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Lords, London – England: British police on Sunday bailed without charge a man arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud bookmakers.

Several people are saying that these allegations are quite right & the players must be punished. The simple answer is these are accusations because they are not proved yet & will not because of the weak strength of the evidences.

Hidden facts behind these fake evidences (People saying these are real, here is the answer that these are fake):

1) Picture of Salman Butt with so called ‘fixer’ Majeed & so called ‘reporter’ of ‘News of the World’ :

Take a close look of this picture ==>

  • Salman Butt is in front, he should be stand in between of them.
  • You can see how much is the difference between the quality of Salman Butt pic, the so called ‘fixer’ pic & the reporter pic.
  • The width of the shadow of Salman’s neck is too big then it comes in real.
  • Have a look at the right side bottom of the picture, bottom of the so called ‘fixer’ Majeed, there is some thing with white border & with black inner surface, what is it, may be a chair or table or some thing. One thing proves here that the photographer is not professional. Then how he gets high quality picture of Salman Butt.
  • The left arm of the jacket/coat which Salman Butt is wearing is so straight, in real its not look like this. Check the yellow line on the left arm of the Salman Butt.

  • If you are still not believing, let’s believe it is true for a while, this picture can be take on some kind of party, the press ‘reporter’ is there, the so called ‘fixer’ is the agent of several ‘Pakistani players’. Still it is not proving that any kind of fixing here.

2) 1st Video in which the so called ‘Reporter’ is giving money to so called ‘Fixer’:

Watch the video carefully:

  • No time is mentioned, it might be recorded after the overs or after the day.
  • When ever any kind of bookie takes such a big amount, he never counts it & he always receive cash in the form of briefcase.
  • What kind of hidden camera is this, which is just fixed in front of the so called ‘fixer’ & table? A CCTV, no because such a hidden camera can’t provide high quality result (colour view) with high quality voice.

3) 2nd Video in which the so called ‘Reporter’ is giving cash to the so called ‘Fixer’ in the car & after this ‘Fixer’ is giving his jacket to Wahab Riaz:

Watch this video carefully:

  • Again no date & time is mentioned.
  • So called ‘Fixer’ is seeing in the camera & talking.
  • Amazingly, so called ‘Reporter’ is giving cash to the so called ‘Fixer’ in the car where there is light & people are walking on the road near the car.
  • 3 cameras are in the car according to the video & so called ‘Fixer’ even can’t point out a single camera & he is looking into it.
  • In the car the so called ‘Fixer’ is wearing ‘Light Blue’ shirt & when he is giving his jacket to Wahab Riaz, he is wearing ‘Black’ shirt.
  • Showing or Giving jacket is not proving anything, because the weather in England is cold & may be Wahab Riaz is feeling cold so Wahab just borrowed the jacket from him.

4) Why the ‘News of the World’ team didn’t went to Police on August 27, 2010:

  • Because the evidence were not ready.
  • Because they were waiting for some kind of poor performance so they can provide more strength to there fake evidences.
  • Some people are saying that because of their weekly edition they leaked the videos on August 28, 2010, well this is not the reason because if they would’ve visited the Scotland Yard on August 27, 2010 with their evidences then there was a chance that Scotland Yard would’ve kept the videos secret until August 28, 2010.

5) So Called ‘Fixer’ Mazhar Majeed released on bail:

Scotland Yard on Sunday bailed without charge a man arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud bookmakers.

“A 35 year-old man has been bailed until a date in the future”, a Scotland Yard spokesman said.

6) Salman Butt refuses to resign after false allegations:

The captain of Pakistan Test Cricket Team insisted he would not be resigning after being implicated in an alleged betting scam.

The matter is almost over, the criticisers must now stop criticising. The English media completely failed in their ridiculous mission.

7) Pakistani players can leave England:

The Pakistani players at the center of the scandal are free to leave the country, London’s Metropolitan Police said Monday.

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Lord’s, London-England: According to the ICC the 4th test at Lord’s will continue in between Pakistan & England. One person is arrested from the hotel of Pakistan Cricket Team.

The match-fixing unit of ICC is still waiting for the report of Scotland Yard. It is difficult to prove the allegation on the cricketers.

Allegation without solid proofs ==>

The proofs of the ‘News of the World’ are good to make fool but not quite enough to prove the Pakistani Cricketers are criminals of the world of cricket. There is no proof that video is made before or after that over & the images are edited in Adobe Photoshop.

Match Fixing or Spot Fixing ==>

The allegation imposed on Pakistani Cricketers is ‘Match Fixing’ while what they are showing is ‘Spot Fixing’. ‘Spot Fixing’ is a type of fix in which the bowler/batsman/fielder/keeper do something strange at specific time.

Fix or Incident ==>

In the video (made by NOFTW), Majeed said that he also fixed the matches of India & South Africa, so a question rise here about the performance of Indian team in the triangular series. Also the Sri Lanka spinner ‘Suraj Randeev’ bowled no-ball to restrict ‘Sehwag’ from scoring century. These were fixed or just were incident?

It is always easy to point out some one but it is always difficult to prove some one. The interest of media is now not in the match, they just want to know that who will ride on the bus towards the Lord’s stadium & who will not. Instead of just trusting the report, the media & fans must show its responsible behaviour.

Lord’s, London – England: The news about the match fixing of the 4th test between Pakistan & England is still not confirmed & ‘News Of The World’ is the website who revealed this news.

The top class Pakistani Cricketers are attacked by the European media. Captain of Pakistan Cricket Team ‘Salman Butt’, fast bowlers ‘Mohammad Aamer’ & ‘Mohammad Asif’ & wicket keeper ‘Kamran Akmal’
Allegation made against these Stars ==>
The ‘News of the World’ claims it gave £150,000 to a middleman who promised to arrange for Pakistan to bowl three “no balls” during the match. The middleman is the suspect  ‘Majeed’ caught by Police.
The News of the World accused Pakistani players that they were secretly paid to deliberately bowl “no-balls” during the Test.
As Mohammad Aamer & Mohammad Asif bowled three no-balls in the test against England.
Why they didn’t went to Police on August 27, 2010?
Why Salman Butt ==>
After the comment of Salman Butt on coming Ashes Series, the coach of England Cricket Team warned the captain of Salman Butt by the source of media that this is not his business, he must keep himself away.
Why Mohammad Aamer & Mohammad Asif ==>
They named Pakistan young talented bowler ‘Mohammad Aamer’, whose performance is so good & every tv anchor/cricket fan loves to talk about him, who recently got 6 wickets on the 2nd day of Lord’s test.
Pakistan fast bowler Mohammad Asif also named in the list of this propagation because of his good performance against England, supporting Mohammad Aamer & as he is moving up in the ‘ICC Test ranking’.
Why Kamran Akmal ==>
The Wicket Keeper of Pakistan Cricket Team Kamran Akmal is also a part of this propagation because of his good come back & because of the latest news of Zulqarnain Haider; that he was quite fit & forced to travel back to Pakistan for Kamran Akmal. This news proved that he is the powerful person in Pakistan Cricket Team after Salman Butt.
Who is behind this==>
As the young team of the Pakistan surprised England in the 3rd test & won the match by 4 wickets. The captain & other players of Pakistan Cricket Team told the media that they will win the 4th test & will level the series.
This was the situation when ECB & the ‘News of the World‘ made a trap for Pakistan Cricket Team & after the poor performance of Pakistan on the 3rd day of Lord’s test, they broke the news & pushed big stars of Pakistan into the tragedy.

How strong is the allegation ==>
The ‘News Of The World’ team made a complete scene for trapping the Pakistan Cricket Team. The plan was made with so much constancy that they even have a picture of the captain of ‘Pakistan Cricket Team’ “Salman Butt’ with the 35 year old ‘Majeed’ (The suspect).
Reporter of ‘New of the World’
Note: Look at this phote clearly!! you can see how cleanly they cut and paste sulman butt picture… You can see his right & left hands…. Why Salman Butt is in front? Why the so called ‘fixer’ & so called ‘our man’ is not in front?
Video made by ‘News of the World’ ==>
In this video they are handling £150,000 to the suspect Majeed.
New Lead against ‘News of the World’ allegation==>
In this video the suspect {Majeed} is showing money to Wahab Riaz & Umar Amin
I’ve a couple of things to add, watch this carefully:
1. Mazhar’s T-Shirt! In the car he is wearing a blue one, but when he gives the jacket to Wahab he is wearing a black one! Climax in the story! And if he can change his T-Shirt in the meanwhile, then who says that the money can’t removed.
2. The camera angles! There are 3 different camera angles when Majeed {Suspect} is in the car – who is that possible if it was a hidden camera? Or did the use 3 cameras at different position to cover the scene & Majed {Suspect} didn’t even see on of them. [Important Lead by Abdul Rehman from Denmark]

According to the latest news Scotland Yard police arrested him & is investigating the whole situation.
PCB in London ==>
Pakistan’s manager said team members spoke to police at their hotel.
Earlier, Yawar Saeed told the Associated Press: “I can confirm that we are aware of the allegations and Scotland Yard police are with us now at the hotel and we are helping them with their enquiries.”
ECB ==>
A spokesman for both the England team and England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) said he had not heard from Scotland Yard and would not comment on the claims.
Reasons behind the allegation ==>
  • To destroy the career of professionals of Pakistan Cricket Team.
  • To ensure that there is no chance of playing cricket in Pakistan.
  • To remove the Pakistan Cricket Team from ICC test teams.
  • To demoralize Pakistan Cricket Team & Cricket.

Question ==>

Why they didn’t went to Police on August 27, 2010? Because the video was not prepared or the time was not good enough to leak the news. Because they were waiting for this poor performance from Pakistan & the big one is they were making video & after completing them, they went to Police on August 28, 2010.

This is enough to prove that the allegation is wrong.

What a nice way to demoralize Pakistan Cricket Team & Pakistan.

The Pakistani Stars are pushed in this situation because of their good performance & there is a probably chance that the party behind this scene also blackmailed the Pakistani players to show bad performance other wise the allegation will be imposed on them.

Effect ==>

This will fulfil all their tasks & this will put a big question mark in front of the Pakistan Cricket & its team. The Pakistan is suffering the worst disaster in its history & now this news will further hurt the nation.
Some people will satisfy & some will not, if you want to know what is true & what is wrong, don’t go on any report, even not at this one. Start research, the truth will come in front of you.
Note: I’m not representing anyone, this is just my view, anyone feel free to deny.
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