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World – This month of October was indeed a great month after the fixing accusations. The ICC suspended Pakistan trio for playing any kind of cricket but Raina’s entry in this case changed the course of the game.

The hearings of the appeals of the Pakistan players will be on October 30, 2010 & on October 31, 2010. Mohammad Asif the fast bowler withdraws his appeal. Here are several points which are leading us towards a great end.



1) Why Mohammad Asif withdraws his appeal?

2) Why Salman Butt is trying to convince the media that he will join the International Cricket & he will be proved innocent?

3) Why Mohammad Aamer is silent?

4) Why Suresh Raina fixing news revealed now?

5) Why ICC is not taking any step against Raina?


All these points are leading to 1 successive theory that something is going on in between ICC, PCB & BCCI.


Answers to these question:

1) Because he was involved in it & PCB forced him to withdraw his appeal & later on again he will appeal. May be Scotland Yard find some strong evidence against him.

2) Because 70% chances are in his favor that he will be free.

3) PCB prohibited him because he is young & PCB don’t want him to say anything wrong in front of media.

4) Suresh was involved too in some sort of fixing but the news is revealed now because the leading body of ICC is from India, so they will have to be careful about Raina because of the 2011 World Cup.

5) ICC will not take any step against him because this will cost a huge loss for India & this will clear the Pakistani players.

Result: Salman Butt & Mohammad Aamer will be back in the international cricket after the hearing on October 30-31, 2010. Mohammad Asif will have to wait.


Note: I’m not representing anyone, this is just my view, anyone feel free to deny.