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England – After the end of *npower Test Series 2010*, the eyes of the world are now on the upcoming ODI & T20 series. England won the *npower Test Series 2010* against Pakistan by 3-1.


Short review of *npower Test Series 2010*


1st Test: England vs Pakistan

Location: Trent Bridge, Nottingham – England

Date: July 29, 2010 – August 01, 2010

Winner: England won by 354 runs.

Man Of The Match: James Anderson (England)


2nd Test: England vs Pakistan

Location: Edgbaston, Birmingham

Date: August 06, 2010 – August 09, 2010

Test Debut: Zulqarnain Haider (Pakistan)

Winner: England won by 9 wickets.

Man Of The Match: Greame Swann (England)


3rd Test: England vs Pakistan

Location: Kennington Oval, London

Date: August 18, 2010 – August 21, 2010

Test Debut: Wahab Riaz (Pakistan)

Winner: Pakistan won by 4 wickets.

Man Of The Match: Mohammad Aamer (Pakistan)


4th Test: England vs Pakistan

Location: Lord’s, London – England

Date: August 26, 2010 – August 29, 2010

Winner: England won by an innings & 255 runs.

Man Of The Match: Stuart Broad (England)

Winner Of The Series: England by 3-1.

Player Of The Series: Mohammad Aamer (Paksitan) & Jonathan Troat (England)



*NatWest T20 Series*


1st T20: England vs Pakistan

Location: Sophia Gardens, Cardiff – England

Date: September 05, 2010

Timing: 15:30 (Local), 14:30 (GMT), 17:30 (KSA), 19:30 (PST), 20:30 (IST+SL)


2nd T20: England vs Pakistan

Location: Sophia Gardens, Cardiff – England

Date: September 07, 2010 (D/N)

Timing: 18:00 (Local), 17:00 (GMT), 20:00 (KSA), 22:00 (PST), 22:30 (IST+SL)


*NatWest ODI Series*


1st ODI: England vs Pakistan

Location: Riverside Ground, Chester-le-Street – England

Date: September 10, 2010

Time: 10:15 (Local), 09:15 (GMT), 12:15 (KSA), 14:15 (PST), 14:45 (IST+SL)


2nd ODI: England vs Paksitan

Location: Headingley, Leeds – England

Date: September 12, 2010

Timing: 10:15 (Local), 09:15 (GMT), 12:15 (KSA), 14:15 (PST), 14:45 (IST+SL)


3rd ODI: England vs Paksitan

Location: Kennington Oval, London – England

Date: September 17, 2010

Timing: 13:00 (Local), 12:00 (GMT), 15:00 (KSA), 18:00 (PST), 18:30 (IST+SL)


4th ODI: England vs Paksitan

Location: Lord’s, London – England

Date: September 20, 2010 (D/N)

Timing: 13:00 (Local), 12:00 (GMT), 15:00 (KSA), 18:00 (PST), 18:30 (IST+SL)


5th ODI: England vs Paksitan

Location: The Rose Bowl, Southampton- England

Date: September 22, 2010 (D/N)

Timing: 14:30 (Local), 13:30 (GMT), 16:30 (KSA), 19:30 (PST), 20:00 (IST+SL)


Dusty Atmosphere:

The PCB announced a team of 16 members for the ODI & T20 series. After the accusations of match fixing/spot fixing the ECB & ICC are forcing PCB to suspend 3 players (Salman Butt, Mohammad Asif, Mohammad Aamer) from the series.

The chairman of the PCB Ejaz Butt said that they will not suspend any player before the investigation report of Scotland Yard comes up with strong evidences.

The President of ICC Sharad Pawar said that the report of ACSU is about to come in two days & it will prove everything.

The High Commission of Pakistan said that their is no allegation against Mohammad Aamer, Mohammad Asif & Salman Butt. The wicket keeper Kamran Akmal was cleared.

After the release of Majeed on bail without any charge make the atmosphere more dusty then it was. As he was arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud bookmakers.

Squad of Pakistan Cricket Team announced for ‘NatWest ODI & T20 Series’


Lords, London-England: England won the *npower Test Seires 2010* after winning the 4th & the final test against Pakistan by an innings & 225 runs.

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After the painful night, Pakistani players were not looking relax, at the moment of leaving the hotel for the stadium, all Pakistani players were chewing gum & were trying to looking relax.

Pakistan 2nd Innings on 4th day:

In the lord’s on 4th day, Azhaar Ali & Umar Akmal started the innings of Pakistan. Both of them tried to settle themselves on the pitch. But Azhar Ali was not feeling relax to face the English bowlers & was bold by Swan at the score of 63.

Kamran Akmal was the next man, both brothers were trying to get themselves out of the frustrated situation but Kamran Akmal also got out after a beautiful delivery by Anderson. 6 wickets were down in just 4 overs of play on the 4th day of the 4th test.

The new man was young talented cricketer of Pakistan Mohammad Aamer (which is under the great pressure because he was accused by NOTW on August 28, 2010), who was trying to relax but at the score of 65, he also left Umar Akmal alone in the valley of difficulties & threats.

Wahab Riaz was the next player, but he also left the crease after blocking 10 balls. At this stage the score of Pakistan was 73/8.

The next player was Saeed Ajmal, he tried to support Umar Akaml. Umar played some superb shots against England bowlers. This situation was curious for England. Saeed Ajmal scored 8 runs of 17 balls include 1 four & was run-out by Broad.

Mohammad Asif (Also a victim of allegation made by NOTW) entered into the ground for keep ticking the scoreboard. At this time the score was 97 & 9 players were gone.

Umar Akmal was on fire, he played some magnificent shots & scored 79 runs on just 68 balls include two massive six & 11 beautiful fours.

The innings of Muhammad Asif comes to an end when Swann bowled a beautiful bowled. He scored a single run but helped his partner by blocking 10 balls in 39 min.

The Pakistan was booked in the 37th over of their 2nd innings. They just scored 147 runs.

At the end of 4th Day:

  1. Bowler of the Day: Greame Swann from England with 5 wickets of 13.5 overs include 1 maiden & an economy rate of 4.48

  1. Batsman of the Day: Umar Akmal from Pakistan who scored 79 runs of 68 balls with 11 fours & 2 sixes.

    Winner Of The 4th Test: England won the match by an innings & 225 runs.

    Man Of The Match: Stuart Broad (England)

    Winner of the *npower Test Series 2010*: England won by 3-1.

    Man Of The Series: Mohammad Aamer (Pakistan) & Jonathan Trott

    Lord’s, London-England: According to the ICC the 4th test at Lord’s will continue in between Pakistan & England. One person is arrested from the hotel of Pakistan Cricket Team.

    The match-fixing unit of ICC is still waiting for the report of Scotland Yard. It is difficult to prove the allegation on the cricketers.

    Allegation without solid proofs ==>

    The proofs of the ‘News of the World’ are good to make fool but not quite enough to prove the Pakistani Cricketers are criminals of the world of cricket. There is no proof that video is made before or after that over & the images are edited in Adobe Photoshop.

    Match Fixing or Spot Fixing ==>

    The allegation imposed on Pakistani Cricketers is ‘Match Fixing’ while what they are showing is ‘Spot Fixing’. ‘Spot Fixing’ is a type of fix in which the bowler/batsman/fielder/keeper do something strange at specific time.

    Fix or Incident ==>

    In the video (made by NOFTW), Majeed said that he also fixed the matches of India & South Africa, so a question rise here about the performance of Indian team in the triangular series. Also the Sri Lanka spinner ‘Suraj Randeev’ bowled no-ball to restrict ‘Sehwag’ from scoring century. These were fixed or just were incident?

    It is always easy to point out some one but it is always difficult to prove some one. The interest of media is now not in the match, they just want to know that who will ride on the bus towards the Lord’s stadium & who will not. Instead of just trusting the report, the media & fans must show its responsible behaviour.

    Lords, London – England: Mohammad Aamer got 6 wickets on the 2nd day, while Trott’s & Broad’s maiden century saved England from collapsing.

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    England Innings:

    It was really a fantastic morning for Pakistan when English batsmen were pointed out by the Pakistani young, talented & world class bowler Mohammad Aamer. He got all the 6 wickets down in favour of Pakistan. Only the batsman on one side of the crease was Jonathan Trott, but after 7 wickets were down, Stuart Broad came in & flushed all the work of Pakistan into mud with Trott.

    Alastair Cook was dismissed on the score of 39 by Aamer on the 6th ball of 12th over.  Then again in the 14th over, Pietersen & Collingwood were dismissed by Aamer at the same score of 39. 4 wickets were down for England.

    Again in the 16th over, Mohammad Aamer took the wicket of Morgan. The score was 47 & 5 were down.

    Then Trott & Prior started building a good partnership, this was like someone healing Pakistan. The lunch was called & England had 97 runs in 35 overs with 5 wickets remaining & 50 runs partnership between Trott & Prior.

    Pakistan was expecting another wicket after lunch from Aamer & their dreams came true when Aamer broke the partnership into pieces by the wicket of Prior in the 38th over at the score of 102.

    Mohammad Aamer performed ‘Sajda’ (سجدہ) in the ground of Lord’s ( A dream comes true), because he got his 5th wicket. The party young, talented bowler was not over yet. After beating a ball, the new batsman Swann also got out at the ball of brilliant bowler ‘Mohammad Aamer’, this was unbelievable for English teams, he just threw some buckets of freezing water on the so called ‘fire’ (power) of the English team.

    Turning Point:

    At this moment the score was just 102 & 7 wickets were down for England. Pakistan with a dream to draw the series was coming true but suddenly Broad took their dream away from the reality & this hurts Pakistan.

    He started building partnership with his team mate Trott & after tea, Broad got his 50 runs of 100 balls with the help of 3 fours and 1 six & Trott got his 100 runs of 198 balls with 13 fours at the Lord’s. At this stage the score of England was 250/7.

    This was the coolest moment for England. Pakistan was still in believe that they will take the wickets, Aamer tried well but this was not in his density. The captain of Pakistan Cricket team was in pain with his team & all the nation back at home. He tried Mohammad Aamer, Mohammad Asif, Wahab Riaz, Saeed Ajmal but nothing was in their hands.

    Even after taking the new ball at 81th over, Pakistan failed to break the partnership. After drinks Broad played some magnificent shots & succeeded in making his maiden century at the home of cricket – Lord’s.

    This was wonderful moment for him & England because they were in a big trouble & he helped them. The spectators stood up from their seats & applauded him gratefully. Stuart broad scored 100 runs of just 159 balls with 9 fours & 1 six.

    This event made the Pakistan side hopeless & instead of bringing positive change in fielding & bowling, the Pakistani captain Salman Butt made some strange changes which surprised his team & the English team.

    Mistakes by Salman Butt:

    • After so many edges, he didn’t even moved to place a 3rd slip for seamers.
    • Instead of putting pressure by setting the field inside the circle with fielders on gully point, he spread the field in all around the ground.
    • Before the end of the day, every captain always try to get some wickets but here also captain Salman Butt used spinners instead of using seamers.
    • There was an lbw out which was not given by umpires & the captain Salman Butt denied to review the decision of the umpire.

    In the 92 over, the score of England reached 300 runs. It was like a dream of hell for Pakistan. After some time, this precious partnership also crosses 200 runs in 330 balls.

    In the 98th over, Pakistan asked for referral as they thought that Broad is lbw out but the answer was again in the favour of England.

    In the 106th over, Broad was given out by the umpire but he was cleared by the 3rd umpire after they asked for referral.

    The spinner Saeed Ajmal & part time spinner Imran Farhat tried their best to clinch the wickets but all was in vain. Yasir Hameed was the only slip for Imran Farhat, who dropped two catches of Broad in the same over.  Imran felt dis-heart. But that’s all what was left on the end of the 2nd day for Pakistan.

    England succeeded in scoring 346/7 in 111 overs after ruthless dream of 102/7 in 38.4 overs.

    At the end of 2nd Day:

    1. Bowler of the day: Mohammad Aamer from Pakistan with 6 wickets of 23 overs include 5 maiden & an economy rate of 3.17 (3nb, 1wd).
    2. Batsman of the day: There are two but credit goes to Stuart Broad as he scored his maiden century; 125 runs on 220 balls with the help of 11 fours & 1 six.
    3. Partnership of the day: The 8th wicket partnership of 244 runs between Jonathan Trott & Stuart Broad.

    On the daily bases now we are providing you highlights of the matches, hope you will like them.

    *Highlights of the second day*

    [Part 1]

    [Part 2]

    [Part 3]

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    [Part 5]

    [Part 6]

    Hope the third day will be good for Pakistan & England as well, the end of the test will be interesting. Hope the rain will not threat the game.

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    Trent Bridge, Nottingham: The time of patience ended in the victory of England over Pakistan with a big margin.

    In the 4th day of the 1st test of the ‘npower Test Seires 2010’, Pakistan got out for just 80 runs, this performance broke the 56 year old record of Pakistan for getting out of 87 runs.

    Anderson took 11 wickets in the match & was awarded man of the match award.


    ‎*npower Test Series 2010*

    1st Test: Pakistan vs England

    Day: 4

    Status: England won the match by 354 runs.

    Location: Trent Bridge, Nottingham

    Toss on 1st Day: England won the toss & elected to bat.

    ENG 1st Innings: 354/10 in 104.1 overs.

    PAK 1st Innings: 182/10 in 54 overs.

    ENG 2nd Innings: 262/9 d in 75.3 overs.

    PAK 2nd Innings: 80/10 in 29 overs.