Question! Why Pakistan lost the 1st T20I against South Africa?

Posted: October 27, 2010 in Cool & Cool T20 Cup 2010
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Abu Dhabi – Pakistan lost the 1st T20 against South Africa by 6 wickets. There are many questions which are searching perfect answers.

Points to be noted:

1 ) Why Imran Farhat sent as an opener, when M. Hafeez performed good as an opener.

2 ) Why Misbah-ul-Haq in the T20 squad, when Fawad was performing good!

3 ) Why Shahid Afridi was trying to hit every ball even he knew that there is no one after him except Razzaq?

4 ) What kind of shot M. Hafeez played against spinner & what he was expecting? (Even he knew there was a fielder).

5 ) Why Abdul Razzaq was trying to cut the ball instead of making singles or doubles?

6 ) Every batsman of Pakistan was trying to smash the ball out of the park instead of making singles or doubles. Why?

7 ) Why Younis Khan was not in the squad, when M. Yousuf was injured?

8 ) Why Afridi asked Abdul Razzaq to bowl in the last powerplay when Pakistan was in trouble? M. Hafeez was there.

9 ) Still Misfielding problems, why?

Can you please answer!!!

  1. hi,
    please change your mind my dear captain and please feel your responsibility you are the identity person of our nation so please

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