoralize the Green Team (Pakistan) and it is been done since a long time.

    I think English Press must be patient and be prepared for the defeat as well. What ever English Press has done is not Cricket. I feel very sorry for English Press.

  50. Javed Ashraf Saiyed says:

    Hello everyone,

    I’ve been reading the posts on this site very keenly and I thought it was imperative to share my views!
    To begin with, I’m a semi-professional cricketer that plays in a Cricket League & follow the game with as much passion as you’ll do. I am an Indian but that doesn’t matter. I speak being a neutral and strongly believe that law should take it’s course and we must not jump to conclusions as yet. If found guilty those involved must be eradicated from the game without a second thought. This great game must come clean. If there is no evidence to prove anyone guilty, the channel involved must be punished severely for having tarnished the image of Pakistan cricket and to have demoralised a set of young highly talented world beaters!More so, to have brought about bad repute to the game itself. Very damaging.
    For once let us keep the accused players aside and look at a larger picture. The ICC spends millions in trying to keep a scrutiny on the players and the game. The ICC has a bureau to keep a tab on all anti-social elements out to destroy the game. They have failed miserably. Also, why aren’t the team managers on tours not held accountable?! They are the ones who keep a tab (supposed to!) along with the seniors and so why should young ‘accused’ players bear the brunt! It means there is something amiss and the lure of big money compels the fresh faces to get sucked into the BIG MONEY land.
    I can never fathom a video that looks so picture perfect. A reporter, a fixer, ready money & a camera that is fixated on Mazhar Majeed and nothing to boast about except the fact that he will get the no-ball rolling at his will. Roll the money, Fix the spot.
    All Pakistan lovers of the game must be positive & wait till the verdict is passed.
    Two M’s have replaced the 2 W’s in world cricket and I am sure they are here to stay. Just wished the PCB Chairman Ijaz Butt is ousted sooner than later. Former players must stand up and help the team re-build on it’s morale. An amazing set of talent that is so special must not go waste!
    Have faith and belief and things will fall in place. In this holy month of Ramadhan may ALMIGHTY ALLAH give us the strenth, patience and courage to rise above all to succeed in this world and hereafter.

    PLEASE NOTE : Do not malign any country or it’s people in sheer frustration or anger. We are the generation that is the epitome of great spirit and harmony. 🙂


    • Salman says:

      Dear Javed Bhai,

      I absolutely support your perspective.

      “Have faith and belief and things will fall in place. In this holy month of Ramadhan may ALMIGHTY ALLAH give us the strenth, patience and courage to rise above all to succeed in this world and hereafter.” Ameen.

  51. well… paki media wanted to get rid of that sialkot thing thats why they made this scandal and english people are always agaisnt us soo we all know this match wasnt fixed all the pics are been edited as shown above….plz try to show these evidences on any news channel…and i hate those people who abuse our team if we r going to support our paki team they’ll get more stronger!!! Pakistan Zindabad!!!!

  52. pkghost says:

    totally agree with AK above
    i wish these allegations were’nt true but lets face it Scotland yard is not the punjab police and there are things called lawsuits…no paper in the world would dare publish those kind of allegations without irrefutable proof and leave themselves open to defamation lawsuits..and thats a fact! unlike those presented in the article above….look at the camera’s in ur phones if u think hidden cameras cant produce those kind of videos…Mazhar’s association with our players is a documented fact and that photo above is irrelevant…and 25000 pounds were recovered from a PLAYER’s room by scotland yard along with the confiscation of phone’s from 3 of our players..(those bills provided by the NOTW reporters would undoubtedly be marked)..there is also video evidence of majeed calling amir(amir’s phone should verify that)..as well as an exchange with wahab riaz in a car(he’s an international cricketer why on earth would he need to “borrow” a coat outside his own hotel)…People have been given lifebans for less evidence!

    • Why the so called suspect bailed without charge?

      Why Pakistani players are free to leave England?

      Majeed is agent of several Pakistani players, so these are just a silly point that why he give his coat to Wahab Riaz? Why he called Aamer?

      Regarding the 25000 pounds, its like peanuts for the citizens of England & there is no proof of the exact cash.

      No proof of the bills.

      I must say, stop abusing your own people.

  53. Falah Polo says:

    Completely agree with this article. One more thing I wanna say that if A English Man kill 10 people, Other English will say He havn’t done any thing, on the other side it is not proved yet that Pakistani Team is involved in this scam, Pakistani Government and Nation has begin saying that the Team is involved and They should be punished… Shame on Pakistani Gov….$hit $hit

  54. Rizwan says:

    in the video the first no ball is a biiiiiiggg overstep. but can asif bowl a no ball just over that white line. i mean his foot is sooo close. u guys who play cricket, imagine u will get 150 000 pounds for bowling a no ball. and that cant go wrong. is it possible that you will bowl a perfect no ball like asf did? i think no cricketer could do this, not at all possible. asif would have to bowl it far over the white line to deliberately do it. i just cant believe this.

  55. xeeshan says:

    how a hidden camera can zoom in n Majeed three tymes look directly in da camera …it mean he knew dat derez r camerz in da car

  56. pakistani says:

    pakistanio khuda ka wasta hai tumhein apni ghulti ko manana seekho! na ke ghalt baat ko sahi sabat kerna! sharminda hum sab hein en ki es harkat per! laaluch bohat buri cheese hai! sharmindagi aur ghussa bohat hai! pakistani team/apni kom ka saath zaroor do mugar ye duwa ker kay ainda pakistan ko represent kernay kay liye mohib e watan players aein! aur yakeen karo hum mein bohat talented larkay hein! ya allah ramzan ka maheena hai meri kom ko es azaab se nikaal! hum bohat gunhagaar hein, humaray gunahon ki saza humaray bachon ko na day perwardiar! amin

    • Falah Polo says:

      Patriot Pakistani sahib, Yeh jo baat tum kar rahe ho ise galti man-na nai kehte…————-Goron ko dekho, yeh yahan UK mein koi aik gora chori karta hei to koi gora yeh nai kahta ke is ne ki hei…wo usi ki hi side le…….or aik Tum ho, Khud ko Pakistani kehte ho……..abhi apni team pe juram sabit bhi nai hoya or tum logon ne criticize karna shoro kar diya….Lahore mein team ko Gadha bana diya……… …….Shame On U if U r saying tat U r Pakistani by Ur DEEDS…………My People are always Right….it dos’nt matter if they are wrong. I am with my team. —————-Be a Pakistani, By Your Deeds not just Saying————–

  57. Ali Butt says:

    i totaly agree vd this…i knew k it was all planed by the english media because it vl make their media famous n the other benefit that they vl get is that pakistan cricket vl b damaged. bt INSHALLAH so v all cn see that the fake evidences are exposed so pakistan cricket vl nt b effected by that…and english media should be punished and fined. kindly some1 should show these things to the media so that this fake problem can b solved as early as possible coz due to this shameless act by the english media pakistani players are under great pressure…they wanted to win T-20s thatx why they have done this…its reali very shamefull act by english media.

  58. Syed M.Atique says:

    i want to talk about the picture clarity thing……. sarah ferguson was also exposed by the same channel…. u can see the video color easily.. it is same… and sarah ferguson admitted her allegation… pakistani players are caught red handed!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Well, there several other persons who are alleged by the ‘NOTW’ but they didn’t admit the allegations & also they marked a case against ‘NOTW’.

      There are several cases against NOTW.

  59. Mian Zeeshan Bhandara says:

    Its really fake evidences provided by this reporter,Its a conspiracy to push behind Pakistani Team to the Degrading position.Pakistan Nation should awake and media play an important role to disclose the reality.Pakistan Zindabad

  60. abby says:

    another thing the blazer he is wearing in the picture is like shiny its shing on the right arm but they cutted so much that they even cutted the shine from the left arm.

  61. Truth says:

    Most importantly if they have been videoing it all, what about the time when the “Fixer” called Amir and Butt on the phone in front of the reporter? Where is that conversation’s video or even a voice recording? What time was it? Why not match that time with the player’s location and activities. They couldn’t have anticipated where Butt and Amir were then so no recording shown.

  62. Imam Bux Mallah says:

    There is also one more thing to be noticed in that ridiculously cropped photo that just under the caption of Salman Butt that says “Pakistan’s captain, Salman Butt was in control, fixer claimed”, there is a white spot which is actually appeared by not cropping that area. A Photoshop user can easily understand that the white spot is just because of “NOT GOOD CROPPING”. I said so because there is no need of white spot in place of fingers. Just because of that white spot, the index finger seems to be abnormal.

  63. Salman says:

    Whether you are supporting the evidence or not. To tell you the truth, none of your believability will help in this matter even though to a certain extend, you could prove your point 100% correct.

    Neither at the “Crime Scene” you were there to be sure of.

    First Point, Videos and pictures like these can be made by joining bits of pieces from here and there.

    Second Point, {English Media, Scotland Yard, & other involved} would dare to take big risk at this level.


    Credibility of the News of the World.

    Libel actions brought against the News of the World

    * In 2005, England footballer David Beckham and his wife Victoria brought a legal action against the paper seeking libel damages over an article that carried the headline: “Posh and Becks on the Rocks.” The legal action was withdrawn in 2006 and “resolved on a confidential basis,” according to the couple’s spokeswoman Jo Milloy.

    * In April 2006, England footballer Wayne Rooney received £100,000 in damages from the publishers of The News of the World and its sister paper The Sun over articles falsely reporting he had slapped his then-fiancée and now wife, Coleen. Both had always denied the reports.

    * In June 2006, England footballer Ashley Cole received damages from the publishers of The News of the World over articles incorrectly alleging the footballer had used a mobile phone as a gay sex toy. Together with its sister paper The Sun, The News of the World paid Cole £100,000 to settle the case

    * In July 2006, a libel action brought by the Scottish politician Tommy Sheridan came to court in Edinburgh. Sheridan denied allegations, made by the newspaper in November 2004 and January 2005, that he had an affair, engaged in group sex and attended a swinger’s club in Manchester. Sheridan won the case and was awarded £200,000 in damages. The newspaper intends to appeal against the jury’s decision,[12] and has refused to pay out the money; Sheridan and several associates have been charged with perjury, but the case has not yet reached the courts.

    * In January 2010 Norwich City Football Club Started legal proceedings against the News of the World after they published an article, “Canaries on Brink” on 24 January 2010 claiming that the club had begun the processes of going into administration [13]

    * In February 2010, the Hollywood couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie made plans to sue the News of the World after it published allegations about their relationship.[14]

    Everyone knows the well established credibility of Scotland Yard. We had to call them for the investigation of Late Benazir Bhutto.

    Furthermore, I would like to add that Pakistan team performance have been continuously going very low. Our ranking has been down. It has been time since we won any series. We have best bowlers and batsmen in the world, then still why we happen to lose a match with HUGE margin. Our bowlers can swing and spin the ball like nobody else and our batsmen can bat till the very last batsmen. I am a big fan of Pakistan cricket and have been following matches BALL BY BALL.


    • Danish Saeed says:

      I completely agree with every point you have made and that is exactly what i have been telling people as well through my own blog :


      The credibility of News of the World is below negative to be honest, all the points provided by Salman are true and add to that they have also been sued by Brad Pitt and Anglelina Jolie and also the chief of the Formula One.

      Me being a photoshop expert can tell you that the picture is fake. There is no question about it.

      Someone in the comments were saying that hidden cameras can have good quality, agreed but if a video is made by a hidden camera, its bound to have some sort of shakes and in the video it looks like the camera is placed on a freaking tripod stand coz its so damn still. Plus i cant digest the fact that the video is made from different angles, i mean is this an undercover operation or a hollywood movie where you need angles.

      Wake up people and start getting behind the team, coz these guys are not guilty and inshAllah will be proved innocent.

  64. maria k says:

    hopefully inshAllah its just an allegation that’ll blow off, but u cant deny the evidence, its a pretty strong case. some of the cricketers arent that well off so i could see them doing soemthing like this, even tho i wish it werent so..

  65. LMY says:

    I agree with the above article…it has been a long conspiracy and its been goin on since 2007. I am having a feeling that eliminating pakistan outta 2011 wc hosting, insulting paki players in IPL auction, not including any paki team in CL t20, these r all part of same conspiracy.
    It all had to come after loosing oval test because english were precautious abt pakistani pace attack and that is why this have been their main target!

  66. The Taher says:

    the perfect vdos prove in itself tht they r made up, no vdo evidence taken under those circumstances can b so perfect with the “fixer” doing every imp thing right in front of the camera at the right time, regardless of how professional one is no one can pull off such clear cut vdo evidences, English media i guess in making those vdos 4got it had to look like they were being taaken in real life

  67. Vinod Kumar says:

    All pics have been edited to pressurize Paki players…every time when Pakistani team visit England…this kind of things happens with our Team..Lets support our players.

  68. Saad Ahmed says:

    Well every thing seems so confusing and so fake and english media should be brought to court now by PCB and ICC officials on this matter. i strongly believe that every thigns was a false and they tried to hurt the moral of the players AAMIR is the find of Cricket not only for Pakistan team but for the whole world he is the bowler to watch aggressive passionate what Test cricket and one day cricket really needs at this point of time.

    I strictly advice Pakistan Board and iic officials to take action against “THE NEWS OF THE WORLD” for disturbing the spirit of the game we all areso passionate about

  69. So called british are still in a spell of their rule on India. They consider themselves the masters and when beaten badly by Pakistan, they start conspiracies. They could not bat well against AAmer and Aasif, so they blamed. Shameful mindset of these yellows. Poor attitude of ethically poor people.

  70. Furqan says:

    This is what so called Pakistanis, who don’t want to face reality… Bros and sis if these guys are really so innocent so why are they not coming on media as Younis khan did yesterday against telegraph.. because they’ve done something wrong.. don’t defend them money could impact and attract anybody… just see guys, s.butt, s.malik, akmal bros, and some other players are uninterruptedly in the team since many years despite bad performance… So is that mean the Pakistan have no further talent and players? Where are those guyz who won 2 consecutive under 17 world cups? Definitely the players who have power could think anything.

    I belief this is a conspiracy against pakistan, and indeed to diverge the consideration from flooded victims towards too stupid topic. but we shouldn’t have to deny from that they did this. Don’t you expect this from Asif who’d been caught in UAE? I am really very upset for amir I hope the things will be happened good…

    They’ve been accused in charge to deception bookies in gambling.. so wouldn’t be in too problem… but the fact is they’ve done something wrong…

  71. Shaswat says:

    nothind fake in this man…….. i m sure…….. its fixed………. u cannot deny that vdio n no ball incident…….. its not a coincidence!!!! lol

  72. reality says:

    Close the discussion here and first tell me if NOTW is a trust worthy? I can pin point a hundred articles in which NOTW circulated fake stories. Whether it is sports, showbiz, politics, industry, etc including Wayne Rooney, Michel Jackson, Angelina Julie and Brad Pit etc. The numbers are countless.

    PI*S off NOTW

  73. aB says:

    OK, agreed with the VDO, bcz no1 @*$h*le in d whole wide world would count the money d way he is, as its there everyday job and seeing money that big in amount is not a big deal for them. But can’t say anything about the picture, because it might be doctored by the writer of the article or might already be doctored, proving that article might have strength. However, how are v supposed to xplain the ignorant behavior of Waqar Younis extended to Majeed? Why was he not entertaining his frequent meetings with the team? What to say about Shahid’s warning?

    There are several questions unanswered, but frankly speaking we must stand for our team and our country, proving that we still have got something of a Nation left in us.

  74. you have made a few good points, esp regarding the change of shirt in the car and looking into the camera and also how fake the pic of Salman Butt and the fixer and the reporter looks…but i dunno about the no-balls. I am sure Scotland Yard must be checking the validity of the video (where the fixer talks about the no-balls) using high tech gadgets. Also the money found in the players room’s..they may be part of the tour money players get, but if the money is from NOTW, then they have to be marked..for sure. I wait impatiently for Thursday when a statement will be made by Scotland Yard.

    Also there is an article going around writen by a British newpaper reporter and is an old piece going on about how much of a prick the reporter Mazhar Mahmood is and how his brand of entrapment has caused alot of grief to many people including a group of young med students…the NOTW reported that these students had made a plan to kidnap David Beckham’s wife Victoria..and how these student were send to jail for a few months..and guess what…the whole story was fake and the students innocent….so u never know..this whole spot fixing bit maybe a huge setup..

    but as a Pakistan Cricket lover i am preparing that 2 of my fav players (Aamir and Asif) will be banned forever….as having hope that these players will not be convicted..and if they r then i dont want to be hurt by it all……

  75. ABSAR says:

    I think is all crap try to defame a nation….

  76. talharauf says:

    mein ne sb dekha he aur ye sb kch jo uper show kia gya he wo jhoot he…….
    Pakistan team mn aik group he jis mn butt aur akmal brothers n shoib malik b shamil he n ye kisi ache player ko team mn nai dekhna chahte………..
    in ka ilaaj ye he k in per life ban lgaya jae aur in k asaase munjamid kr die jaen……..

  77. Tariq says:

    shame on PAKISTAN enough is enough, do not try to cover the issu with this stupid stunts.

  78. Rizwan says:

    if u see in pic…. salman has red eye bcoz of camera….why others didnt have ????

  79. awais akbar awan says:

    yup i agree with u…this iz totally fake… this iz a trap against our young superstarz…!!!

  80. furqan ejaz says:

    one thing more dude that u missed is that
    watch the video from start doesnt it looks like a kind of acting like when director says action then the actor starts drama
    mazhar has done same thing in both ov the videos
    after every minute or so mazhar stares at the camera in the video
    i totally agree with u

  81. true Paki says:

    v shud stand wd our team till da allegationz r proved n english media till nw cudnt solve da case ov Diana how vil they prove ds? N wen our corrupt politicianz didnt hv any trial dn our playerz, who evn r nt provd guilty yet, must b given a chance 2b listened by our govt.

  82. saadia malik says:

    i been informed that this NOWT is a tabloo news paper and already cases filed against him are pending in different courts. how can one trust the scandal of such a news paper.
    so ——–

    • Yes, what you heard is 100% correct. I don’t know why media in Pakistan is not understanding? Why the Government is not understanding? Famous stars of Hollywood Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie won the damages against NOTW.

    • junaid says:

      why we dont accept certain things about our country, we all know how corrupt our country and people is. Video evidence is not fake, if you dont understand hidden camera technology than just close your eyes and go to sleep because you will not learn any thing. people in Pakistan are just naive they think every one is aganst them.
      well the reality is we are the most corrupt country in the whole of asia.
      and sadia, Nowt is a S*** paper i agree but when they come up with such sort of allegations they are always right. they were right about fariha alam and sven goran errikson and they were right about dutches. no one comes up with this plan of just humiliating us , We as a Nation are Humiliating ourselves

      • O really, if someone on one day comes to your home & say “I’m your father & here is DNA report”, will you accept it? In case of you, you’ll say ‘Yes’. Come on!

        Weak evidences can’t prove anything. Forget that famous Hollywood stars Brad Pitt & Angeline Jolie won their case against NOTW. Many cases are still against NOTW.

        People like you always try to demoralize the nation.

  83. Waleed says:

    Our new team is so much talented So the english may got afraid of them and when i first heared this news at that time I know that it is fake cause majeed is nt that much fool that he said all in one night and Salman Butt is nt also fool that he got captaincy and start match fixing

  84. saad says:

    This is unbelievable.

    Why would someone fake picture of Salman with Mazhar and when they have a long history of associating together (other pictures together) and when there are signed documents of Mazhar being Salman’s agent. Also if the picture is fake one would think that Salman would have seen it and commented on its authenticity? It would be pretty easy to prove through an alibi that salman was not present in that location at the time when the picture was taken.
    As far as the videos are concerned, you guys keep saying no time and dates were mentioned. If you want even I can add time and date caption to those videoes. A newspaper does not make such accusations lightly and I bet the newspaper has a fullproof way of proving when the videoes were taken.
    I agree everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but to make up these type of arguments to prove their innocence is like looking for a needle in a haystack in one of kesc’s loadsheds.

  85. Ejaz says:

    For me this drama has left more questions then answers

    The alleged Pictures in this case are useless and prove nothing, no matter are true or false
    (Remember the fixer was supposed to be a legal cricket promoter, thats why it is not odd that he met player and called them)

    1- Anyone can take pictures with stars on functions
    2- Alleged picture of Wahab Riaz
    You just need to open 4 inch your coat to show what is in the pocket.

    Was the match fixer too stupid to open it 4 feet wide?

    Q: Can an “allegation” be called as “Crime”?
    I am surprised by British but Pakistani Media who is treating it as Crime and going on the next of punishments.

    Q: Has anyone shown the proof that alleged video of match fixer was taken before the happening of the event?
    As an IT expert I know you can easily add time stamp to a video, for me this video could be credible ONLY IF IT WAS HANDED OVER TO SCOTLAND YARD BEFORE THE HAPPENING OF THE EVENT. Otherwise it is next to impossible for NOTW to prove this video was taken before happening of the event.

    It seems SCOTLAND YARD does not have credible proof otherwise the might have arrested guilty person.

    Do “English Media” or “News of the World” has a great reputation as far as Pakistan Cricket team is concern?
    Absolutely Not. e.g. Rcently
    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie win damages against News of the World (http://www.thefirstpost.co.uk/66220,people,entertainment,angelina-jolie-and-brad-pitt-accept-undisclosed-sum-after-tabloid-wrongly-claimed-actors-were-separating)

    History of English Tours:
    Shakoor Rana Case, Waseem Waqar Ball tempering case, Inzimam team Ball Tempering case and Now new addition. These were all false cases.

    There are many questions with no answer. We should not blame ourselves even before it is proved.

  86. Adnan Sial says:

    This is a big plan againts PAKI team,,,Plz guyzz try to understand

  87. sufyan says:

    hello.gud discussions.may be they are involved or these are just conspiracies that will be clear in future.but 1 thing i want to know y dun pakistani players they come out on media and say openly they hav nt done anything rong
    secondly if they think they are insulted and dun hav courage now to cm on media from where they have courage to still lead the pakistani team and play in front of crowd.
    so if u ppl think they hav done nthng its totally rong,the one who is clean by heart he never hides he comes out and say openly that i have not done anythning,their complete silence shows they hav done something but it became planned conspiracy nw they are caught in that.
    sooo they are not that noble crickters stop supporting them,they all are corrupt

    • They are not saying anything because some time the 2nd party comes out with such strong evidences that even the false thing become true. So they must have to wait for the results of inquiry.

  88. Innocent says:

    This is self created story by NOTW . why always a scandal is created in England or Australia?????? Why they cant see us???/

  89. salman says:

    tell me why amir n asif bowled no ball as the bookie said..never seen any1 1 to 2 feet..ahead of par of the line..why akmal leave run out of watson as it clearly gathered the ball….w8t for who.he didnt off the bell why…give me reply…

  90. HAIDER says:

    by GOD i pray for all PAKI players……now m sure all of paki people r praying for our NATIONAL HEROES

  91. muskaan says:

    d fixers r fixed

  92. Zaheerul Hassan says:

    Indian Intellgence Prepared Plan against Pakistani Cricket
    I gone through the facts stated in this piece of the news. The basesless allegations have been framed agains Pakistani team. Lets condmn these. In fact real story behind this episode is to malign Pakistani players with a view to defame Pakistan image in the image of great catastrophe(flood), Indian lobby present in UK activated and probably laid trap to involve Pakistani Cricket team. The author and Indian bookies are the same who also alleged former Pakistani great bowlers Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis for matching fixing but failed to prove the same. It is notable here that news paper that unfolded the story is very much notorious for it bad reputation and malicious activities of scandalizing dignities for is cheep popularities. The editor of the newspaper has many times arrested for publishing false stories. Thus sponsored of the story probably have been planted by RAW so that reputation of Pakistan should be put on stake. Pakistani Captain Suleman was already under fire of the British media because of his controversial remarks regarding England Cricket team Performance against Australia in coming Ashes. Any how word community should pay more importance to assist Pakistani government to over come the natural disaster.

  93. Paki says:

    why the so called fixer is giving his jacket to the wahab riaz instead of amir or asif because the deal is for the no balls in their overs..
    and why the english media is doing this, its answer is very simple ICC has a policy to not include any player in the test world ranking whose wickets are below 100, but they include amir and asif in the ranking due to their excellent performance in test matches….

  94. rashid shah says:

    we people are cowards , we alow scotland yard to freely do whatever they wana do with our team. . i say even if players r corrupt ,we must take stand 4 them and investigate them our selves until any thing is proved. but we people just get mad at our players without any solid proofs yet..
    imagine if england team visits pakistan and out media leaks a video about them.. do we have courage to investigate their team or u people think british officials will alow us to do so??? but we people are slaves of those british idiots and …. just think..

  95. usman says:

    I agree…. this is completely fake … and the conspirators should be held so that no other could be demoralized and scandalized in such a manner….. .who is that third guy… .why is he not showing his face.. may be afraid that if truth came out.. he will be in the caught and punished… and the pictures truly are fake.. . i m with you Paki Team.. Don’t care about these allegations and try to win the upcoming games..

  96. Faizan says:

    I am so ashamed of those people who started allegating the criket team… We Pakistanis are always happy to criticise ourselves.. inspite of helping the team at this moment….we started saying tht they are a cheat…. I protest againstall of you who say that they cheated and stand by my team regardless of how they play…. Pakitan Zindabad…

  97. shoaib says:

    I totaly disagree with the hidden facts behind…….

    On 27 July (almost a month prior to actual scam), a Pakistani sports journalist Abdul Majid Bhatti, disclosed to Daily Jang that Pakistani team management is seriously reviewing the acts of Pakistani cricketers being having relations with azhar and mazhar who do not have good repute. He further added that both persons have free access to Pakistani dressing rooms and hotels and upon an inquiry, some players told that they are their agents.

    The only thing, to me, which should be checked is the date and time of recording. but i believe they have already taken care of that fact.

    please lets face the facts. we have to wait till the enquiry before jumping to a conclusion.

    • They are the agents of Pakistani players. Yes, Pakistani players were restricted to keep these brothers away from themselves.


      Scotland Yard released ‘Mazhar Majeed’ on bail without charge.

  98. The Conqueror says:

    I have some other things.

    Look at these pictures!

    The picture seems to be OK. Just look at the clothes and head of fixer.
    Now take a look at the second one

    NOTW says about this picture “OVER: Majeed leaves with the cash that fixed Lord’s Test”
    But you can see the same guy who was in first picture still sitting on the cushion. So, is fixer a ghost? who is standing and sitting on sofa at the same time?
    also look, the fixer seems to be walking between the table. I don’t think a normal human can do that!

  99. SAM MANDO says:

    Our new team is so much talented SPECIALLY SALMAN BUT and Salman Butt is nt also fool that he got captaincy and start match fixin


  100. Muhammad Musharaf Shehzad says:

    Blo*dy Britishers can’t do any thing except putting on alligations on PAK team. They will be failed in doing so because we are at back of our PAK TEAM

  101. Bilawal Shah says:

    A propaganda against our players ECB with the help of the false allegations.. what exactly they want or trying to do ? They might be frightened about the ODI’s and T20.Just to hit the nation hard at this very moment when we are already in trouble so that no 1 can take much time to think and believes the media. I salute AJ Tv for makig that what you call promo or a video guys must watch it and specially for those who are against our own players against our own team. I myself not a big fan of cricket neither the cricketers except few but this all is preplanned. Pakistan Zindabad !!

  102. Saad says:

    I knew it from the very begining when this scandal was started. Such kind of situations always arises in England. I was still supporting the Pakistani team when everyone was criticising them.
    Salman Butt is not that kind of person who gets fooled by the such hypocritic nonsense.
    All hail pakistani Team !

  103. shaz says:

    I agree what you are trying to prove and must add one thing I noticed. If you see the video where “Fixer” is counting the money there is clean and clear voice of currency notes seems a mic very very close to it that is again suspicious.

  104. Sameer Kkhan says:

    Guys.. becoz Mohammad Amer and Mohammad Asif are proving one of the lethal weapons of bowling department of Pakistan Team and a great threat to the world cricket, that is why they are trying to spoil their career.. Otherwise, how come a bookie, having caught with huge cash and authentic proofs (as they say) getting out for a bail… How in the world is this possible

  105. Imran Ali says:

    Thank you very much for eye opner!
    I feel pitty my self.. I am sorry to our Crickters…
    Now the questions is when Pakistani crickters are free to travel back, how would our Government re-act? Shouldnt our Government protest against this scandel! Should not our GOernment and ICC go for properinvestigation and find out who is behind this?
    One more thing, I really feel shame on GEO an other channels who didnt do research on this matter and telecasted the news and viedo without going into detail…

  106. Hamayun Khan says:

    it might be the plan of westren and other anti Pakistani lobbys against Pakistan

  107. Zameer says:

    These all allegations are true because the players specially Asif, Amir and Kamran akmal love money not the country. Asif was previously also caught taking drugs than he was banned for one year the punishment for taking drugs is atleast two years or life time ban…. He bribed the judiciary to reduce his punishment to one year. He gave about 35 lakh rupees.. Now Kamran akmal he was pointed out by Aaqib jawed also about match fixing in Australia as he was dropping every catch and what do you say about the missed run out of Shane Watson in which he caught the ball but did not hit the stumps… In Australia also he was pointed out for fixing matches but because of no evidence was found so he was safe.. Now about Amir if a bowler bowls a no ball his foot is 2 to 3 cm ahead of the line but Amir balls the no ball when is foot is having a huge distance from the line. You see Shahid afridi also told the management about the fixer. When security stopped the fixer Kamran akmal get mad on the security that mazhar majeed is his friend.. These much evidence clearly proved the players are involed in Match Fixing… Why not they name Mohammad Yousuf for match fixing why these players because they have enough evidence… And the law in England is very strict, Scotland yard does not search any player’s room without consulting their lawyer because if the evidence are false than they have to pay a huge fine to PCB, they must be having enough evidence by which they searched the room… I know this person must be a pakistani so that is why he is showing love for his country but truth is in front of every one…….

    • It means if a person admit a crime & after that he leaves the crime world but suddenly an incident put him again in the crime world, then he must be investigated with his past crimes.!!! Nice……Anyway, your next sentence:

      “and what do you say about the missed run out of Shane Watson in which he caught the ball but did not hit the stumps”

      One side you are saying he “missed run out of Shane Watson” but on second way you are saying “he caught the ball but did not hit the stumps” . What this mean? Please first decide that ‘Kamran missed run out or he caught the ball but did not hit the stumps”.

      The no-ball of Mohamamd Aamer is nothing in front of the several big no balls in the history of cricket & a cricketer knows that if a bowler take short run-up then his run-up, these things happen.

      No law of the world can prove any player guilty because of the no-balls.

      Remember! Mazhar Majeed is agent of several Pakistani players.

      They (NOTW) still have to pay fine, I think you not know anything about the reputation of the magazine. Famous Hollywood stars ‘Brad Pitt & ‘Angelina Jolie’ won the case against the NOTW.

  108. farhan says:

    i agree wid di video, i knew it thts a propaganda of sucker english people, i m wid my pakistani heroes dsnt matter wht prople r sayin them,b a pakistani proud to b a pakistani

  109. momo says:

    y dont u send ur proofs to some channel ??so that they can be shown to every common man…. send it to some channel and also add some valuable comments by the ppl here. i know no channel will support it because they are making money by exploiting this ridiculous thing but even then plz try. it will be a great service for pakistan. thank u

  110. sonia says:

    I ve been really amazed to see the points that have raise up..Amir and Asif , one of our best bowlers have been blamed for this,and why Amir would do such a thing,when he knows that it can ruin his carrier .The videos and pictures can be fake and this be called a propaganda to end pakitan’s ‘bowling’ and infact pak’s bowling is more stronger..
    i would request to make these point more publicly addressed so that people know the truth and get to know that how decietful britishers can be.. We can no more bear the false accusations and we will all stand for this.

  111. aman chopra says:

    i hope all dis is a controversy……..i love amir n asif…dy are the best bowlers of the world…i really love them….butt iz also not bad…he iz alsoa kool player…..the scotlandyard must interogate d bl*ody mreporter azhar mehmood also….d bast*rd idiot..

  112. Faisal says:

    I am totally agree with these points and that is all fake from the news of the world, Pakistan will come out of it very safely. INSHALLAH

  113. mani usman says:

    i agree with u ilove my country nd my players nd these r wrong news…………..?

  114. jaffer says:

    this is all preplan game just 2 put talented asian bowlers out of the game

  115. Imran khan says:

    of course it’s a fake news bcas they provide all evidence after the match, which can do anyone after seen . so plz our people must search abt true and false.

  116. paintedblack78 says:

    It was very interesting to see the points mentioned on this website in regards to the current scandal. I do feel that the video could have been recorded at a later date and the photograph could have been faked, but let us not only consider this match. There has been talk of match fixing for a long time now. Infact if you go on youtube then please do watch Kamran Akmal missing the run out in the Sydney test. It is absolutely clear from that that he missed the stumps on purpose. There was no way that they manipulated that video and the manner in which Pakistan lost that game. They were in a winning position and with the last man in they spread the field and let them score the runs and then failed miserably in the batting.

    There is another video from GEO on youtube where coaches and players are clearly speaking about possibilities of match fixing and how there is a problem within the team. There are numerous examples of the Pakistan team losing the match from a winning position. Even if these allegations are false and made up, how can we justify the games before this game? Infact even in this game we had England on 102-7 and then letting a number 8 batsmen score over 150 runs, where was the swing? the spin? and when we came out to bat the ball was swinging all over the place?

    These players are all involved and its a shame on how they represent our country. Even if this video is fake and all the allegations are false, we should look into the characters of the individuals involved and how they have over time disgraced tha name of Pakistan and Pakistan cricket.

    • Well, at this we don’t to want to insert ourselves in the past, but we can’t leave it, because it is our past. It’ll be discussed later. If England was 102/7 then there is a possibility that England batsman were involved in the spot fixing, why you are not thinking this?

  117. Javed Ashraf Saiyed says:

    If there is no pressure already of playing International cricket for your country, imagine a scenario where while playing a match, a fielder / keeper tends to drop a catch. It is just a game where catches are dropped (we are humans after all) but he would be labelled a cheater. Someone who’s taken money to do so!!! That is now an added pressure with playing cricket these days. Cricket is best played with an open mind, with enthusiasm and not with cluttered thoughts

    Please note that the crickets boards are minting money big time and we as spectators / audience are sucked into this whole entertainment business. The BCCI is the richest board in the world. The IPL is the Indian Paisa League. The ECB and ACB are real decision makers along with BCCI at the helm. The smaller nations have virtually no say.

    My point here is that we as genuine lovers of the game must watch cricket and move onto our daily lives. It is not the be-all end-all. I am as much passionate about my team and players but at the end of the day their poor performance hurts us but does it hurt them?! They end up taking their BIG salaries apart from the advertisements and are way secured. This is what the so-called gentleman’s game has come to today.

    So sit back and switch on the television to watch a cricket match. Plain simple. Switch the channel when the match is over or is highly boring!

    I love test cricket too. But the 20-20 has caught my fascination like most. Once a new series starts, the past is forgotten. Life goes on. We all have short memories don’t we?!?!

    So pay attention to what is more important in life. As a democratic country we must have a say and like always let the law take it’s course.

    Just one question, why is the FIFA one of the most amazingly runs organization in the world!? The game is beautiful but is still must be administered properly.

    That is where the problem lies.

    I rest my case.


    Lots of love to my Muslim brothers in Pakistan all the way from India. 🙂

  118. abdullah says:

    @Conqueror: i agree with you but you should shout even if u feel some thing is against you and that all blame no more …. but any how wait for the final result that i do not think is gonna to be the final as players will be in after one or at max 2 years in case they are involve in it and this is the usual routine .. it is Pakistan and i hope Pakistani Players did not left any proof even if they re involve in it at last they are Pakistani and theft,lie, fraud is in their soul

  119. Farooq Baloch says:

    Shame on Pakistani cricket team for this guilty match fixing, we are unable to answer non Paki’s tons of question about this dirt on our national cricket team..

    Sham on you Pakistani cricket team, the people are facing flood in Pakistan and you are doing this unexpected thing in this situation.
    We don’t need any more Pakistani cricket team play internationally not able to play
    even England government put these persons in Red list who are connected with the team for life time.

    Allah ask you.

  120. Atif C says:

    Everyone is innocent until proven guilty…let the investigation take its course and then pass personal judgments on the team members. Players from around the world have been involved in these kind of corruption allegations, why such an uproar with this case?

  121. rafiullah says:

    choro hidden truth ko

    watch news which states that lack of evidence agains majid will allow him to escap this is said by cheif of investigation unit…..

    ab zara socho k majeed bach gia reporter ne report de di majeed ko paisy bhi mil gy oer accroding to UK rule usko koe kuch kahe nhi sktaa ICC rules main bhi majeed ka koe kuch nhi bigar sktaaa
    nuksan kis ka huaa sirf oer sirf amir oer asif ka because but ne to wasey he drop hona thaa

    ab ager koe mjy itni bari amount de oer ye bhi sure ho k main pakra nhi jaonga to main aesi do char videos khushi khushi bnwa longaa oer bary bary players k naam le longa oer kahe duinga k flan din flan ball pe chaka lgy ga ( said after match has staged) oer jacket deny ka drama bhi richa dngaaa

    yar pls mjyh bhi aesi video main acting dilwa do i want to act and make money

  122. Zameer says:

    I would say you should agree with me as these points are valid Match Fixing is not new it has been part of the cricket since past 15 to 20 years… You have been shown several evidences against these players but it is the same thing that you are judging players with your eyes closed you can see from previous activities that players kicked Yousuf and Younus out of the team. Kamran akmal plays one good match you people are happy that he has done his task what about the matches in which he has failed poorly. He kicked Zulqarnain as he scored 80, all the evidence are in front of you and you have closed your eyes… I pray to God that theses players should be given harsh punishment so that no one should do it again… I think you might be a relative of some players so that is why you are not realizing the truth. This was the reason Shahid afridi retired from the test. Now you will say Asif is also Innocent.

  123. sms says:

    British media is just blaming our cricket team

  124. Atif C says:

    @ Zameer, I think you are being overly hyperactive about this whole thing. I am not related to any of the players all I am saying is that what naked eye can see (or shown in this case) can be an illusion. All I am asking is to be fair. NOTW comes out with photos and videos so you think that they are ahead of the game already. No. A proper investigation needs to be conducted and then if proven, these players should definitely be given an exemplary punishment so no one else dares to bring the pride of nation down.

  125. Zameer says:

    Mazhar majeed is an agent of pakistan and is accepting that he fixed matches for pakistan he also accepted that he fixed the test match of sydney also.. Specially poor performance of Kamran Akmal.

  126. Zafar Amar says:

    I think some players trapped by Mazhar Majeed, if he is main accused why released him on bail. I want to say here that Pakistan punished due to no vote for (ex PM Australia) ICC’s president. Mazhar Majeed escaped some boys. Anyhow, let watch the drop seen.

  127. i am agree to with your point that no time and nothing on the video 2nd if they have tip on 25 why they not put it up on 26 or they can go to yard police and just give them some hint. if they want any ordinary person can make same video or even if you want i can make a video of any x match and can chrge that its spot fixixng so please push these points up before we loose our upcoming talent. i am not concern about butt i am only worried about our world best attach 2 A’s (amir and asif).

  128. Nadir says:

    Get a like you lame English people! You always are after Pakistani team from 80s from time of Waqar and Wasim.. You were the same assholes who used to call reverse swing ‘ball tempering’. And when you own bowlers like Flintoff or simon jones do it you call them amazing ballers.

    Coming on this aweful video, i keep all the discussion on one side and ask one simple question! Majority of the video cameras now adays come up with time and date mentioned in the video. And when the cameraman already knew that some day he have to present that in front of public why did he used camera which clearly shows time and date mentioned?

    Unfortnately this is totally absurd and i totally refuse this video!

  129. dr faysal says:

    god bless you brother plz help pakistan

  130. M. Adeel says:

    Indian lobby once again successful with the help of English Newspaper and Pakistani media. Special thanks to Jew (which is written as Geo) News in Pakistan to defame every good thing related to Pakistan.

  131. Yaqeen Qr. says:

    It is as simple as that Mazhar Majeed is photo curious, he wanted media attraction and he succeeded in attracting world press and electronic media, it was well organized pre planned event, now within no time his name, photographs and videos are talk of the world for a couple of days.

  132. Abdullah says:

    if any of this was fake then why arent these players fighting for their rights or saying something to prove their innocence????
    kamran should be suspended…..
    afridi was smart to let himself off this situation……
    corrupted players…..anay to do inhay pakistan main phir halat dekhna 😛

    • Dear, sometimes the 2nd party own such strong evidences that even the false thing becomes true at the time. The first rule of the law in order to protect yourself is to wait for the results, then decide how can you prove your innocence.

  133. AB says:

    Why the Hell Salman Butt will make pictures with bookie or match fixer…logically he’ll avoid making any picture…n wait guys..very first day the fixer guy accepted that he fixed the match and give his remarks abt involvement of Pakistani players then why Scotland Junk Yard released him??? why??? not just released…there is no charge on him…WTH??

  134. Salman says:

    Stop all this rubbish….those who are blaming & tarnishing the name of pakistan…It’s clear from the pics that’s bogus…n that is not the way to conduct such a massive scam in this ridiculous way…as these videos has shown.. This is the childish to believe on these footage.

  135. sufia says:

    yes….the shirt is different even with the color. for those of u whod like to dispute that: the shirt in the car is of a light color whereas the one in which fixer is shown handing his jacket over is a dark color. regardless of the conditions of the light, it is always easy to distinguish b/w light and dark colors. secondly the collar of the shirt is missing when the jacket is handed over.

    the video also does not show what happens BETWEEN the so called fixer sitting in the car and actually going up to the players to give them the money. and how come all of a sudden the view of the camera changes? when the fixer moves forward in his seat, the camera also moves back, even though it is clear that there is no one in the front seats of the car? what sort of a hidden camera is this that moves automatically at appropriate moments?

  136. Rafey says:

    @ Sameer Mit,
    this is what you wrote : I have read the comments and they do not satisfy me. The person is trying to defend the team with some lame excuses. Considering the facts provided on the webpage are nothing but a way of confusing the people of Pakistan and a try to defend the culprits. The points mentioned against the pictures and video have no weight and cannot be considered as propaganda by English media.

    We should try to face the facts that these players are shame for our country and should be treated accordingly, instead of defending them.

    I dunno where you from..but boy, first of all the allegations are still not proved so you cant speak on that..secondly tell me one thing what if your brother is caught in such an act and the investigations are going on ?? what will you do ?? will u fuckin say to hang him without even knowing what the truth is?? dude get some life that is the love we have for our cricketers ( brotherly love ).. we love them and we will support them.
    take care..n yeah dont judge the book by its cover.

  137. Nadeem Zaman says:

    Some of Pakistani Legends said that, ” Previous record of the mention news paper is not gud, and they are use too to do these type of scandals in past and pay the fine also.

    According to Pakistani media, the past record of M.Asif is not so good, and his ex-wife blamed him in match fixing in Jan 2010 series of Australia. in her exclusive interview she mentioned Salman Butt & M.Amir also……………..?

    • Famous stars of Hollywood Brad Pitt & Anggelina Jolie won the cases against ‘NOTW’.

      Pakistani media just want a story: Veena Malik is not the ex-wife of Mohammad Asif. She just to destroy Mohammad Asif because of Family matters. While Mohammad Aamer & Salman Butt also supported ‘Mohammad Aamer’, that’s why he also mentioned them in the interview. The world knows about her character.

  138. Salim Akhtar says:

    What a load of shit…what planet are these people living in? one conspiracy theory after another. First the 9/11 then the 7/7 and now this ??? WHAT ?? Man wake up, while the Almighty is in the forgiving mood. Just eat the humble pie, admit that we are a bunch of corrupt, cheating 2 faced DALAALs who do not deserve to be rubbing shoulders with the genuine cricket lovers.

  139. uzairhasan says:


  140. pakistan zindabad says:

    the first pic is soooo fake ……all three man have differnt quality ……so the picture was added together by some a*sh*le

  141. Azeem Khan says:

    I agree. Great work done. From day one I’m with Pakistan. PAKISTAN ZINDABAD.

  142. furqan says:

    This blog is great.Long Live Pakistan and Pakistani Team..This scandal was a try to demoralize the pakistani team..because they have fear of us..and Inshallah we will beat them in t20 and odis..

  143. Rehman Siddqui says:

    This is exactly what I pointed out! you must show this to the scotland yard .. and in your faces pakistan haters!!!!

    • Just keep sharing because Scotland Yard is the most intelligent, powerful agency of the world & these facts are in front of them, that’s why they didn’t arrested any Pakistani players.

  144. wajahat ali says:

    Its a complete propaganda in which they would nevever succeed INAHALLAH. England was scared of M.Amir & M.Asif’s performences in test series and they wouldn’t want them in the T20 and ODI series. Indian lobby is also involved in this game. They wants to destroy these guy’s and pakistan’s cricket future that’s all. It is so shameful for paki media, our Prime Minister and President for their reaction prior to any solid evidences, they showed they are completely ignorant(Prime Minister & President).

  145. sumair says:

    the evidence provided by british media is fake because they want to break the team before odi or t20 series

  146. angel eyez says:

    I m wid d pakistani players.. these people are just trying to damage the overall reputation of the country … and come on lets accept the fact that this is not the first time any player in world history went for such act.. but wyh pointing out pakistani players and that too at this point of time when pakistan is already suffering.. Well, all i believe is that no matter wt they do on this earth at last they r gonna answer for all this one day..!!

  147. ahmad says:

    i support you.

    its just a elegation they did prove any thing .

  148. hassan shan says:

    well i dont knw exactly what is done in england but evidence and all the tapes are against the pak team but one thing is for sure that english media is involved in all this .nasir hussain ,micheal holding,even micheal hussy thel all denied to accept this because amir is so young and he dont knw any thing . he is trapped by some people so please stop this and play series with full spark

  149. nabb... says:

    guys sab ghalti kartay hain.. per humarey country main agar koi kuch ghalat karta hai toh hum usko itnaaa insult kartay hain k international media main woh baat bahuat ziyada hype pay ho jati hai.. while on the contrary agr doosaray countries main kuch aisa hota hai toh woh image maintain karnay k liye baat ko daba detay hain… so stop creating a corrupted image of Pakistan …

  150. Saad says:

    haha.. you are in denial my brother.. salman butt is wearing a velvet coat.. which you are perceiving to be HD pic is just a glossy coat.

    Plus not once during his conference did he say that he was innocent and he rejects these allegations. These players are a disgrace to the nation.

    Also you first try to allege that the face has been replaced as the neck is too broad and than say that something is wrong with the coat, which one is it? If he is super imposed, then how does his neck appear false to you and if only the face has been changed how is the coat/jacket fake? O hang on, maybe they took someone else picture, superimposed him with the fixer and then changed his face to look like Salman Butt instead of taking a picture of his directly.

    Come out of denial, inko Sialkot ke hawalay kerdou.

    • Dear friend, I agree with you that it is a velvet coat, but if you are a photographer that a digital camera always throw equal flash on everyone. Let’s take that the velvet coat is the cause of shining, I’m going to ask you that how much it will shine, man! just look at the left side of the coat, how much is it shining & now look at the right side of the coat, how much is it shining. Compare them! This is a velvet coat (you just said), Why the left part is not shining?

      2nd ! I didn’t say anything that the face of the Salman Butt is replaced, where is it? Can you please under line it.
      3rd ! I didn’t say that the neck of the Salman Butt is too broad, I’m talking about the shadow of the neck.

    • Sufia says:

      why is salman butt’s FACE brighter than the rest of the pic too? there’s no coat there, is there?

  151. oye says:

    ohh cumonnnn ppl….. the news of the world is to be blamed “IF” these are false aligations….. you ppl should not blame the english and indians for anything…. news of the world did this to their own ppl aswell….. just like our media does to us….. its just the money that make em do such things to their own ppl….. and “IF” our players are guilty then its just them to be blamed….
    i hope its all fake… otherwise its just dissapointment….
    and as for the big step no ball amir bowlled…. he is an inexperiened player and young…. it can be counted as a mistake….
    as for salman butt…. becoming the capitan of the NATIONAL team is a big thing…. no one would waste that opertunity on gambling….
    still im neither with the team nor against them…. ye to sach janne k bad he patta chalega….

  152. annie says:

    superb & True work done………………..cha gae ho yar………….

  153. totti says:

    this is totally fake video’s
    its 100% ridiculous.
    allot of errors in video’s and pics if u analyze.

    mazhar majeed told us after poor performance of kamran akmal.
    y did he not show before?
    and after lord test scenerio this video shown, these r not sufficient proof.

    totally double standards international cricket.

  154. hidden truth says:

    well most interesting,funny thing is wahab raiz and Umer amin is not in the investigation as you can see in video they are taking jacket from Mazar Ameen, UK Newspaper has named Pakistan team’s best player under match fixing, and its bad habbit of UK media through out history when ever Pakistan cricket team has visited UK there are lame allegations, either ball tempering, match fixing but in last world cup and up coming world cup Pakistan cricket team’s last visit was UK last time was ball tempering allegations on Pakistani team which was not proven true really bad UK media, really really bad

  155. Anus says:

    I belive in my team .. they cant do this i knw!! this was just a allegation to pak players coz mohammed amir and asif was bowling excellent and all english players and management was jealous tht how can a pak player can be such talented!!

  156. fahad says:

    wana share somethimng…when Amir bowled a no ball..before that salman butt hd a few words n at that time what commentators was saying after he bowled that the field setup was for a bouncer….i do remember it….so just wanted to share

  157. Sam says:

    Here, Majeed gets arrested again, LOL:


    • Thanks for sharing. “It proves that he was arrested by customs officers over claims that he has laundered tens of millions of pounds through non-League football club Croydon Athletic.”

  158. Bilal Tahir says:

    Just out of curiosity, my question to those who think its not a trap, Why would anyone pay money to Umar Amin who was not even playing that test match or Wahab Riaz who was playing just his second test match?I dont think any smart gambler would.

    I pray to God that truth comes out and our Heroes are given back the respect they deserve and whole world and news of the world gets a shutup call.

  159. totti says:

    if any bowler want to hit the ball to mouth or helmet he need a force….when a bowler ball forcely then there may be a great chances of no ball……

  160. totti says:

    if mazhar majeed says that pakistan will loose first two oneday international against england then reporter and his fake organization shud wait the result of first two ODI’s.

    why they did not wait???????????????????

  161. I totally suggest we should’t be targeting the news papers is accused for alot of irressponsible news as well.

  162. totti says:

    mazhar majeed says first over belong to AAMIR and 10th over belongs to Asif.

    every body knows pakistan balling start from aamir and asif.

    what makes it new?

  163. Najam says:

    I know that many people love conspiracies … Maybe there is no conspiracy at all but there are some points to be noted… It is proven that spot-fixing happens in every team… Remember, spot and match fixing are two entirely different things… Though spot-fixing is not legal as well but it couldn’t become the reason of any team’s defeat…

    Moreover, look at the current diplomatic relations between Pak and UK… It is worse than ever.. David Cameron gave a controversial statement against Pakistan last month when he was visiting India… Few days ago, Pakistan had refused to accept the UK aid for flood victims… So diplomatic relations are not in good shape now a days…

    Second, it is seen in test matches that Pakistan has a lethal bowling attack … It could be destructive in limited overs game for England.. Pakistan’s T20’s performance is better than England… In these situation if this scandal came up, it makes sense…

    If you look at the previous Pakistan’s tours of UK and Australia… their media always used to fabricate these kind of news against Pakistan and maybe for every visiting team…

    I agree, if there is any culprit, he should be given exemplary punishment…. But if there is any conspiracy, our foreign office and PCB officials should take serious action……

  164. ISHFAQ NIAZI says:


  165. daud hassan says:

    GR8 job, best leagal issue`s, can be seen in it, nd my one point plz do think over it, scotland yard r known as the best in the world in investigating, if they had any prove to take these guys, they have had arrested them on same night when they entered in their rooms,but they nether they found anyone guilty while prosecuting nor they found anything suspecious. nd still those guys r charge less, specially SALMAN BUTT who himself dnt know whats the charge against him. it just our irresponsible pakistan`i media specially GEO GROUP(who represents a specific lobby). nd one more thing to prove this media wrong, they were giving info abt mazhar when he was arrested, how can any info leaks out when a person is arrested by one of the best agencies of the world?

  166. moosa says:

    I would love to mention one thing here.. this is a not the first time british media has tried to destroy pakistani cricket.. in 1992 they were against wasim akram and waqar younis, before that mike gatting had a fight with umpire of pakistan shakoor rana in pakistan.. imran khan were sued by ian bothom coz of ball tampering.. and imran khan won the case..
    so this is just a trap from english media to destroy our cricket..

  167. PakInCali says:

    Please don’t resort to cheap comments like “Are you Indian”. Face the facts – we are a corrupt country whether or not this is true (and it highly likely is based on the evidence) – and it is hardly surprising that anyone would believe that our team would resort to this.

  168. yeah this is a propaganda against pakistan…..and we should support our players….they are our brothers…..i think these all evidence are jxt crap…….shame on pakistani media who started blaming our players without knowing the truth…….

  169. Hassan Javed Warraich says:

    well done. i totally agree, and some of the points u mentioned i was exactly thinking the same even before reading this article!

  170. Hassan Javed Warraich says:

    but the sad thing is they had to do something to get rid of our bowlers. and unfortunately they might succeed. u cud see how harsh the commentators were, especially English. Holding was defending us infact.

  171. irfan says:

    fake fake fake….. aamir n asif r da most talented n backbone ov pakistani team n its propaganda to breakup team n presurize players as it affect their performance in WORLD CUP 2011. shame on pakistani media,

  172. Muahmmad Rashid says:

    hey guyz just look the third pictre again its completly done by photo shop just notice that pictre again in which salman butt is satnding with match fixer & reporter.

  173. Tash says:

    You are right. I never belived this story in the first place. Fuk this guy Junaid and his Indian buddies like Mazhar majeed. this is a Brit and Indian conspiracy and who belives the world of the news is crazy as no one belives in the GUTTER PRESS, to which this newspaper belongs.

  174. Farhan Khalid says:

    Dear brothers,
    One thing is very clear that all these videos are fake ones. I m surprised on the people who can believe on such sort of videos… OUR enemies who r jealous from us and from Muslims they r trying from their birth till now to eliminate the Muslim power but every time they wasn’t able to get success in their ridiculous and idiotic aims. One thing i would like share that we all muslims should be united and should never believe the blo*dy fake videos in which nothing is clear. Today wat we can do anything with pictures and videos on Adobe photoshop. OUR enemy is trying to create distress among muslims and wants to destroy r union but they surley will fail in their poor aims. These r the actual terrorists who r working against the humanity. They are not the humans. I request all the muslims to get unite and defeat them… May Allah helps us. Ameen

  175. Nimra says:

    Excellent point: In the car the so called ‘Fixer’ is wearing ‘Light Blue’ shirt & when he is giving his jacket to Wahab Riaz, he is wearing ‘Black’ shirt.

    I hope and wish all these allegations are proven false and then the team should sue this magazine.

  176. shahrukh says:


  177. ahmad subhani says:

    hi,actually we r stupid and britain media knows we r stupid thats y they do like that .they think they can make us foolish and they succeded,,we should suport our team,,we should not let the people to say against our team n nation,

  178. Farhan says:

    Wahab Riaz is having a cold shake hes not feeling cold. And i wouldnt be such a big idiot to hand a coat full of cash to some idiot like that. and there is nothing wrong with these pics. I hate to say this but all proof goes against them, but its still not 100 percent proof. but they need to keep an eye on these players from now on. Pakistan team is on dangerous grounds. Rameez raja is a ball suck*r he will also go where the cash is….damn bast*rd

  179. Shaban Jan says:

    I agree with this , I am against England and supporting Pakistan.

  180. Nawazish says:

    ahmad you are right we are stupid and they want to make us fool but they don’t know we are also intelligent i see video he want to make us fool in video he wear blue shirt and than black what is that……..

  181. thinker says:

    now all the teams r afraid of Pakistani team that they r getting stronger day by day and the world cup is near so there for they want Ban on good Pakistani bowling players

  182. rizwan says:

    I totally agree with all those who believe that these are just allegation which have not been proven yet so pakistani players are still innocent. as for demoralizing our team, that sounds pretty convincing to me because recently we have been the white shark in the sea of T20 and even in 50 over match Pakistani team is pretty dangerous. Now with the morals down and with less energy, how come they’re going to give their best? this whole situation now benefits England. i’m not blaming the England team to be a part of this. but it is possible that bookies community is behind all this.

    No matter what happens next, but our players have not yet been proven guilty. So unless they’re proven guilty we should support them.

  183. Vanessa Samuel says:

    Well done. Its gud to know that all Pkaistani’s havent lost their minds yet. That there is still some common sense in people. The future of Pakistan is hanging by a thread and by pulling such propaganda’s it makes it worst.I request all Pakistani’s to stand united and support the Pakistani players. Raise voice for them so that never gain any other country or media wud dare raise a finger on them.
    Its a shame that our media has supported and given wieght to a fake news or atleast one that has not been “proven”. Its time these young players get their respect and honour back by the British and pakistani media apologising for their acts.

  184. HB says:

    not a new thing happen, english media always try to demolish our team spirits by such propaganda, but we as a nation must trust our cricketers first and should blame them only when they proved guilty rather then declaring them guilty.

  185. kashif sahi says:

    in sab ko goli se otaa do bagerat jin ko apne ap ki aur pakistan ki prwa nae in ka ham se koe talaq nae

  186. Faisal says:

    there can be possibility that English media try to put all blame on pakistani player but i cant say that pakistani player cant do such thing ever. Its been happening from Imran khan, so no one can say until its proved and i hope scotland yard would decide correctly with some evidence and its not pakistani police. sorry no offence but i feel really bad when i heard and i prayer they would play next match with neat.

  187. […] Re: Spot-fixing/Match-fixing scandal Has any one shared this??? Hidden facts behind fake evidences of ‘News Of The World’! World of Cricket […]

  188. Hardboiled says:

    This indeed is a very great video to watch ……..and now everybody can see that all that happened was a complete planned activity again Pakistan and one the best Cricket team in the world.
    People who did this should be punished to extreme….

    Pakistan Zindabad…….

  189. nazir shaikh says:

    this is fake story planned by British media because paistn’s young bowlers like mr Muhammad Aamir and Saeed Ajmal were going top this fact can not be swalloed by britishers

  190. ABC says:

    If all these evidences are true, then Pakistan cricket board & ICC must case on “News World” and to “England board”. bcoz they have rottened image of Player and Pakistan.


    • There are several cases against NOTW & the famous Hollywood Stars ‘Brad Pitt’ & ‘Angelina Joli’ won the case against NOTW.

      • Tariq Umar says:

        Dear ALL
        Just cant’ digest one thing i.e. whenever we find a good bowler either Australia or England try to trap them. The ‘so called’ scandals of Imran Khan, Waqar, Wasim, Shoaib Akhtar, M. Asif, Saqlain and now a threat to top of the line batsmen of the world Muhammad Amir being pulled into ditch. Before reacting we must analyse the ‘History’. Please refer to Imran Khans’ latest interview to press. Now the Big question mark is why Pakistan on top? The answer is the cartel of Bookies in India. Do they think our player are weapons of mass destruction? Lets cross our fingers and wait.

  191. Zahid Ali says:

    Pakistan Zindabad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I agree with this , I am against England and supporting Pakistan.

  192. shahid says:

    Its our problem we dont accept our mistakes, because we are all belong to the same curropt society how can I admit my illegal activities. Hope is a good thing but truth and past facts remains there.

  193. Shahan says:

    ” …the weather in England is cold & may be Wahab Riaz is feeling cold so Wahab just borrowed the jacket from him.” Extremely funny!

  194. Sharry says:

    Well i just see all this and i know from the first day that alll this is fake coz i know about that news papers that is the cheapest news paper in london or samjh ye baat nai ati fixer ko chordiya jata hai jinhonay kuch balkay buhata kuch kiya or baqi pakistani players ko pakarliya jata hai then kamran akmal ko clear kardiya jata hai whats this i dono kay ye ho kya raha hia actually jab jab koi pakistani bowler top per hota hai English media do the same thing

    and one thing more i always want to protest again Geo Tv jinho nay khilariyo kay ilzamat sabit hoye bina un ki bezati ki or begerti ki baat ye kay news of the world kay head say interview bhi liya or shabashi bhi di fu**ing yahodi tv channel geo in pakistan inhonay ajmal khasab kay pakistani honay kay shawahid bhi khud hi pesh kiye thay they are not pakistani they just work for money i think we all have to protest against geo tv

  195. noman says:

    this is a plan of british media to make pakistan down boling pakistan boling side is making outstanding performance

    no one can make down to pakistan

    weare the best

    we are the true campions of cricket


  196. khadim says:

    these are just alligations.our media is also just creating hype on it. ENGLISH MEDIA WILL BE SHAME FULL AFTER SOMETIME

  197. Jaguar says:

    Yes, I am also thinking this is fake video shown above and picture is modified. Salman Butt Picture has pasted between these two guys, I think this is conspiracy of English and Indian Media. They can’t prove it, and why did they hide face of the third person “Our Man”. what the hell with that guy, Is he a ugly person, ………… Shame on all those persons or media and those who believing its a true story and Pakistani Players should be punished.
    Who bailed the fixer? and why Police accept the bail, which person fill up the BAIL PIECE….

    This is ridiculous……..

    And shame on Pakistani Players too, who are paid heavy match fees and enjoy a lot of Benefits and luxuries but still they perform 0…..

  198. Shahzad Basra says:

    We should wait for the investigation report. One thing is clear spot fixing is common and it is just bad luck that ony Pakistani players are alleged. What about the recent shamefull performance of Indian Team against Sri Lanka????

  199. sameer says:

    how about the cash which had no source found in the 4 cricketers room what about it…and what about the mobile fone conversaation….by amir during the lost match in shrilanka…during asia cup there was no england then!!!

    • Mohammad Aamer was cleared by the ICC ACSU & it was proved that he was not talking with anyone, he was setting his helmet & was waiting for his turn. This is on record.

    • kashif says:

      scotland yard ill resolve the matter u dont have to worry but if our players prove innocent, then u must have to say sorry to our heroes 4 the allegation u rise

  200. Naveed Kharadi says:

    Just tell me this, as the world is now become global village, Technology is at its peak, so why the bookie get cash instead of tranfer money by a single click by online banking??????????????

    • Because cash is not as traceble as internet and bank transfers!! Be a bit smarter with your points, if someone starts getting bank transfers for £150 000 banks and tax men start asking questions..

  201. totti says:

    totally ridiculous/fake video.

    no time and date mention in the video.
    fixer shirts color r different.
    fixer put money in the right side he shows later on left side.
    y news reporter di not wait first two ODI’s result?
    fixer openly counting money in a room.

    propaganda against pakistan and its cricket and its talent.

  202. totti says:




  203. totti says:



  204. Abdul says:

    this bulshit english media is just doing fake propaganda agsinst our heroes
    they (english media) r playing with our sentiments ,sentiments of pakistaniz

  205. Aamir Ali says:

    YEAH this is a fake evidence make by british because they knew pakistan would cursh them in the odi and t20

  206. Assalam Alaikum;

    Agreed as above outlined objections and filmed as well;
    I always said it may have been planned by the Indian Zionist Cricket Board.
    but we should keep the balance and both sides of the coins must be observed,

    Izhar Ahmed Syed.

  207. suleman says:

    It’s a propganda against our bowler M.Amir & M.Asif

  208. wiseadvizer says:

    Newspaper must be sued for 100 M$ by BCCP for staging a conspiracy to defame Pakistan.
    The role of news paper must be to reveal an active fixing or a plot but not to make a plot. They used money to bribe youngster who slipped, it just like that I produce some money to a youngster to pick a pocket and then I make a Video of that and start crying about to catch a thief…but who is the CULPRIT at first place…??

    Here The CULPRIT is the Newspaper and it should not be let run away.

  209. Usman says:

    I am a Pakistani myself and disheartened by whatever happened. I did not find a single thing that you wrote convincing…

    There is no difference between the quality of picture, the pose of the people in the picture doesnt matter because sometimes they are in front and sometimes on the back, and there is no shadow of Salman’s neck…

    The only thing that is on my mind is the time of the video taken, if it was after the event of no balls then definitely it is a scam otherwise everything that happened and is happening is the proof of guilt for these Paki players… They should be banned for life….

    The biggest problem with Pakis is that they dont accept their mistakes and hence they dont learn from it.

    If you do the mistake accept it, appologise and move forward and never make it happen again.

  210. wiseadvizer says:

    Main culprit is The Newspaper. Grab him for conspiracy and staging a fake drama.
    It is just like I bribe a greedy or needy person to commit a crime and make a video of that to prove him guilty…….
    But real culprit would be me just Like this newspaper..

  211. wiseadvizer says:

    Newspaper’s role is to REVEAL an existing conspiracy or a Plot. But in any case NOTW do not have a right to stage a trap and bribe some one to act like they want…
    Shameful act from a journalist and a newspaper.
    Govt of Pakistan must take stern stand.. will they????

  212. taz says:

    guys, regardless of this weak attempt to try and say the news of the world evidence is fake, mazhar sat there and counted the money, said the no-balls were going to “happen” and “have been arranged” meaning that he meant they had not happened yet, meaning that that meeting took place before the match. in terms of the whole time/date thing, all videos have a time of recording, just because its not shown on the edited version for all of us to see does not mean the police haven’t seen it, otherwise they would not have arrested him and three others. No matter how hard anyone on here tries to defend these pakistani players and individuals, it does not take away the fact that he is guilty along with the players, so can all you pakistanis stop being in denial and understand the fact that your team is full of greedy match fixers!

    • Scotland Yard said that ‘Majeed was arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud bookmakers. So…

    • wiseadvizer says:

      I am really worried about Aamer, he is just 20 and became the victim of a bribe. I do not think he is mature enough to understand the reality of the media access and power. He might have not resisted that huge amount presented by the NEWSPAPER. who is responsible for his misfortune.
      Who can make a just conclusion?
      Poor innocent victim of a media trap.

  213. Amir says:

    yeah the reality is here and it is proved how the blo*dy english media made the propoganda against our team…and they should ashamed of what they did…

  214. Jawad says:

    I’ve been going through the comments and then finally feel an urge to yell aloud that most of “Against” guys even don’t know the ABC of cricket especially fast bowler. they don’t know that Lord’s wicket is the most slopiest wicket where M. Amir never bowled before and if any one of stupid finger-pointers had ever got guts to bowl FAST as Amir do he better knows how difficult is to control your front foot while bowling down the hill. FREAKIN BAST*RDS………Comment cricket is much much easy then to putting all your flesh and bones practically in the game.
    What the hell you guys understand about fast bowling!!

    • simon mather says:

      ummmm amir never bowled at lords before????? i wonder where the t20 final was held in 2009?

      again a stupid paki coming up with a dumbass excuse. now wonder you guys were caught, you’ve no brains!!

  215. Anu says:

    Iagree wid da points mentioned above but really there r sevrl qustions which are unanswrd lyk mazher majeed wid our team asstnt manger n all…

    Actually I blve the pro z wid team managemnt not wid the playrs if v have sincere mangmnt idnt thnk any playr can do anythng wrng.

    V r wid u…..

  216. Maria says:

    As per the ICC constitution its not even match fixing…. not even a gamble….. people are trying to injure the image of Pakistani players…… apart fromt that…. these videos might have been made after the match … In today’s era no one counts cash as it has been shown in the clip and that much amount of cash .??? seriously .. how lame is that…..people electronically transfer all types of cash black white or gray… so … NEWS papers you’ve got to come up with some better stuff…..

  217. faisal says:

    Watson earlier made a comment to the effect “Whether its in their culture or not…”- guess someone needs to remind him of the ‘culture’ Warne and Waugh showed in the past!

    Shame on such a stupid mind person !

  218. amna says:

    ok,if this whole thing was really fake,then the pakistani cricketers should hav raised their voices against it and should have said that we never did this and salman butt would have said that its not him in the picture…but no word 4m him…i am a pakistani i am just saying that the picture really looks fake but i think they have done this..i really love pakistan i just dont like the current cricketers..they spoilt our country’s reputation!:(

    • Dear friend,

      Sometimes the 2nd part has some strong evidences which can change the false thing to true & as the case is under investigation so it is difficult to file a case against NOTW. When the investigations will over then the case will be filed against NOTW, Insha’ALLAH.

    • Tariq Umar says:

      Dear Ms. Amna

      1) There is code of conduct. No team players are allowed to deny or otherwise without managements’ decision.
      2) From psychological point of view, if someone slaps on others face, it takes him some time to regain senses.
      3) Cricketers are ‘high profile’ players and normally they are reluctant to face such allegations (unlike our politicians).
      4) Last but not the least ‘blast of samjhota express’ was an indian service personnels’ act ,whereas WE were blamed. It took some time but ‘patience pays off’

      Dua-ju (Dua seeker)


  219. yamna says:

    yeah agree wid al these facts………. dont understand y our media n people r also blaming n criticising them????????????? al v c n hear is not always true……………… stil suporting our cricket team n players…………………. its just a ploting n conspiracy frm british agaist our players n they r trying 2 play wid da emotions of pakistani…………….. INSHALLAH al this wil solve out quickly n in favour of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as kamran is given clear in da same way salman, aamir n asif wil also b given clear INSHALLAH!!!!!

  220. SHARJEEL says:


  221. yamna says:

    yeah agre 2 al da facts given above……………. dont understand y our media n people r blaming n criticising them they should support them in this difficult time………………… al u c n hear is always not true…………….. stil suporting da pak team n players!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as kamran is given clear in da same way salman, aamir, asif n other players wil INSHALLAH b given clear………………… just praying 2 ALLAH that al this solve out quickly n in favour of them(AMEEN)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>>>>>>>>!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  222. irfan says:

    salam to all,
    i agree with many people who spoke that ECB is against pakistan ever.we have found lot of cases before but here i m doubtful especially about kamran who has been released.if our players r innocent then why did afridi say that he had spoken to PCB and management about the players who r involved in macth fixing.was he wrong???????????????

  223. Sarah says:

    I will go for paki team …. n stop supporting fake evidence …. dont u have brainss … i noe u dont thts y u dont wanna c the truth…. :@


  224. Waqar says:

    I Am 10,000% Agree With You.This is propaganda against Pakistan.

  225. Raja says:

    This is too funny. Good thing the author of this article isn’t the lawyer- they’d be going to jail quicker than you think.

    A cheat is a cheat. Face it.

    • You may not know about the ‎((Universal Declaration of Human Rights))

      Article 11:

      1) Everyone charged with a penal offence has the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law in a public trial at which he has had all the guarantees necessary for his defence.


      Scotland also said that there is no allegation against the Pakistani players. People like you are destroying Cricket. Don’t try to defend stupid newspaper.

      You also forget that the famous Stars of Hollywood Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie won the case against NOTW.

      Everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

  226. Firoz Khan says:

    Good article and attempt to bring out the truth. Howeve, the case is subjudiced in the court. Let’s wait for the judgement instead of jumping to any conclusion at this stage. I request your readers to stop name calling India and conecntrate instead on the “Conspiracy.” If the cricketers involve are ultimately proved ‘Not guilty’ then PCB and players must sui NOTW (news of the World)

  227. shazy says:

    you can also see that salman butt’s eyez have red eye effect but the fixer does not when it seems that he is also looking rite into the camera lens!!!

  228. Andrew Wilson says:

    Where in the world did you come up with such stupid ideas? your team cheated and you’re actually defending them and that too so stupidly. pakistan cricket should be banned forever, we dont need cheats like you in the game.

    one question though, how did the bookie know that the 3rd ball will be a no-ball from amir the night before? unless ofcourse amir was in on the scam and was cheating.

    • You may not know about the ‎((Universal Declaration of Human Rights))

      Article 11:

      1) Everyone charged with a penal offence has the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law in a public trial at which he has had all the guarantees necessary for his defence.


      Scotland also said that there is no allegation against the Pakistani players. People like you are destroying Cricket. Don’t try to defend your own stupid newspaper.

      You also forget that the famous Stars of Hollywood Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie won the case against NOTW.

      Everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

  229. The Conqueror says:

    One thing more came to my mind…

    Mazhar Majeed told reporter about two no-balls which were bowled on day 1 as shown in video.
    and he called them laster and told them about another no-ball which was bowled on day 2.
    Now, my point is, if he knew the time of three no-balls BEFORE the match, why didn’t he tell them about all three no-balls at the same time? In the video he told them about 2 no-balls and then he called them and told them about another no ball. Seems ridiculous
    I think the first video was made after the play of day 1, and then, when Aamir bowled another no ball on day 2, they might have thought ‘let’s also include this’. And they made another call in which Majeed telling the reported when the third no-ball will be bowled.
    and also, NOTW didn’t add time and date because video was made after no-balls. I don’t think any news agency can be that fool to make a video (which is evidence of everything) with out date and time.

  230. simon mather says:

    hahaha these pakis are so stupid, they’ll believe anything. lousy cheating cricketers. ban em all.

  231. hammad khan says:

    kiya ho
    dob kr mar jana chanya

  232. Adeel says:

    LOL, Mashallah. Pakistanis in denial as usual. They either need to play the race card, or blame it on the Jews or Indians. Lets please limit the humiliation that we are receiving by being civilized and adult about this. Face facts. There is an inherent and deep-rooted culture of corruption amongst the well-to-do in Pakistan.

    The only way to overcome this is to await the due process the Police will give this investigation, and then deal with the fall out.

    Lets grow up please.

  233. SabihDada says:

    I certainly agree with your research into it…..and lets take me or example, i would have done anything similar after thinking tens of thousands of times because i would have known how quickly people back there in my country and the administration take any bad performance as being FIXED, and as far as the money is concerned, our cricketers are paid a handsome amount back at home by the PCB and their Departments as well monthly. Plus all that they get from brands and stuff. 10000-20000 pounds is just nothing against that……..NOTW should immediately publicly apologize for all this crap……

  234. Zaigham says:

    long live asif & aamir they can demolish english batsmen in ODI n T20

  235. blossom girl says:

    i agree wid u…all d pics r fake and we should support our players…..dis is just a conspiracy against us frm d stupid british media

  236. Nash says:

    Dear all,
    i m British national.. I personally think that these players are innocent to the extent of this spot fixing scandal.. I have been going through some Pakistani channels and found out an amazing fact. None of the players were caught red handed neither any player’s name was given by Scotland Yard.. Anyways I m big fan of Pakistani cricketers.. Imran khan, Wasim akram, Umer Gul, Saeed Anwer…

  237. usman shahid says:

    i thnk pakistan should cancel the tour…..

  238. i agree with this videos facts and figures that are provided into videos i want to say only one thing and its my request to my media like GEO,ARY.EXPRESS and soo many others channels plz defend your people don’t blam them before any true judgement
    critisize them but in positive manners please learn national intrest ,
    if u don’t have acadmy for learning plz contact me i ll tel u

  239. Hamza says:

    Oh please, cut the conspiracy theories.

    How can Amir and Asif bowl such HUGE no-balls? Do you have an explanation to that? People need to stop defending the team and accept the REAL FACTS.

    Amir and Asif aren’t ten year olds, they are experienced Test and ODI players, how can they make such huge no-balls?

  240. Mani says:

    Videos also seem to be FAKE……
    Bcz always camera is set such that the REPORTER is HiDDEN and MAZHER is active and watching the CAMERA……….
    HAHAHAHA ENG-MEDIA should be Fined….:@:@:@

  241. Umair Javaid says:

    Well i totally agree to this
    And for the matter of the fact this video was revealed 36 hours after the incident, so u cannot say it conclusive. and i remember Stephen Harmison and Andrew Caddick bowling no balls bigger the ones Amir bowled. So u cant just say that no one has ever done it before. I hav some links in the Pakistani media and their are some news coming out about the Wahab Riaz’s part in which he is clearly shown taking the jacket, the report says:
    1. The difference in the colour of the shirt of the fixer
    2. There is a missing link in the video which was the fixer coming out of the car and heading towards the restaurant.
    3. That so called fixer was the agent of several Pakistani players, and after the third test news came that Surrey county wants Wahab in their team, so even if there was the money in the jacket and he gave it to wahab it could be for that contract.
    4. The reporter must have asked the fixer to arrange a meeting of his with Paki players in order to capture them to make his report lethal. Thats a technical point and people related to the journalism know this

  242. kazmi says:


  243. Humar says:


  244. Ahmad says:

    Simply LPC to English media….

  245. Truthseeker says:

    Why the Pakistani cricketers have not called for a press conference on this issue? Plus…why were there a large sum of cash in one of the cricketer’s locker room?

    Given the nature of Pakitanis in general, it is likely that such a criminal act was committed by this cricket team.

    • Cash? The number of notes given by reporter didn’t match to cash found in players’ room.
      Yes, this is such a criminal act, but only if proven. But the truth is evidence are so weak. I am not sayin’ that, Scotland Yard said that..
      And I DO believe that there are many faults in evidence.
      I think it’s a trap made by Mazhar and NOTW against Pakistani Cricketers’.
      My question is…
      The video in the car has a missing link in the video which is when the fixer coming out of the car and heading towards the restaurant.
      So Mazhar must have had the money out in that time.
      If they give me the video (continuous one) then there will be no doubt in my mind.
      Secondly, the 1st video has NO TIME STAMP on it. Do you think a news-agency is so dumb to make a video of no-balls (which is overall evidence) without time stamp?
      If there was a REAL TIME STAMP on the video then I didn’t have any doubt in my mind.
      The picture of Salman Butt looks so fake, no question about it.
      I have posted another picture before, can you tell me how that one is true?

  246. mohammad shafi says:

    i also agree who make this report he done a good job some body is trying to ban pakistan team for 5 year from international cricket

  247. kashif says:

    we fully support our Paki heroes and protest against geo super an indian channel run in Pak and make our innocent people fool to earn revenue

  248. MIR RIZWAN SHAH says:

    The picture of Salman Butt with reporter and Majeed is totally FAKE, a simple proof is that in that pic Salman Butt has RED eyes but the eyes of Majeed are not red???
    MAJEED’s picture was taken with a different camera that reduced the RED eye.

  249. usama says:

    another thing that should be noticed is da colour of the so called “fixers” shirt……in da pic with Salman butt the colour is light brown…den in da video its light blue….again at da end of the video wen he handed over da jacket da shirt is of a darker shade……and wen hes counting da money hes wearing a jumper…..wtf is going???…dis took place on da same date….no one changes there clothes so many times

  250. MAK says:

    its purely to defame the best young talented pakistani cricketing side !!! SHAME for media for this cowerdely act…

  251. Siftal says:

    sounds to me lyk this avidncz r fake but neva Allah knows evrythng..

  252. Hi
    I also agreed with all this, don;t know why this happen, what English media want to do, whom have said them to do this.

  253. saqi muammad says:

    i donot agree with this DRAMA?

  254. Syed Hassan Raza says:

    thank you! shame on geo tv.. they were insulting our players.. playing an Indian song related with paisa..

  255. ariss says:

    well may be british media hv cooked up some story agiasnt pakistani team…but u really cant say dt our players cant do dat…ofcourse thay can and they hv..

    .look at the catches kamran akmal dropped at sydney test..even a kid can catch them..and those big big no balls by aamir..u will never see big no balls even in domestic cricket…
    and england was 7 down on 102..but they made 446..how is it dat possible??
    i wish the allegations agaisnt salman butt would be true cz i totally hate him…

  256. arshad sheikh says:

    if the Lords match was fixed why the English players not investigated

  257. micky says:

    guys….this is al wh*re shit….just see the British PMs comments against Pak on his recent trip to India…even called “Big Mouthed” by his opponents back home… i feel its a broad band conspiracy to destabilize/demoralize/ Pak by al/any means…even a kid would tell this Butt’s pic’s a fake, a farse….it’s just the Tabloids carrying some sort of an old grudge to pressurize us and get some other political agenda settled…means this is something beyond media…something rooted in the political backdrop of the current Indo/Uk nexus?????.

  258. SAK says:

    Bringing up stupid points doesnt prove otherwise, Pakistan has been involved in match fixing and spot fixing every since the 80’s. kamran Akmal’s runout miss in the 2nd test in sydney says it all. 125/7 n ending up with 400 plus score, REALLY. Seems to me you just want to blame another one of pakistans faliure on an external unseen threat

  259. SAJJAD SARWAR says:

    it is totally robish it is not possible.

  260. RogerP says:

    Some of the smart cookies here are whining that the video does not have date/time. Do you morons even know that the date/time on a video can be set to anything by the camera operator. What a bunch of losers… Get a life…

  261. Zohaib hassan says:

    i just wana say that.

    GOD bless us all.

  262. noaman says:

    Salam we know that all are false .hamay apnay pakistaniyo par poora yaqeen hay

  263. Sannan Gujjar says:

    england’s team is afraid all i can say!
    dis is ridiculous!
    dey dint even realized dat wat wud b d consequences!
    aamer is a world record holder and almost a legend at d age of 18 fuckin years!
    jealous ppl!

  264. Hassan raza says:

    Brit have brought a disgrace on themselves.From the start i knew it that these people around the world cannot see us Doing good .they are so jealous from us.shame on brit
    Insallah we will win .

  265. Shadow says:

    So you guys think that NOTW would publish this false story without even taking into considerations that they could face huge libel damages against them? |I guess NOTW must be very stupid reporters.

    • I’m afraid that you don’t know that ‘Beckham’, ‘Rooney’ & ‘Cole’ won the cases against the NOTW because of the wrong allegations of NOTW & noe also the famous stars of Hollywood ‘Brad Pitt’ & ‘Angelina Jolie’ filed a case on NOTW & they are going to win. You are trusting the news of this newspaper.! Rubbish.

  266. Disbeleiver says:

    NOTW does nothing else but sensationalizing news about celebrities and sportsmen…
    Recently Sara Fergussen, Beckham and Angelina Jolie have also been wrongly involved by NOTW in miscelleneous scandals…all proven wrong later on….
    So it is nothing but a hastily crafted spy slueth drama with quite a few lacunas…

  267. viki says:

    dude u,l gt nthng by doing ths so. so dnt dare to point out fngr at or plyrz. thy wr bst thy r n thy wl. mind my words

  268. calm says:

    can we put this information in video shape on youtube and thanks am 100% agree that photo of salman butt hahaha

  269. waqas sabir says:

    as salam u alikum

    jo b is kas ma malawas ho is ko cricket say hamash k lay farak kar dana chay in ko pakistan ni chay in ko mal chay allha maf karay

  270. Majeed Khan says:

    Great work, Thankyou that photo expose the whole reality

  271. totti says:

    its totally done by INDIA and its incest intellegence RAW.


  272. totti says:

    INDIA will out in the first round of the worldcup 2011 INSHA’ALL

  273. Ahmed says:

    fu*k news of the worrld and british media

    • save pakistan says:

      agree …british media are fully involed in this case…dont together any other thing..just clear ur vedio which had made by them..there r no truth in this vedio there for the bristish media are trying to brought any another fixer,,and trying to make another vedio…f**k u british media….

  274. ali mehmood says:

    i em wd u all the boys………and who evr tried this fake way to demolish u …….God will surely bring those person in front of the world ….bst of luck ….4 all the team members

  275. Fahim says:

    To Adeel
    Wow u r so grown up! I will not be surprised if u are birtish, bcos then u belong to the world no 1 cheater nation, history states that they cheated almost all the nations of the world, e,g. almost 50% of the money they are enjoying on is Indian(before partition). So pls stay grown and let us be not like u.

    • Adeel says:

      What do you say about the new allegations confirmed by the Police, that upto £15,000 of marked notes that NOTW paid the fixer, were found in the cricketeers’ posessions? Another consipracy?

      BTW I am British Born Pakistani – and yes, I suspect they are all GUILTY and should be punished! Remember, in Islam, the endevour is always to establish the TRUTH, and not defend FALSEHOOD!

  276. Fahim says:

    Well I will say if not more atleast they (Scotland yard or police etc) will drag down this issue till the tour is over and thus they wont face Amer and Asif. I bet on this, this will be like this. At the end they will say nothing concrete ( though even nothing sand would be there) was found against players and they are clean to go back Pak. This is the moral of the story.

  277. […] a British newspaper, are “innocent.” In an interview with the BBC, Mr. Hasan endorsed the theory that an apparently damning video of the sting operation, in which an agent for several players […]

  278. spsyed says:

    Sports match fixing is as old as the game itself. Analyse global football, cricket and snooker match fixing scandals. As part of due process, three of the cricketers are charged … http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cyQ-ISpLLBg

  279. Hina says:

    Wow swearing at Britain….I wonder why you people never swear at Britain when you are taking all the aid money……

    When it comes to Pakistan, its always a conspiracy theories for you Pakistanis. I bet even the Sialkot incident was fabricated by USA or UK…..everyone is against Pakistan…..why again?

    • Dear,

      What kind of aid are they giving us? The Saudi Arabia is the leading country in giving aid to Pakistan. We are very thankful to England for the aid. I love the way English are doing. Shooting the arrow with Love. Nice …….

    • Fahim says:

      To Hina
      Pls do not tell us that u r giving us aid. This is the term used by Britain and Paki so called leaders, u r not helping us u r helping urself, bcos u r afraid of Taliban ( who were by way given birth by UK and USA) and u want to eradicare them using us. Second for ur kind information no one has related our internal issues like sialkot with u, so try to discuss related things. Third , the money u r so proud of is actually ours, which was looted from India( before partition), so Miss Hina I will suggest for u to kinldy read out history.

  280. Anonymous says:

    […] Hidden facts behind fake evidences of ‘News Of The World’! […]

  281. Farhan SEO says:

    I agreed with the above statement . its just a propaganda to take down pakistani cricket. we have to stand with our team.

  282. Asif HUssain says:

    @ totti …… INSHA ALLAH……..

    i love PAKISTAN …



  283. Faisal Hayat says:

    you are right Mr Fahim lakin ye saab is lia hoa kah hamaray 3 players hai they are young inexperience unko sirf cricket sai interest …Phasanay walaon nai 35 sala log hai ya jo bhi phasalia ho ga Amir ko kya pata Match fixing, us ki Umer hi kitni hai kya wo ye saray dramay karsakta hai no Never ye sab siday saday logon ko phasaya gaya hai places pe bula ka ….or dusri baat koi Player salman but jesa itna bewaquf tu nahi ho sakta ka Fixer ka saath apni photo khichwai ………………………….point is to be noted

  284. Fawad says:

    Hi guys,
    I noted one thing else, that might be worth sharing. When Amir bowled a no ball. Soon after that, they brought some dry powdered like stuff to fill the wetty and mmuddy places in the pitch and looking closely at those spots one clearly sees that the pitch near the bowling area was muddy and wety enough to slip anyone. Please have a close look on the bowling area in the video.

  285. SAMI KHATTAK says:

    Yar may tho kehta hon k pakistani nation khud apnay players say poch guch karkay s mamlay ko nemta daina chaheye, agar waqie players nay ye harkat ki hai tho per tho un ko team say b nikal dia jaye our in players nay ab tak jitna paisa kamaya hai ye sab paisa in wapas jurmanay k tour per lay lay ta k einda koi b player s tarah ka harkat na karay, our agr pakistani players nay kuch nahi kia matlab wo bilkul teak tak hai our match fixing may mulawes nahi tho per ye mamla sirf england k 7 nahi bal k pori dunia may england k media ko badnam karna chaheye…………Our han ye bat b kafi wazan dar hai k kahe aisa na ho k sub khail agay world cup k leye game ho, Q k Aamir our Asif ki bolwing ka tho sub ko pata hai………..kia khayal hai…………???????????????

  286. Jon Knight says:

    The reason the News of the World did not go to the police is that they did not want anyone arrested before the story was published. If someone is charged with an offence before they published, then the story would be prejudicial to the eventual charge. By notifying the police after publishing, it removes all of those barriers.

  287. fahad says:

    this is all lie, not true abt paki team

  288. theitvideos says:

    Exactly! No time is mentioned of the video recording. THE VIDEO WAS RECORDED AFTER THOSE OVERS WERE BOWLED!! PERIOD.



  289. Hi
    I am against the match fixing. But these footage or video which is provided by the media of england is completely fake.
    When 1st time i saw the video “I point out the time isnt mentioned” so how nonsense is media who published these videos.

    My players are my Nation and i am with my nation.

  290. Alster says:

    why would wahab riaz take a jacket from a stranger ?

  291. Adil says:

    mazhar majeed also told that Oval test was fixed than pakistan should have lost that test match but england lost that means 3rd test was fixed by english cricket team then y only pakistani players are investigating y not england players ????

  292. Sarosh Ali says:

    now thiz iz what all we hav…datz truth…i dnt know y England media is juzt doing thz foolish…bcoz our bowlers r really best n they would b vry dangerous 4 d England team datz it…they r afraid of our paki players i guess but it really SUCKS…n England media tooo…

  293. Sakmasum says:

    I do agree with the points above, The allegations should be proved properly by NOTW.
    If the English Media didn’t prove their stupid stuff then they should have to pay for this. realy ! our Govt. should take a legal action against…

  294. Mehmood-ul-Hassan Mughal says:

    I agree with the fact, This is 100% Propoganda against the Pakistani Talent. There might be the chances of Indian element involved in the case, to just screen out the pakistani stars, Amir and Asif before the World-Cup 2011. Because, after a long time we are seeing the top quality bowlers like, Aamir and Asif in Pakistani Team. I assure you that ICC is frightened from these stars, which can change the situation of matches in world-cup at any time!

  295. neelam jabeen says:

    another thing i have noticed on the first picture is that the ‘shine’ on butts blazer and clothes is on his right hand side so obviously the light would be on his right hand side too. but then why is his shadow on the right hand side???
    obviously to coincide with the other two men as their shadows are on that side

    i defo think this picture is altered

    • Fahim says:

      One thing that no one in putting light on. Ok the no ball of Amer is very big, but Asif’s no ball was a very close call, so for those who are saying that how can one ball such a big no ball, the answer is why Asif has been pointed out!
      Scond thing, In my information 7 players were named, then it came to 4 and suddenly Kamran was ousted, why is this so?

  296. Arif Hussain says:

    it is totally blammed on Pakistani team. The British are afraid of the performance od Pakistani team. I think as a whole or collectively all of the team members are not money oriented. It may be one or two person but collectively to blam the Pakistani team it is a big conspiracy against the pakistani team.

  297. anonymous says:

    this was not just an attack on Pak cricket team. the real purpose was to divert media attention from the flood devastation. it is a plot to reduce credibility of pakistanis over the world so people think twice before donating money to the relief efforts. the owner of the paper is ruper murdoch allied with israeli propoganda. this is not a british conspiracy but more like mossad.

  298. Wajid shams-ul-hassan says:

    Guyz Please Pray for my intermediate result 😛

  299. engineer Babar says:

    ya its absolutely true, i agree with u, its a planning against pakistani team,

  300. ray disguised says:

    yup fahim! u’r right bro…..
    if we see the average bowling speed of Muhaamad Asif,it’s below 80s and between 70 to 77 mph….now when it comes to that particular “No ball”, it was of 80.2 mph that is not as usual….. the thing what i wanna say is that any bowler goes for a speed can easily step up.
    means asif was tryin’ to bowl a faster bowl just because of geting speed he bowled that “no ball”……..

  301. abcd says:

    yaar kitna bachao ga ? kia kia bahanay nikalo gay??
    today YASIR hameed has claimed his team-mates were involved in fixing “almost every match”.

  302. Salim Akhtar says:

    I do hope that my fellow Pakistani’s come to thier senses and see that this not a conpiracy BUT the true reality of the nation. A nation that is ruled by a corrupt leader, so the subjects have to “follow the leader”. What about the revelations today, of admision that yes..most of the team is corrupt and the silly amount that was made on the Australian trip!! I suppose the die-hard will say they stuck his head on somone elses body. To them I say…please stop watching Bollywood movies where everything ends well and they live happily everafter. WAKE UP….we are corrupt!!

  303. Iqbal Hussain says:

    Im sorry, this is totally ridic. the excuses given are quite lame. the quality of the people look the same. And just cause he’s standing infront of them doesnt mean he’s been pasted. I mean compare your type of evidences, to that of NOTW’s… who by the way are known for uncovering cheating, adulterous politicians and other corruption scandals. From the comments above it seems people are living in utter denial; just cause the allegations were against Pakistan does not mean it’s fake and outrageous.

    And how can we prove NoTW’s not faking. Well, first look at their reputation. Second, theyve been following this drama for over a year. Third, the Scotland Yard’s looking into it. Now dont give in stupid comments that the scotland yard’s also involved in ubrying Pakistan and its Cricket.

    The players are innocent until proven guilty. And to charge them and suspend them without waiting for the investigations to get over is extremely unfair and unjust. But to live in denial that no way can Pakistani cricketers involve themselves in such scandals is. One needs to accept that there is a possibility that these players were involved in spot fixing, a very strong posssibility.

    • What ever you say about the evidences, its your opinion. Because evidences could be true & could be false. We respect Scotland Yard & hope the result of the investigation will be soon in front of us. We are not denying any thing & at the same time we are not accepting any thing.

      Regarding to the reputation of NOTW, the whole world knows about it. 3 famous players of England football team already won the cases against NOTW (Rooney, Beckham, Cole) & now famous stars of Hollywood Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie are going to win the case. So that is the reputation of NOTW. There are many allegations which came true. But that doesn’t mean that their reputation is good.

      And if the players are proved guilty then they must be punished, not only them, the people & facts which forced them must also punished & If they prove innocent then NOTW & ICC must be punished.

  304. Fahim says:

    To all those who are arguing for the cash found or not, well this is 100% true that the cash has been found, but I will tell you from PCB’s legal advisor interview, that the players have voluntarily went to the ploice station, they have accepted that they have the cash but thats from the money they gona get from their sponsorship contracts. Now why I say the NOTW has trapped them, bcos these are the currency notes marked by NOTW, so its clear that its a conspiracy, isnt it? think twice before commenting.

  305. ali says:

    yar dis is totally propaganda as we all know by giving three or four no balls no body can win the watch there is not a single proof which shows video was made before the match there is not a single proof

  306. micky says:

    as said earlier its a conspiracy planned somweher in the suburbs of mumbai or delhi and finally hatched in uk…notwithstanding the poor performance of our team…the idea to malign and tarnish our country’s name has definitely got results here…we once again hav been caught sleepin in slumber with ful advantage…must appreciate the evil brains behind it….as for us we need to break this inertia and wake up, think this kal has already been given very clearly this time…….

  307. mustafa says:

    pakistan cricketers are innocent…..it is just that britishers were feared abt the t20 and 0di’s././././..//./././././././…/

  308. NH says:

    AS far as the Picture of Salman Butt with so called ‘fixer’ Majeed & so called ‘reporter’ of ‘News of the World’ isconcerned, they should have asked me. I would have done a better image editing. This picture is a very bad example of imade editing. Any mediocre can do it easily. :))

  309. KINGKHAN says:

    all bullshit is writen up der ….majeed is asif frnd plus he is salamn butt and some others players agent n he was in the video so ????? he has been warnd so many times to stay away from players room so??? icc warn salman butt 4 times 2 stay away frm ppl like him so???? mohamed asif is bigest culprit n he is majeeds best mate 4 last 3 years all dis proof that these fukkers are involved and dey shuld be hanged they are ghaddar ,,aqll of u idiots cant u see sidney test hw kamaran akmal drop catches missed a clear run out so auses can win , r u dick heads blind???????? den fuk u all i luv cricket i hate dese bastards , fuck dese players n fuk PCB …FUCK U EJAZ BUTT ………..

  310. Sarmad Shaikh says:

    yup….its a total conspiracay against Pakistan team because they’re afraid of M.Amir n they want to ruin our world cup preparations…………

  311. faheem says:

    yeh this contreversy is fake.it’s just to destroy pak cricket

  312. Ali Ashar says:

    PLz if anyone can plz post this site or link to a media ….to clear Mohammed Amir , salman butt, nd Asif may god help them

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